Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess Chapter 582

Chapter 584 Sinister Purpose

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Lin Mengya showed a bright smile because she knew that even without her around, Long Tianyu could handle it properly.


He was such an outstanding man, but every time he was willing to stand behind her and protect her silently.


“We should think about it after returning to the capital this time.”


Long Tianyu suddenly said these inexplicable words. Lin Mengya froze and wondered what they should think about.


“Strictly speaking, we’ve been married for a year. If we still got no good news, my father will send an imperial physician to treat me.”


He told Lin Mengya explicitly and seriously. His princess was good in all respects, but she was a little insensitive to this kind of thing.


Of course, Long Tianyu selectively ignored that he was no more sensitive than her in this respect.


“In your dreams!”


Lin Mengya blushed in an instant. She glared at the guy, who showed a wicked smile, and retorted in a low voice.


Of course, Long Tianyu was just making fun of her. He had never thought of forcing her to do anything she didn’t want to do.


He smiled in a low voice, touched her head, and then went about his business.


Looking at Long Tianyu’s back, Lin Mengya felt a little warm.


Their child…


To be honest, she suddenly got married without any preparation.


Until now, she hadn’t completely gotten used to being a married woman.


However, what was even more unbelievable was that although they had slept together many times intimately with a deep attachment to each other, he usually stopped at the last step.


Every time, Long Tianyu could restrain himself. Could there be anything wrong with him?


Lin Mengya furrowed her delicate eyebrows slightly, wondering if she should ask her teacher about it.


With the help of Long Tianyu’s personal guards, the tents were soon set up.


Moreover, due to the need for special care for the babies and their mothers, Lin Mengya personally took Xiu to an empty city not far away to fetch a lot of clean quilts and blankets that could keep out the wind and the cold.


However, the most unexpected thing was that several neat old women with gray hair volunteered to help take care of the babies.


With these old women experienced in taking care of babies, the babies and their mothers in the camp soon settled down.


Wooden stakes for isolation were set up around the campsite and also served as drying racks at the moment.


After Lin Mengya’s careful examination, there were no common bugs left on the bedding, not to mention the Venomous Armored Insects.


The bedding of various colors covered the wooden stakes around the entire camp.


Their hard work attached a flavor of life to the clean and tidy temporary tents.


“Oh, Your Highness, how could we bother you with this kind of thing?”


A woman snatched the wooden basin from Lin Mengya in a hurry. Inside the basin, there was some soft cloth that was found in the city and suitable for making clothes for the babies.


Lin Mengya knew that the immunity the babies were born with was not so low.


Nevertheless, simple disinfection should be done properly.


“It’s okay. Anyway, we are going to live here for a period of time. It takes a lot of trouble to take care of the babies. I’m not a baby. Just leave these things to me.”


Lin Mengya refused with a smile and joined the women around her in crouching by the river and washing clothes.


At this moment, the men, who had received the news, had rushed over from different campsites around.


However, at this moment, they had no choice but to look at their family members across the river.


They were all the most outstanding young men from aristocratic families. Even such a horrible plague could not erase the pride in their hearts.


However, when these men were still busy with handling the affairs of the refugees, they did not expect that their wives and children would almost suffer such a disaster.


Even so, they followed Long Tianyu’s guards here in a hurry after arranging their business properly.


Although they were separated by the shallow river, seeing that their wives and children were safe and sound, some of these men were silent with their eyes turning red.


“Liang’er, take good care of our child and yourself!”


After someone shouted, the rest of the men on this side also began to talk to their wives and children on the other side one after another.


A few simple words put up an invisible bridge between the couples’ hearts.


It was not a matter of distance, life and death, or even the affection between husband and wife.


Lin Mengya also raised her head and somehow met a pair of affectionate eyes fixed on her.


She gave a bright smile. Although she had changed her fine clothes into coarse steel gray clothes.


Her inky hair was tied into a sleek braid hanging on one side of her with no jewelry on her head.


She wore no make-up, and even rolled up her sleeves and was washing clothes in the river.


However, her smile impressed Long Tianyu for the rest of his life.


He smiled and looked at his princess with a fascinated look. He was dressed in black clothes and as calm as the night.


Although he was standing behind the crowd, Lin Mengya could see no one else but him.


