Queen Kohra Chapter 65

63 Episode 19

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Ilan barely blinked before he found himself at a beach. There was water for as long as he could see and his back was filled with the endless sight of the seashore. Beside him was the fairy-like Quella. Her eyes were apologetic but firm. Saw on her neck was playing dead.


"This is the Eastern Terrian Ocean, the largest in the world. This is my home"

"Where are the others?"

"They're still in the forest" she replied, avoiding his eyes.

"Haa, I thought you said it was impossible, and yet, you took me away" Ilan said shakily. He realized the woman he spent a few months ago was a shrewd one. He felt admiration and deep fear.

"Aiyla won't let me pursue you after seeing my original form. I've run out of choices. Do you hate me?" she asked softly.

"That is yet to be determined" he said, annoyed.

"I would let you go and let you visit your family after I conceive. Just bear with me"

"You do realize you wrenched me from the one I love and my only family. Would you also force me to sleep with you?" he asked snidely.

"Sirens are known to be lustful creatures. In her body is an extremely potent aphrodisiac. She couldn't resist from seducing you if she could" a female voice, which sounded near and far away at the same time, responded. Ilan was stunned to silence while Quella wasn't even surprised since she had sensed the two a long time ago.

Two people, a man and a woman appeared in front of them.

"So, you're the one who saved my foolish husband and fell deeply in love with him? It was hard to see with the way you treated him. My name is Kohra, a pleasure to meet you Ilan" Kohra introduced with a smile. Ilan's shock reached a new level as he stared at the otherworldly beauty. The man who was beside her was no less stunning.

"Anak?" Quella called softly.

"Que. It's been a while" Anak responded with a small smile.

"I never really thought you'd resort to stealing a groom"

"I was desperate. I lost my husband and children years ago. You can understand how desperate I would be"

"It's only now you're desperate? You've waited a million years and a few months and now you're in a rush?"

"The Eastern Ocean is sick. I'm also sick. If I don't neutralize my body's natural poison, I'm afraid I'd also die soon. I need him"

Quella's body shook violently when Kohra's eyes settled on her. The glare the former received from the latter had the force of the sun.

"You used my appearance at first, that made me really upset. How should I be compensated?" Kohra said with a scary smile.

Siren's could imitate the appearance of the one a person most desires just by sight. For such a powerful beast like Quella. Even with the seal on Lesker, Quella could still imitate Kohra. After discovering the existence of the seal on Lesker, she still stuck to Kohra's appearance, intending to fit in with humans.

"I apologize. I would comply with your reasonable request"

"Let him go. My husband quite likes him. I can put him in my harem just to please Lesker"

"...No" Quella replied with a dark expression.

"Hmm, do you want to come with Ilan?" Kohra said, smiling at Ilan.

Ilan was truly at a crossroads. The decision he made, if it was valued, would determine whether the two women would clash or not.

"You're Lesker's wife? Why didn't you save him or appear all this while when he was injured and lost his memory?"

"He ran away from home and even I couldn't find him. The seal on him is a very powerful one, not like any ever created. I shouldn't be surprised, he's the deity of knowledge and the cosmos beloved after all"

"Lesker....is a celestial?"

"Yes. Wait, did he seal his magi too?"

"He can still use magi but he's a mage unbudded"

"F**k! I'm going to kill him!" Kohra snarled. Anak held her hand and shook his head. The two argued in hushed tones while their audience waited. The two separated and Kohra was relatively calm.

"So, what say you Ilan?" Anak unexpectedly asked.

Ilan sighed deeply.

"Are my family going to be safe?" Ilan asked Quella.

"My subordinates would be dispatched to watch them"

"Then I'll go with you"

The three people looked at him and one word appeared in all their minds; Stokholm's syndrome. Ilan's left eye twitched like he could hear their thoughts.

"I just want to do it" he said helplessly.

"Ah, now I know why he would save a total stranger from freezing to death. He's naturally stupidly kind" Kohra mercilessly said.

An invisible arrow pierced his heart from the woman whose husband he had saved. Truly unkind.

"He has made his decision so we have to support it. Quella, you are not allowed to force him. He would sleep with you of his own accord. If he wants to return, you would let him go. Agreed?" Anak said.

The two nodded.

"Queen Kohra, you can come visit me if you want. You too Anak"

"I especially love fish" Kohra said in reply. Ilan seemingly choked on air. Quella didn't say anything but one could tell she was amused.

She waved her hand over the ocean and a portal appeared on top. She gingerly took Ilan's hands and the three went into the portal. The portal closed after they left.

"They're gone Kohra. You staring wouldn't bore a hole into her head"

"Say, is she a fish? Can she be steamed?"

"I'm a water dragon. You want to steam me too?"

"If you can be steamed, yes"

"...Why did I choose to save you and stay by your side?"

"I'm awesome"

"...I'm going home" Anak said irked. He really started walking away.

"Aw come on Anak, I was just joking. Anak...."

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