Immortal Martial Venerable Chapter 5569

Chapter 5674: Are Rushing To Reincarnate

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When the three descendants of the Ten Thousand Gods Sect realized that they had offended something, they almost freaked out.

Especially Wen Chen, who had sneaked into Dongyue Xueers team and poisoned Dongyue Yuanliang, the second prince of Dongyue Dynasty, was even more terrified, for fear that an expert would attack him.

One of the masters apprentices is so awesome, one hit twelve, and directly abolished the twelve bandits in the Black God Ridge. It is conceivable how powerful and terrifying the master is.

In order to kneel and lick the master, the three descendants of the Ten Thousand Gods Sect began to act.

What is the best thing about Ten Thousand Gods?


Yes, Ten Thousand Gods Sect, in fact, it should be called Wan Poison Sect, this is the most powerful poisonous sect in the Promise Realm, and there is a gambler in the gate, and no one dares to mess with it.

The most frightening thing is that the disciples of the Pantheon Sect are lunatics, and if they disagree, they will poison people.

The poisoned person was either directly disabled or received a box of lunch.

Even the eldest disciple of the ancestors of the Yinshan Mountain, the old man Yinshan was recruited, and the people he brought with him also directly received the box lunch, without any room for resistance.

And every one of them died peacefully.

The poison of the Ten Thousand Gods Sect is inherently terrifying, even if it is recruited by the sacred bulls, it will be unlucky, not to mention the old people of Yinshan who are not yet holy.

However, the old man of Yinshan really died unjustly, because they were poisoned by the descendants of the Ten Thousand Gods Sect without seeing Dongyue Xueer's shadow, and then they received a box of lunch.

At this time, more and more people appeared in the nearby mountains.

Whether it is the right way or the evil way, whether it is tomorrow or secretly, countless people are eyeing Dongyue Xueer, because the temptation of the holy artifact is too great.

Even the big brothers of the holy realm were jealous.

Just when the three descendants of the Ten Thousand Gods Sect were about to leave the small valley, a figure fell from the sky, and a powerful breath shrouded the sky, and the wind and clouds in the small valley suddenly changed color, and the sand was rolling.

"Who am I? It turns out to be the three little guys of the Pantheon!"

The incoming person stood volley in the air, staring coldly at the Junior Sister Wan Shenzong.

"Yuyao has met Senior Meng He."

Ten Thousand Gods Sect Junior Sister respectfully bowed her hand to the middle-aged man standing in the void with her hand holding her hand.

"Meet Senior Meng He!"

Big brother Wu Fan and second brother Wen Chen all saluted quickly.

This Meng River is an elder of the Tianwu Holy Land of East Ji. Tianwu Holy Land and the Ten Thousand Gods Sect actually have no friendship, but there is no grudge.

Because the Tianwu Holy Land is in the East Pole, and the Ten Thousand Gods Sect is in the Central Pole, and among the Five Great Polar Regions of the Infinite Realm, the Central Pole is the center of the entire Infinite Realm.

Dont think that Emperor Wuchuji is very good in the East Pole, he is the master of the East Pole, but if he goes to the middle pole, there are really many people who can compete with him.

Throughout the ages, for endless years, no one can unify Zhongji and become the master of Zhongji.

The Ten Thousand Gods Sect is the Zhongji Sect. Although Tianwu Holy Land is a bull in the East, it will not easily offend the Ten Thousand Gods Sect because the consequences of offending the Ten Thousand Gods Sect will be very serious.

"You killed these people? Well, even the old man of Yinshan is dead. You really deserve the reputation of the poison of the Ten Thousand Gods Sect!"

Tianwu Holy Land elder Meng He glanced at the corpses on the ground and couldn't help frowning. This was the reason why he didn't dare to land. He recognized Yuyao and them early in the morning.

"We don't want it either. We just don't want these guys to disturb the experts."

Wu Fan shrugged helplessly.


