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My Vampire System summary:

The human Race is at war with the Vicious Dalki and when they needed help more than ever, THEY started to come forward. Humans who had hidden in the shadows for hundreds of years, people with abilities. \nSome chose to share their knowledge to the rest of the world in hopes of winning the war, while others kept their abilities to themselves.\nQuinn had lost everything to the war, his home, his fa...

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My Vampire System Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1040yesterday
Chapter 1039yesterday
Chapter 1038yesterday
Chapter 10372 days ago
Chapter 10362 days ago
Chapter 10352 days ago
Chapter 10343 days ago
Chapter 10333 days ago
Chapter 10324 days ago
Chapter 10314 days ago
Chapter 10305 days ago
Chapter 10296 days ago
Chapter 10286 days ago
Chapter 10276 days ago
Chapter 10267 days ago
Chapter 10257 days ago
Chapter 10247 days ago
Chapter 1023a week ago
Chapter 1022a week ago
Chapter 1021a week ago
Chapter 1020a week ago
Chapter 1019a week ago
Chapter 1018a week ago
Chapter 1017a week ago
Chapter 1016a week ago
Chapter 1015a week ago
Chapter 1014a week ago
Chapter 1013a week ago
Chapter 1012a week ago
Chapter 10112 weeks ago
Chapter 10102 weeks ago
Chapter 10092 weeks ago
Chapter 10082 weeks ago
Chapter 10072 weeks ago
Chapter 10062 weeks ago
Chapter 10052 weeks ago
Chapter 10042 weeks ago
Chapter 10032 weeks ago
Chapter 10022 weeks ago
Chapter 10012 weeks ago
Chapter 10002 weeks ago
Chapter 9992 weeks ago
Chapter 9982 weeks ago
Chapter 9972 weeks ago
Chapter 9962 weeks ago
Chapter 9952 weeks ago
Chapter 9943 weeks ago
Chapter 9933 weeks ago
Chapter 9923 weeks ago
Chapter 9913 weeks ago
Chapter 9903 weeks ago
Chapter 9893 weeks ago
Chapter 9883 weeks ago
Chapter 9873 weeks ago
Chapter 9863 weeks ago
Chapter 9853 weeks ago
Chapter 9843 weeks ago
Chapter 9833 weeks ago
Chapter 9823 weeks ago
Chapter 9813 weeks ago
Chapter 9803 weeks ago
Chapter 9793 weeks ago
Chapter 9783 weeks ago
Chapter 9773 weeks ago
Chapter 9763 weeks ago
Chapter 9753 weeks ago
Chapter 9743 weeks ago
Chapter 9733 weeks ago
Chapter 9723 weeks ago
Chapter 9713 weeks ago
Chapter 9703 weeks ago
Chapter 9693 weeks ago
Chapter 9683 weeks ago
Chapter 9673 weeks ago
Chapter 9663 weeks ago
Chapter 9653 weeks ago
Chapter 9643 weeks ago
Chapter 9633 weeks ago
Chapter 9623 weeks ago
Chapter 9613 weeks ago
Chapter 9603 weeks ago
Chapter 9593 weeks ago
Chapter 9583 weeks ago
Chapter 9573 weeks ago
Chapter 9563 weeks ago
Chapter 9553 weeks ago
Chapter 9543 weeks ago
Chapter 9533 weeks ago
Chapter 9523 weeks ago
Chapter 9513 weeks ago
Chapter 9503 weeks ago
Chapter 9493 weeks ago
Chapter 9483 weeks ago
Chapter 9473 weeks ago
Chapter 9463 weeks ago
Chapter 9453 weeks ago
Chapter 9443 weeks ago
Chapter 9433 weeks ago
Chapter 9423 weeks ago
Chapter 9413 weeks ago
Chapter 9403 weeks ago
Chapter 9393 weeks ago
Chapter 9383 weeks ago
Chapter 9373 weeks ago
Chapter 9363 weeks ago
Chapter 9353 weeks ago
Chapter 9343 weeks ago
Chapter 9333 weeks ago
Chapter 9323 weeks ago
Chapter 9313 weeks ago
Chapter 9303 weeks ago
Chapter 9293 weeks ago
Chapter 9283 weeks ago
Chapter 9273 weeks ago
Chapter 9263 weeks ago
Chapter 9253 weeks ago
819 Older Women3 months ago
816 The Last Turn3 months ago
814 The New Guy3 months ago
813 In The Head3 months ago
806 The White Coa3 months ago
800 Two Extra3 months ago
794 Monas Ship?3 months ago
792 Unknown Man3 months ago
