Best Son In Law Chapter 2088

Chapter 2091: Your Trick Is Over

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According to legend, the most effective way to crack the Yulong Manyan is to attack the person who created the illusion!

But it is very difficult to achieve this, because most of the illusions are fake, and even the characters that appear are fake.

Those who cast the Yulong Manyan also know that once they are attacked, the illusion will be shattered, so when the illusion is set at the beginning, they will naturally set a cover for themselves. In this illusion, they may be a living person, or it may be. It's an animal, even a stone! a tree!

And during this period, they can change their disguise at will, so that the enemy cannot find their body.

Therefore, if Lin Yu wanted to crack the spread of the fish and dragon, he had to find the main body of Tuosha and hit it with one hit, without giving Tuosha any chance to move the body.

And the huge "Tuosha" body in front of him is nothing more than an illusion created by Takusha. In terms of size, this body is the size of four or five Takusha, even if Takusha's body is in this huge body. In his body, Lin Yu couldn't tell where Tuosha's body was hiding for a while.

And the "Tuosha" in front of him also seemed extremely anxious, as if he wanted to quickly get rid of Lin Yu, twisting his huge body straight to Lin Yu, his moves became more and more urgent.

After all, Lin Yu had already realized that what he was using was Yulong Manyan, and the longer it was, the worse it would be for him!

Lin Yu tried his best to avoid the virtual offensive in front of him, and at the same time panted and said, "Why did you react so strongly when I mentioned your identity? Could it be that your family and friends already know what you did, and they regard you as shame?!"

"To shut up!"

Tuo Sha became even more angry, shouting sternly and screaming everywhere, directly inciting Billowing Thunder to hit Lin Yu.

But Lin Yu was already used to the illusion of the sky thunder at this time, so seeing the sky thunder struck, he did not make the slightest evasion, letting several sky thunder strike him.

Although these lightning strikes can't be said to be completely unconscious, at least the pain is within a tolerable range.

And Lin Yu saw that these words he said could disturb Takusha's mind, and continued, "It seems that I have guessed it. People like you live so sadly. Even family and friends have abandoned you. What is the meaning of life..."

"I told you to shut up!"

Tuo Sha yelled with an almost roaring anger, as if he was hit by Lin Yu's pain, and rushed towards Lin Yu with more violent steps.

Lin Yu saw a smile at the corner of his mouth. He knew that the more anxious Takusha became, the easier his body would be exposed.

At the moment Tuo Sha rushed, the silver needle hidden in Lin Yu's right hand had been shot out with a very concealed coefficient, and it was aimed at the huge "Tuo Sha" feet.

Lin Yu knew that if Tuosha's body was hiding in this huge body, then Tuosha would have to walk on both feet, so his silver needle only needed to attack the feet of this body to test the reality and reality.

As he expected, the moment the silver needle he threw flew over "Tuosha"'s feet, "Tuosha"'s body suddenly shook slightly.

But it was just a shake, and it didn't show much strangeness. The huge body was still holding the reef and ramming it towards Lin Yu's body.

But this shaking was enough for Lin Yu!

found it!

Lin Yu's expression stunned, his eyes burst out with an extremely bright light, and the moment Tuo Sha attacked him, his body had already reached all his strength, rushing towards the left calf of "Tuo Sha" .

Although he was already badly injured, Lin Yu, who burst out with all his strength, was still terrifying. Almost in the blink of an eye, he rushed to "Tuosha"'s leg. At the same time, he had already drawn out a sharp dagger in his hand and aimed at "Tuosha "The calf stabbed hard.

Hearing a "pouch" sound, Lin Yu's dagger immediately heard a sound of piercing the flesh, and then Lin Yu, together with Tuosha's body, fell heavily on the reef.

At this moment, the previous black cloud pressure, wind, rain, thunder and lightning, and flame magma suddenly disappeared!

I saw that the weather was still fine, the sea was still full of waves, and the reefs on the ground were as usual. However, many of the reefs have been ruined and broken, and the ground was covered with large and small reef fragments, telling the tragic battle. !

And what Lin Yu was riding under him was still the normal Takusha!

The dagger in his hand was still deeply stuck on Tuosha's shoulder.

Seeing Lin Yu riding on his body, Tuo Sha was also horrified. His eyes widened and he stared at Lin Yu in shock. He didn't seem to expect Lin Yu to crack his Yulong Manyan so accurately and quickly.

"President Takusha, your trick is over!"

Lin Yu stared at Tuo Sha under him, and when his voice fell, he slammed a fist toward Tuo Sha's face.


Tuo Sha reacted swiftly, and suddenly shot, wrapping Lin Yu's fist.

At the same time, his other hand stubbornly pinched Lin Yu's knife-holding wrist, preventing the dagger in Lin Yu's hand from piercing further into his body.

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