To My Dear Mr. Huo Chapter 671

Chapter 671 Its Not As Simple As You Think

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Shi Mengwan had already made more than half of her dumplings. She was very fast when it came to making dumplings.

It was strange that she hadn’t learned how to roll out the skin of a dumpling all these years. She had never learned how to do it either.

At home, it was always mother Shi who rolled out the skin of the dumpling. All she had to do was to wrap it. When she went out, she was afraid of the trouble. Moreover, there were already ready-made dumpling skins available for sale.

“You’re back? We can eat soon.”

The kitchen was very small, so she couldn’t fully display her skills, so Shi Mengwan made dumplings on the dining table.

The stuffing was mixed in a big basin, and two-thirds of the dumpling had already been wrapped up.

Zhan Haoze went forward to watch Shi Mengwan’s movements. She had a pair of extremely beautiful hands. Her jade-like fingers were slender and smooth.

Her movements when making dumplings were very fast and very pleasing to the eye. Zhan Haoze pulled out the chair in front of the dining table and sat there watching Shi Mengwan wrap the dumplings.

Shi Mengwan felt uncomfortable under his gaze and stopped what she was doing.

“What’s wrong?”

Seeing that Zhan Haoze didn’t speak, she pouted. “Do you know how to do it? Why don’t you come and help?”

“I don’t know how to do it.”

These three simple words sounded a little low. Shi Mengwan knew that he didn’t know how to, so she didn’t look at him anymore.

She quickly wrapped up the dumplings and put them away. Then, she went into the kitchen to boil water.

As the water boiled, she found the bacon and sausage that Mother Shi had asked her to bring to Lin City before she came back. She calculated the amount, cut them, and then started to stir-fry two dishes.

When she took the dishes out of the pot, she realized that Zhan Haoze had been staring at her at the door.

Shi Mengwan smiled slightly. “Wait a minute, the dumplings will be ready soon.”

As she spoke, she handed one of the dishes to Zhan Haoze. “Please take it out.”

Zhan Haoze didn’t expect her to ask him to take the dishes. He stared at the dishes in her hands for a few seconds and finally reached out his hand.

“And this.” Shi Mengwan smiled and looked at the table.

Zhan Haoze put the dishes on the table outside. Shi Mengwan looked at the dumplings. They were ready to be served. She took out the dumplings and brought them to the table outside.

“Okay, bring two bowls over.”

Zhan Haoze had already sat down. Because of Shi Mengwan’s words, he looked at her and finally got up to get the bowls.

Shi Mengwan’s eyes had a faint smile. Some things needed a sense of participation.

This was her home, Zhan Haoze was now her man. She had to let him have a sense of participation.

There were many things that needed the two of them to do together in order to improve their relationship. She hoped that their relationship could be improved outside of the bed, and not just on the bed every time they had a relationship exchange.

Seeing Zhan Haoze take the bowl and sit down, Shi Mengwan poured the dumplings into his bowl.

“Try and taste it.”

Zhan Haoze tasted one, then looked up at her and nodded.

Shi Mengwan’s eyes suddenly turned red because of his reaction, but this time, she controlled herself and didn’t lose her composure.

She lowered her head and quietly ate the dumplings.

“This is made by my mom. This is also made by my mom.”

Actually, when she was with Dear Brother, Shi Mengwan also wanted to get some new year goods, but she was really too young back then, so she didn’t know how to cook.

Now, she didn’t know how to cook either, but she could let him taste her mother’s cooking.

Shi Mengwan made a lot of dumplings. She only cooked half of them. She put the rest in the freezer, so that she could cook them if she wanted to eat them next time.

And the ones she cooked were all in Zhan Haoze’s stomach. She really had to sigh. His appetite was really good.

After eating, Shi Mengwan tidied up the kitchen. When she came out, Zhan Haoze pulled her to sit down on the sofa.

His hand was on her waist and he held her in his arms. Shi Mengwan was a little uncomfortable. She was too full, and Zhan Haoze’s actions made her feel alarmed.

“Zhan Haoze, how about we go for a walk?”