790 A Final Tes3 months ago
789 A New Hun3 months ago
788 Find Quinn3 months ago
783 Under Attack4 months ago
781 Turning Back4 months ago
780 Same Mistake4 months ago
779 Sils Rage4 months ago
777 An Angry Crab4 months ago
771 Ice Walls4 months ago
770 Beast Gun4 months ago
767 A Three Spike4 months ago
764 Stone Thrower4 months ago
761 Equal Postion4 months ago
757 What Is Qi?4 months ago
753 Untreatable4 months ago
752 Cant Heal4 months ago
751 Pure Vs Daisy4 months ago
743 Ex Head4 months ago
737 Im A Villain4 months ago
734 Getting Cold4 months ago
732 Red Flush4 months ago
718 An Ex Leader5 months ago
717 A Reunion5 months ago
716 Yellow Power5 months ago
709 Im Differen5 months ago
707 How Long?5 months ago
706 Reopening5 months ago
703 Poor Equipmen5 months ago
702 Moving On5 months ago
701 Break The Law5 months ago
700 A Deal Made5 months ago
697 Begger5 months ago
694 1 Vs 10005 months ago
692 Were Famous?5 months ago
686 Brink Of War5 months ago
684 Fear Of Death5 months ago
683 The Next Tier5 months ago
680 The Black Tar5 months ago
678 An Old Video5 months ago
676 Dispute5 months ago
668 Im Not Vorden5 months ago
667 Only You5 months ago
666 Too Strong5 months ago
663 Quest Failed5 months ago
656 Saving Vorden5 months ago
655 A Replacemen5 months ago
649 Hidden Blade5 months ago
644 Im A Green6 months ago
641 A Lost Boy6 months ago
638 The Deep Blue6 months ago
630 Escape plan6 months ago
627 A Superhero6 months ago
626 The Man Caser6 months ago
623 Fake Family6 months ago
622 Still Alive6 months ago
621 Family Love6 months ago
614 Brees Advice6 months ago
613 Pauls Stand6 months ago
612 Wanting Love6 months ago
610 Its Growing6 months ago
607 Turn The Tide6 months ago
606 Debt Paid6 months ago
602 Vampire Soul6 months ago
600 Find Eno6 months ago
597 Top Projec6 months ago
595 A Red Ligh6 months ago
592 Three Flames6 months ago
590 Once A Month6 months ago
576 Moving On6 months ago
570 One Crow Down6 months ago
564 Pauls Ability6 months ago
563 Shadow On6 months ago
561 Turning Poin7 months ago
560 Fisher Fex7 months ago
558 No Soul7 months ago
556 Getting Along7 months ago
553 Travler Grade7 months ago
552 I Control You7 months ago
551 Love Sick7 months ago
548 Who?7 months ago
547 Crows Shelter7 months ago
546 Into Space7 months ago
542 Dead Soldiers7 months ago
541 The Spli7 months ago
540 Powerhouses7 months ago
539 What Family?7 months ago
538 Survivors?7 months ago
535 Everyone Gone7 months ago
530 My Answer7 months ago
528 Leaving Crew7 months ago
524 Not My Home7 months ago
523 Quest Rewards7 months ago
522 The Scream7 months ago
521 Humans Growth7 months ago
520 Black Rock7 months ago
517 The Invasion7 months ago
516 Ability Marke7 months ago
512 Little Army7 months ago
508 Turning Human7 months ago
506 Blood Hands7 months ago
505 The Escape7 months ago
504 Ill Take Her7 months ago
493 The Calling7 months ago
492 The Real Pas7 months ago
490 Law Enforcers7 months ago
487 A Fair Trade7 months ago
482 Shadow Eater7 months ago
480 Last Attack7 months ago
479 Saving Borden7 months ago
478 Best Actor7 months ago
476 I Want Him7 months ago
475 Leo Changing?7 months ago
473 A Lost God7 months ago
472 Blood Bullet7 months ago
468 Blood Dome7 months ago
464 The Last Day7 months ago
460 Two Days Lef7 months ago
457 Title Effects7 months ago
454 A Simple Ques7 months ago
453 Race War7 months ago
452 A New Skill7 months ago
450 Pick A Side7 months ago
449 New Evolution7 months ago
448 Tell Me Why?7 months ago
442 Return Home7 months ago
