Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 4304

Chapter 5098: Black

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Finally, Zhai Yunsheng collected a hundred tokens, but he did not have the choice to leave, but continued to fight.

At this time, his name almost spread throughout the secret realm, making countless disciples frightened.

"Huh!" Zhai Yun let out a sigh of relief, his face pale.

He had just killed two strong men. Although their cultivation bases did not enter the dominance realm, they cooperated very tacitly, and they almost killed them several times.

"Did you discover your shortcomings in the battle just now?" Zhao Yuande's voice sounded at the right time.

After each battle, Zhao Yuande would help him sum up his combat experience, but Zhao Yuande did not speak during the battle. He wanted the opponent to grow up in the battle and remember his every battle.

This can save a lot of time and enable Zhai Yunsheng to adapt to this realm as soon as possible, or to move towards the next realm.

"I... still not decisive enough! I'm afraid of being injured, a little bit fearful." Zhai Yunsheng said.

"No, you are not ruthless enough!" Zhao Yuande said, "As long as you are ruthless, there were many opportunities to kill one of them just now. You missed many opportunities, such as..."


What Zhai Yunsheng heard was nodding his head again and again. Zhao Yuande analyzed every movement and every detail of his movement, and grasped his psychological changes clearly at that time.

"Think carefully." Zhao Yuande finished speaking, his voice gradually disappeared, "I'm a little tired, I can't remind you for now!"

"Senior..." Zhai Yunsheng couldn't help but feel a little anxious.

"Remember, you have to grow up after all, after all, you have to be alone. I can't always be by your side to remind you."

"I see...I will work hard!" Zhai Yunsheng nodded seriously.


At this moment, Zhai Yunsheng suddenly heard a slight buzzing sound in his ear.

With a move of his mind, he grasped the world with a radius of thousands of feet.

He saw a palm-sized mosquito approaching him quietly, and there seemed to be a touch of excitement in the mosquito's eyes.


Two huge palms appeared out of thin air and slapped them at the mosquitoes.


The mosquito seemed to have expected it a long time ago, a pair of wings flapped, and the speed suddenly increased by several times, and the moment came to Zhai Yunsheng.

The long straw-like mouthparts pierced towards Zhai Yunsheng's arm.


Zhai Yunsheng was furious, and a terrifying force sprayed out from the pores, and the mosquitoes were impacted by the mosquitoes, shaking his body continuously in the air.


Two illusory huge palms were constantly tapping, but the speed of the mosquito was so fast that it could not be shot.

Zhai Yunsheng was horrified. The strength of this mosquito might have been infinitely close to the Domination Realm, and its speed was extremely fast. If other disciples encountered it, they might be sucked up instantly.


He gave a soft sip, and suddenly the empty time of a thousand square meters suddenly stopped.

The mosquito seemed to be surrounded by amber, and its body couldn't move a bit.


The two illusory palms clapped again.

"Haha! Ignorant child, this mosquito is the darling of the void, you can't confine me at all!" The mosquito let out a frantic laugh at this time.

The mosquito was completely dark and had dark purple patterns on its legs. Especially the mouthparts seemed to be a terrifying sharp blade, which looked very hideous and terrifying.

"A mere mosquito is also acting fierce here." Zhai Yunsheng's eyes showed anger.

He felt the difficulty of the other party and gave up dominating the space, but his body turned into a big golden bird chasing and killing the mosquitoes.

The wings of the golden bird are like two golden heavenly swords, and the cutting void is constantly shattering, revealing two dark gullies behind the golden bird.

The speed of the mosquito was fast, but the speed of the golden bird was even faster.


There was a sound like a metal crash, and the wings of the golden bird collided with the mosquito.

A round of firelight appeared in the void.

"Fast speed!" The voice of the Spirit Devouring Black Mosquito has changed a bit at this time, and it is no longer frantic.

Although it didn't suffer any loss in the collision with the golden bird, it felt pain from the collision.

He regretted it a little, and he shouldn't have come to provoke this immature looking guy.

"Hey, how about the truce!" The mosquito said at this time.

"Truce?" Zhai Yunsheng couldn't help frowning. What does this mosquito mean? Does it want to attack himself, or the other party has a problem with his brain.

"Yes! Truce, your strength has been recognized by me, I can't help you! You can't help me, let's stop the war, isn't it better to deal with other people together?" Mosquito said.

"You... have a point! But are you also a disciple of the War Mother Palace?" Zhai Yunsheng couldn't help but wonder.

"The disciple of the Spirit Devouring World Palace, you can call me Xiao Hei!" The mosquito nodded repeatedly.

"Xiao Hei!" Zhai Yunsheng couldn't help frowning.

He doesn't know what this guy thinks, he just attacked him, and he has to cooperate with him if he can't hit him in the blink of an eye. Is the mosquito's mind so strange?

"Don't be confused, since Xiaohei, I can't help you, there are not a few people in the entire battlefield that are your opponents. We should be able to sweep everyone together, and maybe we will be in the top ten by then." Hei's eyes flashed with excitement at this time.

"Uh...you won't attack me secretly!" Zhai Yunsheng couldn't help asking.

"That's impossible... Although my Xiao Hei is a mosquito, but the basic morality of this point still knows how to do such a thing, absolutely not!" Xiao Hei shook his head repeatedly, "If you don't believe me, let us also You dont need to cooperate, go your own way, and dont fight when you meet in the future."

"Senior, what do you think of this mosquito...?" Zhai Yunsheng asked Zhao Yuande secretly.

"The mosquito that has always been more interesting, you can cooperate with it, and I will help you observe it secretly. If it is really unruly, it will not be too late for you to shoot."

"Then I will work with it."

"Well, if you can conquer it, it is also a good choice. Its Void Way also has some effect on you. If you can master your combat effectiveness, it will be even stronger!"

"I will believe you once!"

Zhai Yunsheng was also a little curious at this time, what kind of novel experience it was to cooperate with a mosquito.

"Okay! In that case, let's go! As long as our two brothers go wherever they go, everyone will be terrified." Xiao Hei was now hidden in the void.

"Don't you think it's weird that Xiao Hei, your sub palace, want to keep mosquitoes as disciples?" Zhai Yunsheng was very curious.

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