Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 301

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 302 27: The First Divine Item

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A/N : Been thinking about my current route, it's time to bring in the first Divine Item folks!

Only one chapter last week, took some time to rest some more.

Hope you like items being overpowered!

Don't forget to drop your power stones and leave comments below!

Also I'm feeling a lot better, just a bit of residue left but it's not much (:


"You dare attempt to ferry my soul with that accursed item!? Even if you defeat me here I will curse all of your souls into damnation, with no hope to repent! You all won't escape from Lady Hel's grasp!"

Shouting its final deathly woe, the Icy Soul Devil actually tried to do a last ditch curse to bring the four down with it.

Thankfully thanks to the collaborative effort between the four, Nao, Isabella, Tabula and Bukubukuchagama were able to set up a large range anti-curse and anti-evil barrier around them. It was strong enough to withstand the devil, and the four saw its health bar finally deplete. The devil dropped dead with many rainbow slashes around its body. It didn't take long before it disappeared into blue pixels.

Following that, large plopping sounds echoed on the floor. Drop Item after item became visible. They were all differently colored cubes in varying sizes. If one had a closer look, most if them were labeled High! Some appeared as Top. A couple even appeared as Legacy!

Typically the latter tiers for items and gear, Legacy, Relic, Legendary and Divine wouldn't start to appear until a player reached level 50 or higher. If they were lucky enough, they could find these mostly in hidden or raid dungeons, or if they were doing the main story quest of that realm.

As for Divine Items, this is what Ainz and his guild hunted these during the latter half of Yggdrasil's 12 years. These typically wouldn't make an appearance unless very special circ.u.mstances were triggered in raids or clearing world bosses like the 7 Deadly Sins.

It was even said that the Staff of Ainz Oowl Gown, the guild weapon of Ainz's guild that was the culmination of everyone's efforts, actually broke past the limit of the final tier of items and gear in Yggdrasil. It became its own tier, having the power to rival that of the gods!

Yet what Nao currently had in his hand was none other than a Divine tier item! It actually appeared to be a piece of equipment!

He had disregarded his surroundings after he received a few system notification shortly before this item appeared in his hands. He couldn't even blink his eyes, he just stared silently at the item in his hand, which appeared very, very ancient. If the sense of touch was banned by the real world laws, one would feel it both chilling cold and a toasty warm feeling to it.

But most importantly,

it was in the shape of a lamp!

This lamp appeared very ancient, and had exquisite leaves carved into its sides. Intertwining crystal blue along with a fiery red, this lamp was far from your average lamp.

Yet Nao still took in a deep breath and took it from the top, and started to read his system notifications that triggered all this.



<< Item ??? that Player Metatron acquired during the hidden floor has deemed you worthy to be its master.>>



Long, long ago, when the Devourer of Worlds gnawed away at the branches of the world tree Yggdrasil, one of its leaves dropped, sinking directly into the depths of Hell, Helheim. The leaf eventually found its way to the first layer of the Goddess of Death's residence, which the Icy Soul Devil safekept. The devil eventually created a icy wasteland filled with wandering undead and lost souls to prevent any entry.

Being a direct guard to Lady Hel, the devil ensured no intruders would find the lamp that has the ability to rule over souls and guide them. Any lost souls if touched by the piercing chill of its Bluefire will become cleansed and ferried into the cycle of reincarnation. It is also known to judge a soul whether its deemed worthy of being cleansed. It's body is made out of pure gold.>>


Lvl : - - -

Rank : Divine

Gear Slot: Off Hand Weapon

* Equipping this will not yield any penalty and can be dual wielded with a staff

*Bound to Player Metatron. Cannot be dropped or stolen.

Once equipped, grants the following skills : Searing Mana, Soul Ferry, Soul Frenzy, Soul Barrier, Bluefire Strike

Searing Mana : Grants +100 MP. Mag Atk +100%. Passive MP regeneration reduces by 1/2 per waiting period. Grants additional skill : MP Savior.

MP Savior : Instantly restores player's depleted MP to full. Cast limit : 3 per day. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_51753911203188034 for visiting.

Soul Ferry : Grants the ability to judge deceased souls, granting them entry into the cycle of reincarnation. This also gives the ability to store souls inside the Auric Soulfire Lamp. Current space limit : 0 / 5. Can absorb souls to increase the space inside the lamp. Soul Level 1 : 0 / ???.

Soul Frenzy : Player enters a berserk state and starts absorbing the flames of the Lamp's soulfire. Converts player's HP into MP. Magical Damage dealt increases by 300%. Causes true damage, ignoring barriers, immunities, Time Stop, and the like. Cast Limit : 1 per day. Duration: 60 seconds.