438 Unknown Skill7 months ago
435 An Extra Dead8 months ago
431 A Discovery?8 months ago
430 Call Them All8 months ago
429 The New Ques8 months ago
427 A New Visitor8 months ago
426 Special Blood8 months ago
424 Who Are You?8 months ago
423 Last Hi8 months ago
422 Bat Hunting8 months ago
420 Stay Or Go9 months ago
419 Shes With Me9 months ago
416 I Said Sit9 months ago
414 Special Boy9 months ago
412 Angry Child9 months ago
403 Lesson 0019 months ago
399 In The Trees9 months ago
397 The Boneclaw9 months ago
396 Freedom9 months ago
395 A New Type9 months ago
394 A Horde9 months ago
392 A Way Ou9 months ago
391 Trial Rewards9 months ago
390 Trial 29 months ago
390 Tiral 29 months ago
389 A Reward9 months ago
387 Trapped9 months ago
384 A Foolish Act9 months ago
381 Weak Punch9 months ago
380 Dukes Power9 months ago
377 What I Wan9 months ago
371 Time Frame9 months ago
370 Partners9 months ago
367 Off Again9 months ago
365 Blooded Sword9 months ago
364 I Smell Blood9 months ago
349 Cruel Fate9 months ago
347 An Error9 months ago
345 Leos Pas9 months ago
344 A Parting Gif9 months ago
341 The Final Day9 months ago
335 Double Trouble10 months ago
334 months ago
332 A Weak Punch10 months ago
331 The New Guy10 months ago
330 Did?10 months ago
329 The Tenth Sea10 months ago
326 Sil Vs Quinn10 months ago
324 The Crazy 10th10 months ago
322 Finding Power10 months ago
321 Im In Love10 months ago
319 Single Punch10 months ago
313 Very Well..10 months ago
312 The Firs10 months ago
311 A Time Limi10 months ago
309 The New Head10 months ago
307 This Easy10 months ago
306 The Big Screen10 months ago
303 Secret Mission10 months ago
302 Leo Vs Silver10 months ago
302 Fex Vs Silver10 months ago
300 Stand Still10 months ago
298 Second Chance10 months ago
296 A Little Game10 months ago
295 Stealing10 months ago
293 Ring Name10 months ago
292 Poppy Dome10 months ago
290 To Base One10 months ago
289 A Change..10 months ago
288 Less Time10 months ago
287 Addicted10 months ago
285 Let Him Go10 months ago
284 No Plan10 months ago
283 Been Caugh10 months ago
281 The White Room10 months ago
277 Upcoming Even10 months ago
276 A Strong Mind10 months ago
273 Why Them?11 months ago
268 A Scam11 months ago
266 A Tomb11 months ago
264 Blood Brothers11 months ago
257 Last Hi11 months ago
253 Teamwork11 months ago
252 A Special Ques11 months ago
251 The Real Hero11 months ago
249 Buy Me Time11 months ago
248 Calming Song11 months ago
247 Blast Away11 months ago
246 Grinding Time11 months ago
243 Problem Gone11 months ago
241 A Strange Item11 months ago
240 Purple Grass11 months ago
239 Where Are We?11 months ago
238 Berserk Mode11 months ago
234 New Kill11 months ago
232 From Behind11 months ago
231 For Erin11 months ago
226 Phantom Punch12 months ago
224 An Addition12 months ago
223 A New Team12 months ago
221 Peter Into Pio12 months ago
218 Zombiep12 months ago
217 Vampire Basics12 months ago
215 Peaceful Plane12 months ago
214 A New World12 months ago
213 Cursed Weapons12 months ago
212 Ranks Of Pure12 months ago
211 A Way Ou12 months ago
210 Will He Help?12 months ago
208 Peters Change12 months ago
207 A New Ability12 months ago
204 Saving12 months ago
202 Falling Asleep12 months ago
199 The One Rule12 months ago
197 Trouble Maker12 months ago
195 An Illegal?12 months ago
193 My Sandwich12 months ago
192 A New Teacher12 months ago
191 Unique Skill12 months ago
186 Breaking Free12 months ago
185 Peter Evolving12 months ago
183 Processing12 months ago
182 Last One12 months ago
181 Logan Moves12 months ago