She pulled his hand away. Shi Mengwan really didn’t want to do this kind of exercise right after eating. It was too tiring.

“I’m too full tonight. We should go for a walk to digest food, don’t you think?”

Zhan Haoze’s hand was still on her waist. Shi Mengwan wasn’t sure that Zhan Haoze would agree to her request, but no matter what, she had to give it a try.

“Let’s go for a walk?”

Zhan Haoze stood up, and Shi Mengwan was happy. She went to get her coat. She had already gone out today, so her coat was hanging at the entrance.

She took her keys and phone, then put them in her pocket. She looked at Zhan Haoze with sparkling eyes.

When she went downstairs, Shi Mengwan felt a little regretful. The sun had risen during the day, so the temperature in Lin City was still okay and she could still bear it.

But it was night now. Lin City was close to the sea, and the wind was strong, so the temperature was low.

A gust of wind blew over, and Shi Mengwan couldn’t bear it.

“It’s so cold.”

Why was it so cold? She seemed to have heard from the weather forecast that the temperature would drop again, but she didn’t expect it to be so cold.

She reached out and rubbed her palms. Just as she was about to put her hand back into her pocket, Zhan Haoze reached out and grabbed her hand, then put her hand into his pocket.

His hand was very big and wrapped her hand tightly.

Shi Mengwan’s mind flashed for a moment. Looking at Zhan Haoze’s chiseled side profile, she bit her lip and couldn’t help but feel a trace of joy in her heart.

She knew that her Dear Brother was like this.

She moved her face closer to Zhan Haoze’s arm and rubbed it. The smile on Shi Mengwan’s face became brighter.

Zhan Haoze felt her movement and turned to look at her. He didn’t say much, but the expression on his face became much gentler.


The next day, it rained in Lin City. When Zhan Haoze left the company, he received a call from Chen Yongchang, saying that something had happened to Chen Feifei.

When Zhan Haoze rushed back to the Chen family’s house, the doctor had just left.

Her face pale, Chen Feifei was lying on the bed. His face full of concern, Chen Yongchang stood at the side.

“Uncle.” Zhan Haoze looked at Chen Yongchang, then his gaze landed on Chen Feifei’s face. “Is Feifei alright?”

“It’s an old problem. It’s not like you don’t know.”

Chen Yongchang glanced at Zhan Haoze as he spoke. “You haven’t come back these few days, so Feifei missed you too much. She ran out to look for you, but you also know that the temperature dropped yesterday. Feifei’s body isn’t in good health. She got drenched by the rain and got sick.”

Zhan Haoze didn’t speak. Chen Feifei, who was on the bed, glanced at her father.

“Dad, don’t blame brother Hao. It’s not like brother Hao didn’t come to see me on purpose. You know very well that brother Hao was busy with work.”

“Feifei, you…” Chen Yongchang looked at his daughter with a conflicted expression. He felt helpless that his daughter always treated Zhan Haoze more important than him.

“Haoze.” Chen Yongchang looked at Zhan Haoze. “It wasn’t your fault, but Feifei is very weak now, so you should accompany her.”

As he spoke, Chen Yongchang walked out.

Leaving only Zhan Haoze and Chen Feifei, the room became quiet.

After Chen Yongchang left, Chen Feifei reached out to hold Zhan Haoze’s hand.

“Brother Hao, Daddy was too worried about me. It has nothing to do with you. Don’t be angry.”

“I’m not angry.” Zhan Haoze wanted to pull his hand out, but Chen Feifei held it tightly. “Brother Hao, are you really not angry?”

Her face was full of uneasiness, as if she was really afraid that Zhan Haoze would be angry.

Zhan Haoze pursed his lips into a straight line and shook his head gently.

Chen Feifei was satisfied, and a very gentle smile appeared on her face, but her hand was still holding his hand tightly.

“Brother Hao, what have you been busy with these few days? I miss you very much. I called you but you always said that you had something to do, and I couldn’t find you at your company. Do you know that I was really worried about you?”

“There were many things to do at the company.”