Meng He couldnt help but shrink when he heard the words. In Dongyue Xueers team, there are some experts who even the three descendants of the Ten Thousand God Sect are in awe?

Furthermore, these three guys of the Ten Thousand Gods Sect poisoned all the old men of Yinshan Mountain in order to prevent them from disturbing the masters.

That is the old man of Yinshan, the big disciple of the Lord of Yinshan.

Yuyao and the others poisoned the old man of Yinshan, which is tantamount to declaring war on the Holy Lord of Yinshan. That is the Lord of Yinshan, the big brother of the holy realm!

In order to prevent these guys from disturbing the Supreme Master, they even did not hesitate to offend the Holy Lord of Yinshan Mountain. From this we can see that this expert is definitely more important than the Holy Lord of Yinshan Mountain.

In the eyes of Yuyao and the others, the Holy Lord of Yinshan Mountain could not be compared with this expert. People who can't even compare with the Holy Master of Yinshan Mountain are the only super bosses.

How is this possible, there is a super boss hidden in Dongyue Xueers team?

Thinking of this, a layer of cold sweat broke out on Meng He's forehead.

Its so dangerous. If you rashly kill Dongyue Xueer, Im afraid you dont even know how to die.


Meng He coughed a few times, and then asked: "Does little friend Yuyao know who that expert is?"

"The name of an expert is actually something you are qualified to know?"

Yuyao said calmly.


Meng He's expression changed a few times. He glanced at the old Yinshan old man who had already received the lunch on the ground, and the cold sweat on his forehead fell down.

Although he is a half-step holy realm, but even if he is so powerful, he dare not provoke the kind of super boss, that kind of super boss, he can only kneel and lick.

"Yes, yes, what little friend Yuyao said."

Meng He said with a dry smile.

"Friend Meng He, why are you still talking nonsense with a few juniors here, I'm going one step ahead."

A figure dashed past the small valley, rushing directly towards the place where Dongyue Xueers team was.

"Hey, Daoist Chen Xu, you are rushing to reincarnate!"

Meng He shouted at the figure that had gone away in an instant.

"Haha, you just rushed to reincarnate."

The guy named Chenxu laughed and said.

"Is that the elder Chen Xu of Xuanhong Immortal Sect?"

Ten Thousand God Sect's junior sister Yu Yao couldn't help being dumbfounded, this guy was really anxious to reincarnate, even if she had the intention to stop it, it was too late.

Because this emptiness is a half-step holy realm.

Furthermore, Yuyao and the others can only poison the bullies in the first half of the holy realm. If they make a direct shot, they will only die.

"I'm here too!"

Another semi-sacred bull rushed from far away.

"The demon of the Nine Demon Gates has come to join in the fun?"

Meng He couldn't help being surprised.

"Another one who gave people a thousand miles away."

Wen Chen sneered.

"The Nine Demon Gates are more than a thousand miles away."

Master Wu Fan shook his head helplessly and said, dare to disturb the master, they are absolutely dead.

"The demon of the district dare to come to grab food? When my Immeasurable Sword Sect is transparent?"

Another loud shout rang through the world.

"Infinite Sword Sect"

Yuyao and the others couldnt help but twitch a few times when they heard this. These waves of people didnt have the ability to stop them. Even if they wanted to help the superior, there was nothing they could do.

"Go to the theater!"

Yuyao suddenly smiled and rose to the sky.

"Go and Go Together"

Meng He smiled and followed.

In fact, he was half-believing Yuyao and the others, which just happened to see if this expert was really a super boss.

At this time, on the mountain road, opposite to Gu Fei, the Black God Ridge Lord, who was fixed in the void, suddenly opened his eyes.

The next moment, she dropped the mask, revealing her peerless face.

The corners of her mouth are raised, her eyes are firm, arrogant and cold.

"Very good!"

Gu Fei, who lay lazily on the flame throne condensed by the power of the fire spirit by the one-horned fire tiger, nodded.

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