Infinite Stamina Book 5 Chapter 63

Volume 5: Fairy Tail : Dragon King Festival Chapter 63 8: Victory

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Yet, just as fast as Yug and Anna fell into a stupor, they came to their senses and began to attack the incoming dragons.

"Priest of the souls, the chain of redemption!

"Pisces! Water wave!"

"Yes, Mistress Anna!"

A magic circle with dark patterns suddenly appeared over the skeleton priest, while seven dark chains penetrated the bodies of the seven dragons, paralyzing them completely.

Next, two giant eels transformed into humans.

The first one became a young woman of average height, possessing long, straight and glossy dark hair, reaching down to her middle back.

The second spirit turned into a young man with long lavender hair and dark skin, with a trident in his hand.

The next instant a pattern appeared in front of them, and seven great columns of water under high pressure attacked the fire dragons, forcefully pushing them back.

"Well done little girl, now let the big Yug take care of the rest."

"Lost Magic of alchemy! Transformation of the five elements."

Yug's hair, which was already grey, suddenly became whiter, whilst his nose and ears started to bleed.

All of a sudden, five magic circles of different colours surrounded him, superimposing in five-layered circle of a uniform colour.

The next moment everything calmed down the Ethernano in the air began madly shaking.

All the circles materialized by Yug merged in two magical black and white circles.

"Little girl, cancel the summoning of your spirits and hide behind me."

Anna, hearing this and feeling the magical power generated by Yug's circles, hurried without hesitation to send her spirits back to their world and hid behind him.

The dragons, freed from the chains of Anna's spirit, once again rushed towards them.

"Origin magic, equivalent destruction."

A dark light engulfed the whole mountain, blinding Anna, and even Haruto who was about 3 kilometres away.

The light quickly dissipated but no destruction happened, not even an explosion, yet, before Anna's astonished eyes, the seven fire dragons became completely fried before starting to slowly decompose, piece by piece, till they vanished into nothing.

Yug wobbled and fell to the ground.


. . . .

Haruto joined Anna, and Yug, who had already woken up. After Anna's explanation Haruto was at first surprised but then, looking at Yug's face who had a triumphant expression as if to say, brat, did you see how powerful Yug is? Kneel before me and maybe you'll have a tenth of my intelligence, his surprise immediately disappeared, he looked at Yug with a scornful look, before leaving towards Dragnof.

The team of three people, although quite slow, gradually approached Dragnof. At night, they set up their camps at the exit of the forest on the road to Dragnof.

They were sitting around a campfire, frying a large boar on a skewer.

"Tell me, you old skinflint, how did you manage to defeat seven dragons?"

Yug then looked at Haruto with a serious look and said in a solemn voice.

"I've used the Lost Magic magic."

Haruto was, with each day, more and more surprised by Yug, he already knew the basics of magic.

The lost magic is a type of Magic that has been obliterated from the history of the world due to its immense power and the sheer gravity of the side effects on the users. However, users of such Magic still exist, though the Magic itself is believed to be extremely rare.

"Are you familiar with the incident of the Continental Dark Alchemist Association?"

Anna nodded her head.

"I've heard of it before, it was a society of the greatest alchemists on the continent, but there was a rumour that it used forbidden magics, all the members have died mysteriously in one night, making the whole society disappear."

"My teacher and I used to be part of an alchemist association, but the activities and research of the association began to become more and more taboo, resulting in the death of thousands of people because of the failed and inhumane experiments. This had put my teacher in a terrible rage, he destroyed the whole association, and after a few years, he died as well. I can confidently say that I am the only survivor of this incident."

Haruto and Anna remained completely silent, hearing Yug's story, he then turned his gaze to Anna, who put her knees under her chest and stared at the fire.

"And you, little girl? Celestial Spirit wizards with keys as powerful as yours are rare."

Anna began to twist her hair with embarrassment.

"What are you talking about, my keys are very ordinary."

Hearing that, a smile appeared on Yug's lips.

"The only ones I know in this part of the Continent are the Heartfilia clan."

Anna saw Yug's smile and knew she had already been unmasked, so she just sighed.

"You're right, my name's Anna Heartfilia, I ran away from the clan because they refuse to participate in the dragon war, they prefer to be spectators."

The eyes of Yug and Anna then turned to Haruto.

"And you, Haruto, you never told us about yourself."

Haruto looked at the two, who looked at him with piercing eyes, as if they wanted to see him through.

"You never told me about yourself, kid, yet you fell out of the sky, although I don't mind, but I'm pretty curious."

"Falling out of the sky? But that's not the strange part, when he was killing the dragons earlier, I've noticed that he didn't use any magic."

"It may be possible, especially his name is very strange, it doesn't sound like a name used on the continent, is it a monster's name?"

*Slap* *Slap*



"Why are you hitting us?!!!!"

"Because it's very pleasant." Haruto slightly smiled.

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