Glances and smiles expressed a stronger affection than words, and it was silently flowing between them.


Lin Mengya naturally had her consideration when deciding to set up the isolated campsite across the river.


She had figured out a lot of things when she was on the river bank.


Almost all the men from aristocratic families, who came here, were in the prime of their lives, and each of them seemed to be extremely shrewd and capable.


Even those from common families had their merits.


She specially asked the woman who grabbed her clothes upon her arrival at the camp.


It was not until then that she learned that the woman’s father-in-law was one of the most respected chefs in the local area.


It seemed that these babies and women were carefully selected indeed.


Fortunately, they came here quickly. Otherwise, more babies would have been killed by Doctor Gu.


Moreover, this Doctor Gu was indeed not the one she thought.


This Doctor Gu was the junior fellow apprentice of the real Doctor Gu, and they shared the same surname. Therefore, when the real Doctor Gu was not here, this guy was in charge of the camp.


Humph, he just took advantage of the real Doctor Gu’s power to do evil. Unexpectedly, he dared to do this kind of thing!


After meeting Long Tianyu, Lin Mengya knew that the men from aristocratic families brought here by him would be an indispensable part of his power in the future.


Therefore, she had to keep the babies and their mothers she took care of safe.


“Thank you so much, Your Highness.”


Seeing that Lin Mengya was busy with various work, these mesdames felt a little flattered.


It should be noted that Lin Mengya, Princess Yu accompanied by a retinue in the prince’s mansion, now did all kinds of rough work for them.


Meanwhile, Lin Mengya was very serious in her work. It could be seen at a glance that she was not just performing her duty in a perfunctory manner.


Such a Princess Yu terrified and impressed them at the same time.


“Don’t mention it. You don’t have to say Your Highness from now on. These rules are inapplicable here. My name is Lin Mengya. Those older than me can call me Mengya or younger sister. Those younger than me can call me elder sister. I’m fine with it.”


Lin Mengya took the initiative to lower herself, which naturally won the admiration of these women.


She, who was dressed in coarse clothes, was no longer the princess high above the masses. Instead, she looked like their closest sister at home.


They finished their work and settled everything in the evening.


The babies had fallen asleep. Lin Mengya made temporary cradles for them with big baskets made of bamboo.


The mothers were lying on soft and dry beds made of straws covered with soft and clean bedding which had the smell of sunshine and made them feel warm and at ease.


In the tents, the mothers were either singing a beautiful lullaby in a low voice or holding her baby’s little hand peacefully.


In the orange candlelight, the mothers and the babies in the camp made a picture of countless touching scenes in the world.


Lin Mengya, with a lantern in her hand, checked every tent carefully and gently.


It was not until she was sure that the babies and their mothers were fine that she quietly breathed a sigh of relief and returned to her and Xiu’s tent.


At this moment, Baili Rui and Xiao Yixin were waiting for her in the tent.


“Are they all right?”


Baili Rui glanced at his student with admiration in his eyes.


As a poison-making doctor, she was benevolent. Great, he had passed on his skills to the right person.


“Yes, everything has been arranged properly. However, is there really nothing wrong with these babies? I mean, did anyone do anything to them?”


This was what Lin Mengya was most worried about. If anyone did anything to babies, especially this kind of babies incapable of talking, it would be difficult to detect.


In addition to poisons, there were too many harmful things.


Baili Rui stroked his beard with some hesitation in his eyes.


“I checked these babies. They indeed don’t carry the poison refined from the Venomous Armored Insects. However, these babies have been planted with insect eggs.”




Lin Mengya was not the only one who was shocked. Xiu was also shocked.


“Are they the eggs of the Venomous Armored Insects? Those babies are doomed, aren’t they?”


Xiu liked these babies very much, so she almost cried out.


Lin Mengya immediately covered her mouth and warned her not to shout like this.


If those mothers found out about this, the situation would be out of control again.


“Yes, but not exactly.”


Baili Rui gave an ambiguous answer. However, hearing his words, Lin Mengya had her heart in her mouth again.


“Teacher, what do you mean by saying that?”


After pondering for a while, Baili Rui said slowly.


“The Venomous Armored Insects can only play their role after their eggs break through the soil. Today we not only saved these babies but also saved more people by stopping Doctor Gu.”

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