Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God Never Stopping Chapter 1206

Chapter 1225 Sea Emperor: Lifting Up The Hostage Princess Part 36

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Chapter 1225: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 36)

In the end, everything fell to the ground.

With this evidence, even if He Hong Jie kept silent, he couldnt escape his crime.

In the past, he and his daughter concubine He used a special method to take away the newly born Chu Xi Mo.

If it wasn’t for the mercy of the assassin, everything would have already become irreversible.

Now that matters ended, concubine He was different from her father.

She didnt bother to refute this all these years. In the years of the harem, she knew that there was no difference between life and death for her.

The emperor never loved her. A woman who entered the palace could have no children, but she couldnt not have this mans love.

She spent countless nights in the cold harem. She was tired, anxious, and even wanted to kill herself.

This ending was no different from a relief to her!

When she was locked up, wearing the prison uniform, she turned and asked the emperor a question.

"Emperor, if it wasnt for the prince, would you have given some love to this concubine?

After a while, the emperor looked at her and replied, "No."

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" Concubine He broke out in bitter laughter and she curled her lips to say some final words, "This concubine knew that the emperor never loved this concubine, so this concubine took the crown prince away with father. Even now, I regret nothing! Not..one single thing!"

In the end, because of He Hong Jies merits in court, he couldnt kill them all. He exiled them all to the northwest and they could never return to Long Peace City.

Actually, everyone knew that this decision was worse than killing them.

These days, Luo Qing Chen felt like she had been in a daze.

Because she went from the precious princess of the sixth king to the crown princess.

Chu Xi Mos identity was one that she really never expected.

The crown prince…So the reason why he wanted to stand by her was because of this.

Gilded Pavilion.

Luo Qing Chen was dressed in an ice blue robe that had gold and silver embroidered in a cloud pattern, casually drinking tea.

"A princess is a princess, you adapted to life in the palace more quickly than anyone else." Chu Xi Mos gentle voice came from outside, with a hint of pampering to it.

She took the teacup and when she looked up, she was a bit surprised.

It was probably because she didnt see him for a few days, or perhaps she wasnt used to seeing him dressed like this.

After all..He really was too dazzling..It was like he was the ruler of the world, changing from the sea emperor to a noble prince.

Just a change in identity actually made Chu Xi Mo look that good.

It was a refreshing and irresistible good look.

"Fool, what are you in a daze for?" He raised his right hand and flicked her forehead, "Its like youve never seen me before.."

"I really havent seen you like this!" Luo Qing Chen poured a cup of tea for him, "I feel that youre different from before."

"Which part is different?"

"More..Serious!" Luo Qing Chen put her right hand on her cheek and asked him, "Actually, you might be a king by birth."

With Chu Xi Mos abilities, even if he didnt become a pirate, he would have enjoyed endless wealth in his life.

But he was willing to use this ability to be in danger at any moment, saving the poor people.

Now she suddenly realized something.

It should be that deep down, he had a heart that loved the people.

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