Soul Barrier : Grants a barrier around player to protect their very soul, negating any and all harmful effects and true damage. It cannot be penetrated or broken. Can be cast on allies. Number of shields that can be deployed : Four per day. Duration : 15 seconds.

Bluefire Strike : Gathers the blueflames of the lamp, infusing them into the player's staff. Can hold up to three charges. Each charge deals 100% more damage, starting at 200%. Deals true damage and can pierce barriers once shot. MP Cost : 15. Over-Magic can increase the damage of its spell, effectively doubling it. Cooldown : 300 seconds


As much as Nao wanted to gulp his own saliva and enter a frenzy himself after reading how absurd this lamp was, he still had notifications that followed and could only let out a sigh. He then continued to read them.

As for Isabella, Tabula and Bukubukuchagama, they too were drawn into the very ancient lamp that was currently in Nao's hands. But thankfully, Tabula unconsciously picked up the scattered loot the boss dropped while still looking at the lamp. They just couldn't take their eyes off it as the lamp as it continued to spew chilling blue flames.


Rewards : 10 High Data Crystals, 5 Top Data Crystals 3 Legacy Data Crystals. Item ??? -> Auric Soulfire Lamp.

Each player has received +5 levels for first clear!

For clearing the hidden scenario, Player Metatron has received the unique job class : Adorner of the Soul!>>


After that last message, the system notifications finally seemed to have calmed down. Yet immediately following that, Nao, as well as the other three, found themselves bathing in continuous yellow light. After all they did just receive 5 player levels!

The raid dungeon itself granted the four players a bountiful harvest as well. Lots of medium to high data crystals and varying ingredients, too many to count. As a result, during their floor clearing, they rose to level 44 before the boss fight with the Icy Soul Devil.

After killing the Icy Soul Devil and ferrying its soul away, the four directly gained another level. Combine that with the five that they just got, they had all of a sudden reached player level 50!

Nao, Isabella, Tabula, and Bukubukuchagama were now halfway to reaching Yggdrasil's last level for players which was 100! As to whether a player could break that limit and ascend into the beyond, there have been rumors of special drop items to do so. But no one was ever able to find them before the game shut down and Ainz transferred to the New World.

They were extremely well hidden to where even Divine couldn't locate them. So for now, they'd stay as rumors. If Ainz Oowl Gown didn't bother with the theory of breaking past level 100, was there really a need to?

But enough of that, after Nao saw his level reach 50, he wanted to shift his gaze back to the lamp in his hands. Unfortunately for him, another system notification prompted soon after.

Not only that, this one was a notification that sounded off in the World Chat, meaning everyone who was currently playing Yggdrasil stopped what they were doing and had a look. It shocked everyone of course seeing as these four were the first payers to clear a raid dungeon in Helheim!


One year after the game had started, Nao's party unlocked the central hub of the Helheim Realm! At this time, all Helheim erupted into cheers for not only unlocking the main city, but for each player receiving double experience for the next week.

Nao's popularity only skyrocketed from here. His name as The False Angel started to spread far and wide. Many players also started to remember that Nao was the very same player who granted them double experience for clearing The Bridge of the Damned a year ago as well.

Fellow Heteromorphic players idolized Nao more after connecting the dots too. Many worshipped him now and were fans of his livestreaming. Having a Heteromorphic player like himself act as the helm to advance further into Helheim proved that this racial class wasn't trash, they could become extremely strong with the right builds, far overpowering others, like those of the Ainz Oowl Gown guild.

Unfortunately from here on as well, the racism, discrimination and Heteromorphic player hunting would only continue to grow worse in the years to come...

Yet that didn't bother Nao one bit. Why? He was already one of the strongest players before clearing this raid, and now that he did with his party, he was granted an extremely overpowered Divine Item! No one would be able to match against him now!

A large reason was because there existed no MP recovery outside of special skills and passive recovery where it would take up to six to twelve hours for one to fully restore their MP. Nao now had means to bypass this and he could cast it up to three times a day. Not only that, he had those other skills that came along with it and it was bound to him! It couldn't be dropped or stolen no matter what.

If Ainz ever came to learn of this Auric Soulfire Lamp, he would no doubt become jealous being a fellow magic caster. Nao thought that this item was definitely the bane to all magic casters.

Not only that, once this item became real during the New World Transfer, it would be able to save souls from mortal danger and preserve them inside the lamp. Having this ability will definitely prove very useful once Nao reaches the Trails plane. That plane itself was a wretched fairy tale.

But for now, the system notifications finally stopped, allowing Nao to look at the lamp once more. The other three also became stunned at the flurry of announcements but they became really excited. Yet they were halted by Nao's sudden cursing as he finally took this tine to speak out.

"The f.u.c.k is a Divine Item appearing this early? What the hell am I supposed to do with this thing? It is way too overpowered for magic casters!"

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