Zhan Haoze looked at Chen Feifei and held her hand back in the end.

“No matter how many things there are to do at the company, you have to take care of your health. Just look at me and you’ll know. I’ve been a sick child since I was young. Now that I’ve grown up, not only will I not be able to help you, but I’ll also tire you out.”

“It’s nothing.” Zhan Haoze’s voice was very indifferent. His indifference hadn’t just started today.

Ever since Chen Feifei saved Zhan Haoze and brought him home, he had always been like this.

But the more Zhan haoze was like this, the more Chen Feifei couldn’t resist him. She couldn’t stop lusting after Zhan Haoze.

“Brother Hao, don’t comfort me. I know you always think I’m a burden, so you don’t want to tell me about the company’s matters or the outside world, but brother Hao, I really like you.”

Chen Feifei’s eyes were fixed on Zhan Haoze. He was the only one in her eyes.

“I know.”

Chen Feifei bit her lip. She was still hurt by Zhan Haoze’s reaction. “Brother Hao, what about you? Do you like me?”

Zhan Haoze frowned and pulling his hand back, he looked at Chen Feifei. “You’re not well. Rest early.”

“Brother Hao?” Chen Feifei pulled his hand again and looked up at him with pleading eyes. “Do you hate me now?”

“Don’t think too much about it. It’s nothing.”

“Then why didn’t you come back to accompany me? You said that you would take care of me.”

“Feifei.” Zhan Haoze didn’t put on a cold face this time. “In my heart, you’re like a sister.”

“But, but…”

“Alright, it’s getting late. You should rest.”

Zhan Haoze patted her shoulder and then turned to leave. Chen Feifei’s face almost changed after he left.

Who wanted to be his sister? Who wanted to be his sister? She had always wanted to be his woman, not his sister.

Chen Feifei looked at the bedside lamp and swept it to the floor without thinking.

The room was soundproof and covered with a thick carpet. No matter how loud she was, no one would be able to hear her.

Not only did she smash the bedside lamp, but Chen Feifei also threw away everything that she could throw away.

It was only when she was out of breath and exhausted that she called the maid over to tidy up the room.

The maids of the Chen family were already used to Chen Feifei having outbursts from time to time. They quietly packed up their things and put in new ones. In a short period of time, even the carpet had been changed.

The room was just like before Zhan Haoze came in. There were no signs of damage.

Zhan Haoze went downstairs and met Chen Yongchang. When he saw him, he waved his hand. One after the other, the two of them went to the study room of the Chen family.

“Have you been very busy recently?”

“Not too busy.” Zhan Haoze’s voice was calm.

“You haven’t joined the company in the past few days, so the company’s matters have become much more pressing. You see, I’m old now, and I can’t keep up in terms of stamina. In the future, you should spend more time on work.”

“Yes. I understand.”

“Speaking of which, I’m almost at the age where I can retire. What do you think about taking over the Chen Family?”

His face expressionless as usual, Zhan Haoze looked down. “I’m afraid that’s not very appropriate, right?”

“There’s nothing inappropriate about it. After you marry Feifei, won’t the Chen family be yours?”

Zhan Haoze didn’t reply, but Chen Yongchang sighed. “Haoze, I also know that you’re not willing to marry Feifei, but Feifei is my only daughter. She really likes you. I can’t let her suffer.”


“I also know that you’ve only treated Feifei as your sister for so many years, and there’s no romance between the two of you, but her body isn’t in good health, and I’ve spoiled her. I’m not at ease to give her to someone else. After thinking about it, you’re the only one who is suitable.”

Seeing that Zhan Haoze didn’t say anything, Chen Yongchang’s expression became more and more pained. “Haoze, one should never forget one’s roots. If it weren’t for our family taking you in, sending you to school, and giving you the best conditions, how could you have achieved what you have today? Don’t tell me that you’re thinking of flying up in the world and abandoning Feifei?”

“Uncle, I’ve said it before. I treat Feifei as my younger sister. I’ll do my best to take care of her.”

“What kind of care is better than marrying her and spending a lifetime with her?”

