Immortal Martial Venerable Chapter 5571

Chapter 5676: Blown Up Again

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The elder of Xuanhong Immortal Sect Chen Xu, who was killed by the coax, directly staged a scene of an explosion in place in front of everyone, directly stunned all the people eating melons.

Especially the two menacing, murderous demon head Mohong of the Jiujue Demon Sect and the elder of the Immeasurable Sword Sect who saw this scene frightened and fled, turning around and fleeing.

They dont want to stage an in-situ explosion for the people who eat melons.

"This guy really thinks he didn't die fast enough!"

"This is all done by myself."

"Dust and Void, this time it really turned into fly ash."

The three major descendants of Ten Thousand Gods Sect and the elder of Tianwu Holy Land Meng He saw this scene in the distant sky. He was also taken aback by surprise. It exploded on the spot, and his body and spirit were destroyed.

Is it a master shot?

"Master is here, how can you allow you to be presumptuous here?"

At this time, the Black God Ridge Master released his right hand.

It turned out that she directly squeezed the elder Chen Xu of Xuanhong Holy Land.

Meng He and the others had to be shocked. No wonder the demon of the Nine Demon Sect and the elders of the Boundless Sword Sect run faster than anything. If they dont run, they will be crushed.

"No swordsmen, where are you in a hurry!"

At this time, thousands of miles away, above the sky, a figure walked from a distance, and saw the elder Wujian half-sage of the Immeasurable Sword Sect who had fled in panic.

"My sect has something to do, so I will withdraw first. Dong Yuexue'er is right in front. Dao Fellow Changhe, go and go!"

The swordless half sage rushed past the guy named Changhe with a "swish", and the long river half sage was immediately messed up.

Clothes and hair are all messed up, and the image of an immortal and powerful person is directly gone.

"No sword, you bastard, rush to reincarnate?"

"No swordsman has gone so eagerly, it seems something has happened to Wuliang Sword Sect!"

The nearby half-sage was stunned to see this scene.

"Hey, isn't that guy the demon head of the Nine Demon Sect? How can he go so urgently?"

"Is there something wrong with the Nine Demon Gate?"

"I haven't heard of anyone going to attack the Nine Demon Gate!"

In the other direction, Mohong also flees without looking back.

The guy who shot just now is definitely the big brother of the holy realm, what a pit demon, Dongyue Xueer's team unexpectedly hides a big holy realm.

"Mohong Dao friends, please stay!"

At this moment, a figure came towards the magic flood.

This person has evil spirits soaring into the sky, and there is a hideous skeleton phantom around his body, and the evil aura is vast. This guy is definitely a proper evil half-holy.

"It's the evil Daoist Huolian, I'm in a hurry, so I will worship first."

The magic flood came around directly, turned into a magic light and instantly disappeared at the end of the sky, reaching the extreme.


Fire refining evil directly stuns.

"Stay a little hairy, I don't want to die yet!"

Mohong, who had fled thousands of miles away in an instant, stopped, stretched out his hand to wipe the cold sweat from his forehead, and then turned into a magic light to soar into the sky, how far he fleeed.

"These guys are so kind, don't have the task rewards on the dark list?"

Whether it is Long River Half-Holy or Fire Refining Evil, I dont know what happened.

However, the dark list rewards people's hearts. They seem to have picked up treasure, speeding up and rushing towards the place where Dongyue Xueer is.

The speed of Semi-Holy, that's nothing to say. Soon, Long River, Half-Holy and that Fire Lianxie have rushed to the vicinity of the mountain road.

"There are two more to die."

"Hey, it's thousands of miles to give people away again!"

Yuyao, Meng He and others could not help shaking their heads and sighing when they saw the two powerful figures.

The long river is half-sage, the mighty power, the dazzling light surrounds the body, the powerful aura, as if the emptiness is about to be crushed and the horror, a hot aura enveloped the whole world.

Everyone feels extremely hot, as if the vitality in the body is about to be ignited.

The fire refining evil is even more evil, and the evil power is powerful in the sky and underground, terrifying.

On the mountain road, Gu Fei was still lying comfortably on the Flame Throne on the back of the Unicorn Fire Tiger, not knowing that he took out a bunch of fairy fruits from there and ate it.

The Black God Ridge Lord raised his head and looked at the two figures in the sky, his pupils shrank.

These guys are really not afraid of death!

At this time, Dongyue Xueer and the others secretly breathed a sigh of relief. With the Black God Ridge Lord here, it would be hard for them to die!

"Huo Lianxie, do you want to **** me?"

Changhe Half Sage stared at the opposite fire refining evil way.

"Cut, how old are you. If you are interested, you can roll as far as I can. I am not afraid of you."

Huo Lianxie disdain.

"The long river and half holy place of the Heavenly Fire?"

Hei Shenling Lingzhu frowned when he heard the words. He is also a super-power semi-holy. In this Holy Land of Fire, there is also the power of the Holy Land master!

And the background of the fire refining evil is not small.

That's a great man of the Six Dao Evil League.

The Six Dao Evil Alliance is composed of the forces of all evil demons outside the Wuji Realm. It is the first evil force in the Wuji Realm.

Its no wonder that Huo Lianxie doesnt put Long River Semi-Holy in his eyes. Although the Heavenly Fire Holy Land is powerful, it is insignificant compared to the six evil alliances.

However, here is the East Pole, the site of Emperor Wuchuji, and the patron of Heavenly Fire Holy Land is Emperor Wuchuji.

"What are you talking about, let's die!"

Changhe Half Saint is extremely strong, because his backer is hard, so he is confident.

This long river half-sage will do it if he doesnt agree.

"It is not certain who is looking for death."

Fire Lianxie tit-for-tat.

"what is the rhythm?"

The people who eat melon are a little confused, do these two want to fight first?

"Hey, do I say there is a pit in your head, Dong Yue Xueer is here, why don't you come to kill her?"

Fatty suddenly shouted at the two fools in the sky.

"Complete the dark list task first."

Changhe Bansheng said directly and rushed down from the sky.

He had made sufficient preparations in advance, and knew who Dongyue Xueer was, so he shot Dongyue Xueer directly.

"This fat man..."

Dongyue Xueer's world is stunned, this guy actually asked someone to kill himself?


Fire refining evil also killed from the sky.

The reward of the dark list is a sacred artifact, which makes all semi-sages jealous.

However, the next moment.



With two muffled noises, the two half-sages who had been killed fiercely from the sky directly exploded.

In the two groups of blood fog, a group of divine light and a group of magic light burst out.

"Huh? Is there a secret treasure that protects the soul?"

The Black God Ridge Lord saw this, and couldn't help being a little surprised.

Changhe Half-Holy and Fire Lianxie Although the Dao body exploded, the primordial spirit did not explode, and even rose into the sky under the protection of the power of the secret treasure.

"You are the holy realm boss, you **** without sword, you dare to cheat me."

The anger of Long River Half Saint, it's no wonder that the swordless half Saint fled so quickly and quickly, there is a holy realm boss hiding here.

"Magic Hong..."

Fire refining evil is also so depressed that he almost vomits blood, at this time he finally understands why Mohong escaped so quickly.

Holy realm boss, dont you still stay here to get your lunch if you dont escape?

It turns out that the two guys Mohong and Wujian are afraid that the holy realm boss will send them lunch.


Without any hesitation, the Primordial Spirit of Long River and Half-Holy and the Primordial Spirit of Huo Lianxie soared into the sky without even thinking about it, trying to escape.

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