I'm The King Of Technology Chapter 891

Volume 8: United Nations Chapter 893 A Monster? Time To Finish This

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The gang slid along the spiral hole and landed on a pile of hay that cushioned their fall.

One could say that the enemy was being kind.

But that could only be true if one didn't factor the 50 hangols within the place.

It seemed these hangols weren't the only animals or creatures here because they could hear the sounds of other ferocious beasts close by.

It looked like not all traps lead here.

And the reason why hay was placed there was probably to ensure that those that fell didn't die from the fall.


Because Julius and his predecessors wanted all intruders to face a far gruesome death of having their bodies getting torn limb from limb right before their very eyes.

The pain would no doubt be unbearable.

Where exactly was this?

Was this in a bas.e.m.e.nt level below the ground floor?


Instantly, Vlad and the rest got up from the hay and pointed their guns and the many hangols that stared at them hungrily with saliva dripping from their mouths.

It just so happened that since last night, they haven't eaten a single thing since Julius retired his private assassins.

After all, it was the job of the future heir, A.K.A Ulrich to get his most trusted men to take over the responsibility.

Bottom line, these hangols weren't fed yet... until free food started descending from above.

Sure, they had already started eating a few unfortunate people who fell.

But with 50 of them here, it was barely enough.

Of course, some enemies struggled and managed to team up and kill or heavily injure 6 hangols.

But they still ended up at a disadvantage.


Instantly, Vlad and the gang spotted Mandel, who was backed up on a corner, shooting the hangols.

And hiding behind him were 2 injured enemy knights who had almost been torn to shreds by these beasts.

"Jenifer, Serra... You two focus on my left.

Luke, Asher... You'll take care of the right.

Geo, focus on our backs, and I'll focus on the front.


With that, the team dashed towards Mandel while taking care of all the hangols that they could.

But these beasts were indeed troublesome below.

Like lions, some sneakily crouched down in an attempt to pounce by surprise.

And after Geo ran out of bullets, right on cue, one jumped onto him in an attempt to chew his head off.

Geo quickly placed his arm armour gear over his head, and the bastard chewed on it ferociously while staring at him coldly.


Seeing that it couldn't bite through the gear, the creature raised its paws and unsheathed its sharp claws.

It was about to slice the shit out of its prey, but all of a sudden, its despicable prey threw something into its mouth.



What was that?

The hangol's eyes turned red, and his entire mouth and body felt hot.

A cloud of white smoke started coming out of its nostrils, and his belly felt like it was undergoing a battle for survival.


What did this human feed it?

It opened its mouth and panted like a dog as it tried to calm the burning sensation from within.

And what exactly did Geo give it?

Well, it was tear gas.

That's right.

Geo dropped a can of tear gas through its massive throat and neck.

Who asked it to keep biting his arm?


The poor hangol felt like it was in hell, as it desperately wanted water.

It began sweating heavily all within these few seconds.

And Geo wasted no time in reloading his bullets and shouting the damn thing with his silencer.


He could've tased it using the built-in taser in his armguard, but he just wanted to see the effects of swallowing tear gas.

And so just like that, Vlad and his team focused on dealing with these ferocious creatures, all the while alerting those above of their situation below.

Meanwhile, Landon, Henry and his crew had finally got caught with Ulrich and Winston.



How did these bastards know the way?

Urich carefully ran while grumbling angrily.

Father said that only he knew the way.

So why was it that Henry was able to catch up to him with no prior knowledge?

Although the distance between them was somewhat far, Henry and his men were catching up to them at a very alarming speed.

Firstly, they had been battling for a very long time before Henry showed up.

So they were tired, and their bodies were sore.

In short, this wasn't their peak conditions.

At least in Ulrich's mind, he contributed it to that.

Landon squinted his eyes and looked at those around.

"Everyone, climb on.

I'll be much faster."



Henry and his right-hand men felt like they heard things wrong.

Did you just ask us to climb on you?

Do you know what you're talking about?

Brother, I admit that you're powerful, but what you're asking for is impossible, alright?

While Henry and his right-hand man looked at Landon in disbelief, the other 6 soldiers didn't show any emotions.

They on the other hand, just did as they were told, as if this was just a walk in the park for them.

And right before Henry's shocked eyes, Landon held one's hands and threw him over his shoulder.


Like a magic trick, all 6 were on Landon, who by the way had no expression of pain on his face.

It looked like he was carrying a hat or something light.

All 6 were in a manner that wouldn't let them fall.

The whole thing made Henry doubt his life.

What did he just see?


Landon didn't give Henry any time to think as he grabbed his hand and threw him onto the pile alongside Henry's right-hand man.

What a joke!

He didn't want this damn thing to carry on for long, so he wanted to stop Ulrich before he reached the secret escape route.

It was time to finally end this battle once and for all.

He had a wedding to catch Dammit!

"Everyone, while on tight."

With that, Landon boosted his speed to 50% and quickly caught up to his targets.

The wind force blowing against Henry's face left him in a daze.

Was his brother running as fast as a horse, if not faster?

Bro, forget it!

From today, I'm your biggest fan!

Din Din Din Din.

Ulrich and Winston turned their heads and almost puked blood from what they were seeing.

You can still run at that speed while carrying so many people?

What are you, a monster?

A thought popped into Ulrich's mind, making his head swell.

Brother, you wouldn't be the Fairy Godmother, right?

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