Worlds Conquering Necromancer Book 1 Chapter 17

Volume 1: Amassing An Army Chapter 17 The Subjugation

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"I mean... I feel a little insecure when I'm not with you, so can I sleep in your room?"

"Huh... Why not, we're both girls after all. Go change your clothes first."

When Ramiya came back, Emily had already changed. She was sitting on the floor and trying to learn a wind spell, "Air Cut", by practicing. Ram went to bed and turned towards Emily, watching her every move.

"When will you go to sleep? It's already late and you have to sleep properly." said Ram.

"You forgot that I'm an undead and can't sleep even if I want? I'm usually exercising spells or making undead the whole night, so don't worry and go to sleep already. No one's gonna hurt you while I'm around."

"Mhm..." she said, covering her face with the pillow.

'How could I forget that!? I'm so stupid I wanna die!'

To learn a spell, Emily had to recreate it by herself. It was easy considering that she just had to redirect the mana the right way and even had the help of her undead for that. She learned it successfully in half a night, and Ramiya was already sleeping at that point.

As she had to lead an army the next day she decided to leave her mana to restore and went to the training grounds to train her swordsmanship and archery with her subordinates.

After training the rest of the night she woke up Ramiya and they prepared for the subjugation.

They reached the Golak's tribe in an hour and prepared to stealthily surround it.

"Get in formations! Dylan, your group is responsible to take down the fleeing ones. Bat, you aim for their archers and mages first, then help the rest. Everybody else advance slowly, and when the goblin king arrives leave him to Boss."

The goblin tribe was situated near a river. It had some simple buildings made of wood and tents made of branches and sticks. Emily used a lighting spell and a resounding thunder apeared. After that, all goblins got out of their houses and after their king's order rushed towards their enemies.

They had simple weapons like clubs and rusty swords, and the majority had no armor at all. Only the hobgoblins and Golak, their king, had good armor and weapons.

On the other hand, nearly all goblins on Emily's side had blood spears, shields and aromor from blood or some metal. They were using the shield wall military tactic.

It was wall of shields formed by soldiers standing in formation shoulder to shoulder, holding their shields so that they abut or overlap. Each soldier benefits from the protection of his neighbours' shields as well as his own.

They held the advantage against the chaotic attacks of the goblin tribe and also had the cover of vampires.

First enemies were killed by the first row of the shield wall. In case they managed to evade them, they were killed by the spears of the second row. Even if they attacked they didn't manage to get past the tight defence of that formation.

Meanwhile, Bat took care of the enemy's few archers and mages. His flying squad was using blood bows and arrows, and if the arrows ran out they would go melee and attack using their sharp claws and make more arrows from their prey's blood.

When Golak decided to enter the battlefield he was stopped by Boss. Golak had a big club as a weapon and had heavy iron armor, while Boss had a giant blood sword and blood armor, which were much lighter and harder.

Golak attacked first, aiming for the head. Boss evaded and managed to strike his back, injuring him. The goblin roared in pain, while blood started to drip from his wound.

After exchanging some strikes, Boss managed to cut his hand, then his leg. He killed him by piercing his heart.

"Dylan, go check their houses. Kill the males only, don't kill women and children." said Emily.


Dylan and his squad assassinated all the remaining warriors and found the goblin women and treasury. They had 300 women and some piles of gold and precious stones in the treasury.

After assigning someone to escort them to Cavetown, Emily cut Golak's head and put everything in her inventory.

"Let's go to the Jagga's tribe now. We'll encircle the tribe and Dylan will require them to come out and negociate with me."

They reached the Jagga's tribe in half an hour. It was composed of buildings similar to the previos tribe. Before sending Dylan to the enemy camp, Emily gave him Golak's head and instructed him to go through the front door.

In the end, every goblin in his way was stricken by fear and left him go further into the tribe. Soon, he came out, accompanied by a group of hobgoblins.

"My name Jagga, nice to meet you, king." said a hobgoblin shaman, kneeling and looking towards Boss.

"Khm-Khm, I'm this army's master..." said Emily looking awkwardly at the shaman. Well, the shaman was quick to understand and correct his mistake.

"My name Jagga, nice to meet you, king..." he said, this time kneeling towards Emily. The hobgoblins behind also followed his actions.

'He's funny.' she thought. "Follow me and you and your tribe won't feel hunger ever again. As long as you won't think about betrayal and will listen to orders, you will prosper. What do you think?"

"You killed Golak, you friend... We ready to follow, king."

"Good, then prepare to depart. We're going home."


"King, this Jagga's new home?" asked the shaman fascinated by Cavetown's fortifications and development.

"Yes, my friend, and it's just the beginning. We'll build a kingdom in the future."

On the way to Cavetown they managed to befriend each other. Jagga was a funny hobgoblin that cared about his tribe. He was a rarely seen summoner, a class that has the ability to summon creatures to fight alongside them.

They brought 600 goblins, 30 hobgoblins, 400 women, some gold coins and iron weapons from the tribe.

There were numerous mages between them, and even a life magic user. Life magic is used to heal wounds and cure poison, and high level life magic can even regrow a lost limb without any negative aftereffects.

All newcomers had to attend lessons to learn Cavetown's rules and customs and how to speak properly. Later, the future soldiers, the recruits, will have to do a lot of training and learning, and even pass a practical and theoretical exam to become proper soldiers of the army, while women will learn how to grow crops and raise animals.

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