Seeing that Zhan Haoze still wanted to speak, he went forward and patted his shoulder. “Alright. You’re probably tired today. Go and rest. As for the wedding date, I’ll get someone to pick a good day. No matter what, you guys already know each other and are familiar with each other. If you need time, get engaged first and then get married.”

“Uncle –”

“Alright, I still have business to deal with. Go back to your room and rest first.”

Chen Yongchang didn’t listen to Zhan Haoze. He waved his hand and dismissed him. Zhan Haoze looked at Chen Yongchang for a moment, then took a step back and left the study.

Before returning to his room, he saw the maid carrying two big garbage bags downstairs.

Zhan Haoze stood there until the maid left, then he went upstairs again.


Shi Mengwan was shocked when she received Xiao Qi’s call.


“Mengwan, Hello.” Xiao Qi’s voice sounded very happy. “Have you recovered from your cold?”

“Yes. Thank you for your concern.” It wasn’t a cold, but Shi Mengwan couldn’t say this. “What’s the matter?”

“That’s good. I said I’d come to see you.”

“No need.” Shi Mengwan answered quickly. She looked at the time and saw that Zhan Haoze hadn’t come back yet. She had already prepared the food.

“That’s a pity.” Xiao Qi thought about it for a moment. “Mengwan, I didn’t finish watching the movie that day. Do you have time recently?”

“I might not have time recently.” Shi Mengwan bit her lip. “My studio has received new orders recently, so I’m a little busy.”

“I see.” Xiao Qi nodded. “Then can we have a meal together?”

“Xiao Qi –”

“Look, you’re very busy and don’t have time to watch movies, but you have to have time for a meal, right? Before I came here, Auntie told me that you don’t know how to take care of yourself. Look, you can’t let me fail Auntie’s mission, right?”

Shi Mengwan bit her lip. After thinking for a while, she decided to agree to him. At least she should make things clear with him.

“How about this? Let’s meet somewhere tomorrow at noon.”


Xiao Qi was satisfied. He asked her to take good care of herself and then hung up.

Shi Mengwan sat down and took out her phone to call Zhan Haoze, but no one picked up even after she called for a long time.

She looked at the table full of dishes. Her good mood seemed to have suddenly disappeared.

She felt very happy these few days because Zhan Haoze had been here with her.

During the day, she stayed at home to sketch pictures, while Zhan Haoze went to work.

At night, they ate, walked, and had s*x. Zhan Haoze was much gentler than before. At least, he didn’t torture her for fun like before. She could also get pleasure from that matter.

When her body and Zhan Haoze’s body became one, she felt satisfied. Not only her body, but also her heart felt satisfied.

That was the Dear Brother that she had yearned to find. That was the person she had always liked and loved.

Looking at the darkened screen, Shi Mengwan sent Zhan Haoze another message. Only asking him if he would come back for dinner, she didn’t say anything else. This time, Zhan Haoze replied.

“I have something to do today. You eat first.”

Putting down her phone, Shi Mengwan looked at the table full of dishes and felt a headache. There was also a hint of almost undetectable disappointment and loneliness.


The next day, Shi Mengwan arrived at the place she had agreed to meet with Xiao Qi.

She had always been afraid of the cold. Today, she was wearing a thick khaki jacket and a scarf of the same color. She looked much more plump.

She thought that she had arrived earlier, but she didn’t expect Xiao Qi to arrive earlier than her.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

“No, I’m early.”

Xiao Qi got up and pulled a chair for Shi Mengwan. This action made Shi Mengwan feel a little uncomfortable. She took a step back and looked at Xiao Qi.

“I’ll do it myself.”

“Can’t you give me a chance to serve a beauty?”

This person..

Shi Mengwan really didn’t know what to say. She didn’t refuse anymore and sat down. The heating in the room was very hot. She took off her coat and put it aside.

“Do all fashion designers know how to wear clothes like you do?”

Xiao Qi looked at the clothes she was wearing inside, and there was obvious admiration in his eyes. Shi Mengwan looked at herself and cleared her throat. “Thank you. I think so.”

