Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God Never Stopping Chapter 1207

Chapter 1226 Sea Emperor: Lifting Up The Hostage Princess Part 37

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Chapter 1226: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 37)

"I helped them because I almost starved to death as a child." Chu Xi Mo took her hand out of habit and brought her to his side as he calmly recalled, "There was an old woman who I cant remember her appearance at all who had given me a biscuit."

"Ze, ze." Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint smile, "Is that why you became a pirate?"

"Un." After thinking for a long time, he said, "Becoming a pirate is just a chance! The old womans son was caught by pirates. I wanted to save her son, but I never thought that I would kill the pirate chief when the situation went bad."

"Ah." She couldnt help smiling, "It seems like the title of emperor is based on luck!"

"It seems like you dont want to be my crown princess!" He gently took her by the waist with an evil charming smile in his eyes.

These eyes were the exclusive mark of the sea emperor.

"You, you, you…You wouldnt be the legendary horse that leaves his wife after ascending..Wu.."

Before she finished, there was a cool pair of lips that fell onto her lips.

It was just domineering, passionate, and affectionate as the beginning.

He used the most direct method to answer her question…

It could only be said that this was very Chu Xi Mo.

He gently let her go and picked her up, "But, not being the crown princess is true!"


"Because youll become the empress!"


In the next half hour, Chu Xi Mo explained to her why he had been so busy during these days.

But even though he was busy, he came back to the Gilded Pavilion every night. Although most of the time he was back, she was already asleep.

His mother and father were already an old couple, in their eyes, the matters of the court only affected their old love.

"This fast?" Hearing Chu Xi Mos explanation, Luo Qing Chen was a bit unhappy.

It was no wonder those maids had been gossiping about the new girls entering the palace. Those new girls werent prepared for the emperor, they were prepared for Chu Xi Mo!

Isnt this the chance to have three wives and four concubines, or even having three thousand beauties? In short, wasnt this a temptation that couldnt be resisted?

"What?" Chu Xi Mos dark eyes saw her slightly angry face and said, "Does our wife not want to be empress?"

"This empress matter is for the future!" Luo Qing Chens eyes had a faint sparkle in them as she looked at him, "Ive heard..that there were new harem girls entering the palace!"

"Oh." Chu Xi Mo had a smile in his eye as his lips curled into a beautiful curve, "It might be because Ive been too busy lately that eunuch Liu didnt tell me about this matter."

Chu Xi Mos answer was very casual, it was all said as an understatement.

But Luo Qing Chen was very clear, he! Could! Understand!


"Alright!" He patted her head and said, "Wait until the coronation is over, I will take care of all these trivial matters."

Trivial matters? These were clearly important things in her eyes, alright?

After all, she still hadnt received the last ten affection. She still had to be on guard against all these other girls!

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