180 Tricking Bone12 months ago
179 Alone12 months ago
178 Spying12 months ago
177 Advantage12 months ago
176 Fexs Bad Plan12 months ago
175 My Word12 months ago
174 Good Or Bad12 months ago
173 My Puppe12 months ago
172 Bad Timing12 months ago
171 A Condition12 months ago
170 A Bloody Kick12 months ago
168 Martial Arts12 months ago
167 Hand To Hand12 months ago
162 Starved Ghoul12 months ago
161 Right Side?12 months ago
159 Too Hungry12 months ago
158 Hello Quinn12 months ago
157 Questioning12 months ago
156 Its Starting12 months ago
155 Plan B12 months ago
154 A Soloution?12 months ago
153 No Evidence12 months ago
152 Fake Peter12 months ago
151 Another One12 months ago
150 Special Mask12 months ago
149 Strange Device12 months ago
148 A Problemone year ago
145 The Crystalsone year ago
144 Worst Case?one year ago
143 Vampire Ghoulone year ago
142 Youre A What?one year ago
141 Cancelledone year ago
139 A Curious Boyone year ago
137 Green Bloodone year ago
136 Cursed Familyone year ago
135 Blood Ritualone year ago
134 A Sacraficeone year ago
133 Shadow Bloodone year ago
132 Blood Bowlone year ago
129 My Familyone year ago
128 Going Backone year ago
127 The Dalkione year ago
125 Influenceone year ago
123 Shadow Voidone year ago
122 Crash Landingone year ago
121 Naiveone year ago
119 No Chanceone year ago
118 Fire Vs Fireone year ago
115 Red Zoneone year ago
114 Weakest Linkone year ago
112 Planet Caladione year ago
107 Blood Hammerone year ago
101 Leos Questionone year ago
100 Dreamlandone year ago
99 Same Teamsone year ago
98 Back Againone year ago
97 Ive Changedone year ago
96 Im Sickone year ago
92 Blood Ritualone year ago
88 A Voice Insideone year ago
85 Turning Backone year ago
84 Agent 83one year ago
83 Your Choiceone year ago
80 Bloodsuckerone year ago
77 Lossing It Allone year ago
75 Not A Gameone year ago
74 Fight Or Waione year ago
71 Storage Roomone year ago
69 The Chairone year ago
67 Beast Crystalsone year ago
66 First Killone year ago
65 Teleportingone year ago
65 Telportingone year ago
64 Fight Backone year ago
62 A Hackerone year ago
61 Grindingone year ago
60 The Teamone year ago
59 Portal Colorsone year ago
58 Vampire Mythsone year ago
57 Weaknessone year ago
56 Learning Moreone year ago
55 A Fun Oneone year ago
54 Flash Stepone year ago
53 First Gameone year ago
52 Blood Evolverone year ago
51 Power Fightersone year ago
50 Vr Gameone year ago
49 Never Betrayone year ago
46 The Differenceone year ago
46 The Diffrenceone year ago
44 Finally Freeone year ago
43 Fighting Backone year ago
41 Was It You?one year ago
40 Taken Awayone year ago
39 Tutorialone year ago
38 Crazy Boyone year ago
37 Im Sorryone year ago
36 Escapeone year ago
35 Heal Meone year ago
33 Next Targeone year ago
32 A Lessonone year ago
31 Blood Bankone year ago
30 Too Strong?one year ago
28 Weapons Hallone year ago
27 Soul Weaponone year ago
26 Blood Typesone year ago
25 Testing Bloodone year ago
24 A School Secreone year ago
23 An Asisstanone year ago
22 Laylas Requesone year ago
21 Im A Monsterone year ago
20 A Problemone year ago
18 Im A Vampireone year ago
17 Level Upone year ago
16 A New Lookone year ago
14 Sorryone year ago
12 A Second Tesone year ago
11 New Skillone year ago
10 New Quesone year ago
9 What System?one year ago
8 Fateone year ago
7 Same Abilityone year ago
6 Resulone year ago
5 No Abilityone year ago
4 Ability Levelone year ago
3 Miltary Schoolone year ago
2 Daily Quesone year ago
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