“But I think you must be the best at wearing clothes,” Xiao Qi whispered. “After all, they can’t be as beautiful as you.”

“Thank you.”

Shi Mengwan felt a little uncomfortable upon being praised by him. The waiter just happened to bring the menu over, and Xiao Qi gracefully let Shi Mengwan order first.

After ordering, thinking about how to tell him, Shi Mengwan looked at Xiao Qi.

At this time, Xiao Qi poured her a cup of hot tea. “It’s cold outside, have a cup of tea first.”

“Thank you.”

To be honest, Xiao Qi would be a very good marriage partner. He was very suitable in all aspects.

But this was the way of the world. You might not like the one who was suitable.

“Xiao Qi, last time, I was going to introduce my situation, but I didn’t finish. I think I should tell you about it.”

Her serious attitude made Xiao Qi become a little serious.

“Okay, tell me.”

“I want to say that we aren’t suitable for each other.”

“Why? What’s wrong with me?” Xiao Qi asked instinctively. After asking, he realized that he was too narcissistic. “I’m sorry, I just think that I think I’m good enough, so I think you can give it a try.”

Shi Mengwan shook her head. “The problem isn’nt with you, but with me.”

She picked up a cup with both hands and held it in her hands. She felt the slightly hot temperature sober her up.

“I… have someone I like.”

“…” This time, Xiao Qi was stunned. “You have someone you like?”


“Then why did you come on a blind date?” He didn’t see Shi Mengwan as one of those two-timing women.

“Because my parents don’t know, and even if they did, they would probably object.”

“I see.”

Xiao Qi didn’t say more, but he seemed to understand. “Is it because the person you like can’t agree to your family’s conditions, so your parents object?”

Shi Mengwan knew that it wasn’t because of that reason, but since Xiao Qi had made up his mind, she didn’t want to explain anymore.

Her silence was tacit agreement. Xiao Qi nodded. “I understand. The person you like doesn’t want to marry into your family, but your parents object?”

It made sense. Most men, especially now that most of them were only children, wouldn’t agree to such a condition?

“Mengwan, we know each other. I think, if it’s possible, you’d better go and do some ideological work with your parents. That would be better.”

“Thank you, but there’s no need. Some things aren’t as simple as you think.”

Shi Mengwan hadn’t told her family about this matter, nor had she told Zhan Haoze. She wasn’t sure whether Zhan Haoze would agree or not.

She didn’t want to continue, so Xiao Qi didn’t ask.

The waiter began to serve the dishes, and the two of them ate in silence. When Xiao Qi put down his bowl and chopsticks, he looked at Shi Mengwan.

“You like that person very much?”

“I love him.” Shi Mengwan put down her chopsticks as well. When she answered these three words, her eyes sparkled, and her entire face was filled with the glow of love.

What did Xiao Qi not understand after seeing this?

“Okay, I got it. I won’t bother you again next time.”

“Sorry, I…”

“It’s okay.” Xiao Qi was able to take it and put it down. “But Mengwan, as your friend, I still want to give you some advice. You like that man so much, but can that man sacrifice himself for you? I don’t think marrying into a family is a big deal. Even if the child takes your surname, he will still be his child in the future. That is the truth. Times have changed, so there are some things that don’t need to be formal. What do you think?”

“Thank you, I understand.”

“I’m sorry, I spoke too much. No matter what, I feel that if that man really loves you, he will definitely agree to this condition.”

Shi Mengwan was silent. After Xiao Qi left, she was still sitting in her seat.

If that man really loved her, would he agree to her condition?

But when that person was Zhan Haoze, why didn’t she have any confidence?

That night, Zhan Haoze didn’t come again. She called him and he said he had something to do. Thinking about how to bring up this matter the next time she saw Zhan Haoze, Shi Mengwan hung up the phone.

It wasn’t until the third day that Shi Mengwan finally saw Zhan Haoze when she went home.

He didn’t seem to be any different, but Shi Mengwan could sense from his furrowed brows that he seemed to be a little down.

“Zhan Haoze?”

Was he alright?

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