Queen Kohra Chapter 66

64 Episode 20

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The manor of the Mage Supreme was located in the main street, just beside the city lord's manor and on the adjacent street. It was more magnificent than Aiyla's mansion spanning a larger expanse of land. There were a lot of layered traps even from the gate and earth puppets which looked human from the distance. They could even perform complex commands like relay commands to the main house.

"Who are you and whom do you seek?" A gruff voice asked. While Lesker remained amazed, Aiyla brought out a coral colored talisman. She injected a sliver of golden light in the talisman and handed it to the earth puppet. It crumbled to ash as soon as it met its hands and the others started opening the fortified gates.

A maid from the main house met them and gave them a respectful bow, leading them to the greenhouse Pavillion that the mage used to receive influential and important guests. The red cobbled path led to a very beautiful Pavillion whose elegance could awe one from afar. The maid led them in to an elegantly set table with three white designer chairs.

There was piping hot tea and cookies on the table, waiting for them.

"Master would be out soon. You can help yourself to these snacks. Ring the bell here if you have any requests" the maid said in a light vice, gesturing the small golden bell on the table. She bowed respectfully and left.

The two sat and really helped themselves to the things on the table. They waited in silence, a lot of thoughts running through their heads at that moment. One of which was why Quella couldn't undo the spell on Lesker even if she was one of the most powerful known creatures and instead directed them to a mage supreme.

Light footsteps shook them out of their thoughts and placed their focus on the approaching figure. It was hard to tell if this figure was male or female but the pure elegance radiated from this figure could be felt. The number five mage supreme in the kingdom, Leioni Alkera. She was a member of the royal family and a renown genius, becoming a mage supreme at 25 years.

"Leioni" Aiyla greeted.

"Aiyla. I was surprised to hear you requested an urgent meeting. Is it related to the young man beside you?" Leioni casually inquired, settling herself in her chair. Her voice carried the elegance she portrayed and a hint of coldness.

'She's sharp' Lesker said in his mind, alarmed and awed.

"Yes. This is Lesker. He was saved by my younger brother, Ilan and they discovered he had a seal on his body which might be blocking his memory"

"Hmm~~~Where is your brother?"

"He was taken by a siren" Aiyla said, the anger in her voice startling the two. The teacup that Leioni picked up shook in her hands. There was slight turbulence in her eyes that calmed as soon as it arrived. She placed the teacup against her lips and drank out of it.

"Tell me more" Leioni said. Lesker placed a hand on Aiyla's and took over, telling her a summary of his experience since he woke up at the bottom of the mountain. Leioni's focus didn't shift from beginning to end but once he was done, the blatant interest in Leioni's eyes made him slightly uncomfortable.

"Sirens have magi but they are all space, ice, earth, nature and water type magix. The type of seal on you is a soul type magi which fortunately is my specialty. That is why she couldn't break the seal. However, it doesn't mean I can break the seal too. I need to check it first" Leioni says, eyeing Lesker.

Lesker in turn looks at Aiyla who nods in approval.

"She might be a little handsy but she's generally harmless. Don't worry, I won't let her turn you into a lab rat" Aiyla says.

"Aw Aiyla, I'm hurt" Leioni says, hand on her chest with a small smile. Aiyla rolls her eyes in response. Leioni stands up and leads her into her laboratory.

It's a very huge building, divided into many layers. A few people wearing uniform clothes pass by them occasionally and greeted the two women respectfully. Curious glances were cast at Lesker who shyly hid between them. Some of them were infatuated on first sight, seeing his handsome visage.

Leioni opened the door a private lab and the three entered. In the middle of the room was a large steel bed with carvings of various patterns in a cyclo-hexagonal shape. There were various cabinets installed in the walls filled with instruments, herbs, pills, and liquids. There was also a stained glass cabinet, tall enough to reach the ceiling. It had a magix lock that unlocked when Leioni put her palm on it. The floors were made of terrazzo and the ceiling was painted white, the same color as the walls.

"Take off your shirt and lay on the bed. Aiyla, I would need the input of both your magi and Bruon's. Call him here. The door would allow both of you access"

The two did as instructed while Leioni searched the cabinet for the tools she would need. She took out eight thin steel wands. She put them at the points of contact of the cyclo-hexagonal pattern with Lesker in the middle.

She cut her the tip of her pale thumb with her nail and put a drop of blood each on the wands. They emitted a chilling aura which made Lesker's teeth chatter. Bruon and Aiyla walked into the lab hand in hand. Lesker had always looked at Bruon and saw he was always sickly pale. Now that he was out of seclusion, his body had received a healthy hue and he was practically glowing.

"You have to respect and envy the abilities of the Rainbow-Stripped Liger. Tut" Leioni said with jealousy. Bruon sent her a small smile and she rolled her eyes.

"Channel your magix through direct contact through the wands. I will start a formation with the drop of his blood" Leioni instructed.

The two stepped forward and did what she said, starting from opposing sides. They went in a circle till they were done and stepped back.

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