Gacha Sovereign Chapter 1946

Volume 9 Chapter 771 Training Part 2

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Six months later.

"Ha!" Alex was surrounded by light. He seemed to be fighting something even though he closed his eyes.

Suddenly, the light turned into a rainbow color from golden, and Alex immediately rose from the ground. "I have finally succeeded in enhancing my Spirit Step."

Although the end result was unknown, and the process was fuzzy, he still managed to upgrade the Spirit Step to Divine Step. Even if he had the Divine Energy now, he wouldn't need a long time to upgrade this. And he even mastered the technique for Spirit Eyes before this Spirit Step, so he had fulfilled his goal.

Alex waved his hand, going out of his Simulation Room. "It took me six months Still, I am wondering why I can use Spirit Techniques? Aren't spirits the only ones qualified to use such a technique?"

This question arose in Alex's heart when he was training this second part. First of all, he had been using Spirit Techniques despite being a human himself, and this Spirit Crown quickly baffled him.

The system answered the doubt last time by saying it was due to the past him that he was able to use Spirit Techniques, but Alex felt that wasn't all. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he thought, he couldn't reach the real answer.

In the end, he threw away this thought before it came back as soon as he finished the training.

"Wait. I might be able to know about it there" Alex remembered about a certain place that the previous Alex told him. It just added another reason why he needed to go there.

Without taking a rest, Alex continued to the next part, the last part.

"This is it. I need a spirit to practice this technique Since the others are hunting monsters as usual, only Anya can help me for the time being. However, knowing that I can get a certain level of understanding, it's better to have every element in this part. At the very least, I will get knowledge about other elements without training it myself.

"The Spirit has six elements. Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light, and Dark. By the looks of it, I will have Fabio to be the fire, Jean to be the water, Greg to be the earth, Jeanne to be the lightning, Anya to be the light, and Anna to be the dark. However, I know that every spirit seems to possess different characteristics despite having the same element.

"For example. Vera has Ice instead of water like Jeanne despite falling into the same category. Anya is a support light element, while Artur is an attack based. The same applies to Nelson and Anya. One can manipulate shadow; one can manipulate people. Should I just learn from others?

"I can only borrow one element per month Considering the timing, I think I will barely succeed in mastering every single spirit. There are ten anyway, and each technique only lasts for a day. This time, I only want the understanding of other elements, so I think I don't need to control it that much.

"Then, I can learn Chavel's Swallowing Heaven in the meantime. The sooner I complete this training, the longer my time to cultivate. Alright. With this, I will call Anya first, who is in the base right now." Alex nodded and summoned Anya here.

"We are going to train." Anya smiled. "Although you will get some knowledge about this, you can ask me anything, including control. This way, the training will be more effective."

"Yes. I was just about to ask you. Thank you." Alex nodded with a smile.

"Let's try it then?"

Alex nodded, closed his eyes, and summoned the Spirit Crown. Anya smiled when watching the Spirit Crown floating above Alex's head and looked at the guy who wore it.

The blue jade in the crown suddenly shot out a light, heading toward Anya's head.

Alex closed his eyes as much as he could due to the sudden influx of knowledge from Anya.

"Kh!" He never thought that the knowledge would go toward him as soon as it connected. And it didn't even show any signs. It just flowed naturally like water after finding a slope.

Anya didn't say anything this whole time. She might not experience Alex's pain, but it still felt weird to have something copied and sucked from your brain.

Although the method was different, the principle of the Gacha System was similar. Anya had experienced something like this in the past, so she never said anything to the Gacha System about Alex's memory. It was useful anyway.

After one minute, Alex opened his eyes and smiled at Anya.

"Are you ready now? I will be teaching you everything about the light element." Anya paused for a moment and smirked. "Light element is"

She began her lecture for a few hours before Alex started experimenting with the Light Element, from the healing ability to her support ability.

Alex was surprised at first when he felt his energy and strength drained when he used Anya's support technique that usually raised his strength by a large amount.

To think the side effect was weakening her Alex was stunned. It might also be the reason why a spirit would always protect Anya at that time. They knew Anya was at her weakest in that state.

He thought about considering this before he asked her to use this ability, but Anya rejected him. She wanted him to believe in her and her judgment, promising him that she wouldn't use the technique if she knew someone would target her.

Alex ended up agreeing with her request and let her decide what she wanted to do.

After a day passed, the copied element disappeared, and Alex lost his light element.

"I think it's time for me to go. Although I want to talk with you, your training is more important. I will have my time after you have finished." Anya grinned as she waved her hand while walking away. "That's right. I will handle whose element you will learn next. I think I have a perfect order for your training purpose."

"Sure. I will leave it to you." Alex nodded with a smile before taking out the Swallowing Heaven from his Inventory.

"Since I only used the first day of this month, I could practice this technique for the rest of the month." Alex read the scroll. Although he had somehow learned this technique by watching Chavel, he felt he would still get new information when reading it.

And it turned out he was right. "It seems the technique itself is the evolution of the Dragon Strengthening Technique. The Supreme had succeeded in evolving it to a living dragon aura, but this technique is on a whole different level.

"The living dragon aura becomes even more like a living dragon. It can be controlled, and if I use my weapons' consciousness, it can be considered a true living dragon.

"And from what I see, the barrier that those guys can provide is weaker than the skin of this dragon. In other words, if the two consciousnesses decide to protect me, they can have the dragon covered me.

"Then, I can finally use this technique to its fullest potential as long as I have rank 9 Spiritual Weapons. After all, this technique is a Divine Technique." Alex furrowed his eyebrows, determined to master it.

Five months later.

"Attack me!"

*Roar Roar!*

Two translucent red dragons flew toward Alex, trying to swallow him. Alex, on the other hand, used his Mythical Fire Slash to cut these two dragons.

"Fu!" He took a deep breath and stroked his weapons. "Thank you for today. I think I and both of you have mastered this technique."

The Spiritual Weapons released their Spiritual Energy, feeling delighted from Alex's praise.

They had been training this way and tried everything. He could make flame armor or even fused the dragon with his element like Chavel.

Unfortunately, he couldn't infuse both his Pure Fire and Space Element into the dragon simultaneously. If not, it might become the strongest dragon.

"It's a shame, but I think it's considered a bountiful harvest." Alex paused for a moment. "If I fused the dragon with my Pure Fire, it would simply reduce everything to ashes due to the strength of my fire. At the same time, the Space Element dragon is a bit more complex.

"It could send someone to the Space World as long as it swallowed them. However, they are very brittle due to that. I have tried to strengthen it but to no avail. In other words, it's unique, but it also has a limit. Such a shame." Alex shook his head in disappointment.

"Anyway, I also trained my element ability from Artur, Nelson, Anna, Leoz, and Jeanne. Those sessions really gave me a different point of view for each element. No, my view might have been distorted because I have Pure Fire and Space Element. Both are too unique to be compared to normal elements.

"After this, I will train Earth, Water, and lastly Fire. And not only that, because I have enough time to train, I should be able to reach 5-Star Martial Saint within one or two months. After that, I will practice for another few months before going to Snow White Mountain. It should be four to five months if I remember correctly. In other words, I have at least another six months to cultivate.

"Then calculating the distance and the condition between Snow White Mountain and Fire God Clan, I need to wait for another six months before attacking them I don't really care though, since I should be able to enter 6-Star Martial Saint by then." Alex looked up and smiled. "Just a bit more to reach God Stage. Wait for me."

[Yes, Host.]

"" Alex intended to say it to Alicia But Lin Xingzhi seemed to be on the list as well. "That's right. I still need to use the Gacha and level up everyone I will do that at the last minute, I guess."

"That's right. Do you have any mission?"

[Mission: Stop the ritual

Reward: Dart x3

Description: They dared to sacrifice Letizia in the past. If not for her relationship with you, she would have lost her life. This is an insult, so destroy them.]

[Mission: Destroy Snow White Mountain and Fire God Clan

Reward: Premium Ticket x30 or Gacha Coin x20 or Gacha Hammer x10

Description: Time to settle the score.]

"Hmm? This is the first time I can choose a reward"

[It's not. The reward will be random just like the whole system.]

"" Alex twitched his eyebrows. The system seemed to know how to hit his nerve. He took a deep breath and sighed. "Well, Premium Tickets are good, and I will get thirty of them. Gacha Coins are the same. Although it is similar to the Premium Gacha, there is still a bonus reward and a higher percentage of the reward. As for Gacha Hammer I don't know what to say. I am tempted by the guarantee of two UR items, but I think I can get more from Premium Tickets We will see it in the future."

[You are not fun, Host. You can't get angry anymore.]

"I can But you should say I have matured instead of fun" Alex sighed again.

[Sure, sure.]

Alex looked at the notification and shrugged before returning to his training. It was another hellish session where Alex learned elements from Greg, Jean, Vera, and Fabio. As expected, the most useful knowledge came from Greg. Alex got knowledge about materials related to metals and stones along with his shield ability. It might be useful if he wanted to see the quality of the materials.

Last but not least, Alex had finally broken through to 5-Star Martial Saint. And with the rest of his time, he wasn't that far to start consolidating his power and reach 6-Star.

Six months later.

Alex finally rose from his seat, checking his 5-Star Martial Saint strength before smiling. "There are only a few days left. I should assemble everyone and do the work."

Alex walked inside the base and activated the token to send a signal to Viola.

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