Complete Body Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110: : Obsession

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For a long time, when all this was calm, suddenly the whole black shadow sent a trace of uneasiness, a thin hair-like light was born in the black shadow, and it began to cut and melt the black shadow continuously.

At this time, Shadow Shadow issued an arrogant roar, constantly tossing, but to no avail, these lights looked extremely thin, but extremely tough, and could not be wiped out at all.

Then a figure appeared slowly in the middle. She was wrapped in light and penetrated completely. The liquid of the black shadow could not erode her.

Morainisa opened her eyes, and her eyes flashed through the shadows with great dazzling eyes. With the extremely miserable cry, the shadows slowly disappeared into black mist and dissipated in the air.

And Leituoya fell heavily on the ground and passed out!

Everything is over, the shadow disappears as if nothing has happened here.

"It seems that the superpowers of the Leo Stars are really powerful. No wonder they can approach the commander of the Camille Stars! I look down on you!" Then a clear and sweet voice sounded, and then a silver figure appeared in the channel.

"Who are you?" Moraineza regained her consciousness, she stared at the other person and asked with great vigilance, because now she only had to mention things about the Camille star, she was absolutely sensitive.

"It doesn't matter who I am, the important thing is your own breakthrough!" This silver figure is .

"Did you summon the shadow just now?" Moraine asked immediately.

"I don't have such a great ability, this is your obsession!" Mu Xi walked slowly to Morainisa, looking at the alert female warrior.

Although the other party wore a mask, Moraisa knew very well that this civilized race was definitely a beautiful woman.

"My obsession?" Morainosa surprised.

"Yes! Over the years, your resentment, pain, perseverance, and suffering have formed this powerful body of perseverance. Although it does not usually appear deeply buried in your heart, as long as there is a suitable medium, it can inspire it. Come out, "said Xi Xi.

"That means you inspired it?" Moraine asked.

"I just want to find out the truth about those days!" Xi Xi said calmly.

"What is the truth, assassinating the commander of the Camille star?" Moraine was very nervous.

"Yes!" Xi Xi nodded.

"Why do you need to know this truth?" After a brief contact with Moxi, Moraisa felt that the other party was strong, but she was not malicious, and this appearance was definitely not sent by the Camilles.

"I naturally have my reasons, but now it seems that I already know the truth!" Said Xixi.

"What do you know?"

"I know that although you participated in the assassination of the Camille Star Commander, he was not killed by you!" Said Xixi.

"You, why did you say that!" Mori's words shocked Morainisa. All the civilized races who knew what happened in those years thought that the commander of the Camille star was killed by Moraine, which made them Carry out unlimited chasing without regard to time.

"Your ability is not enough to assassinate him. Although the superpowers of the Leo Stars are very strong, you have not reached this point yet," said Xixi.

"Yes, I did not kill him. When I saw him, he was already dead! The Camerian Star Guard who came in later decided that I had assassinated their commander. If I did not rely on superpowers, I'm afraid I have already died on the Camille star. "Morainisa nodded.

"Even if he isn't dead, you can't kill him!" Said Xixi.

Moraisa was silent when she heard this!

"Take your company with me!" Xi Xian looked at Lei Tuoya lying on the ground, said, and turned to leave!

Moraineza was very curious about the at this time, she immediately picked up Lei Tuoya, followed behind .

Just after she walked for more than ten meters, she only felt that her eyes lit up, and the dark passage disappeared, replaced by a luxurious cabin hall.

"Wake her up first and wash with you!" Xi Xi left the hall after finishing speaking.

Looking at the back view of Mori, Moraisa felt as if she was in a dream, but she woke Letoya without hesitation, and then the two went to wash.

Half an hour later, the two people who put on their new uniforms look gorgeous, although some do not meet the aesthetics of the earth people, but if they are Leo stars, they are all goddess-level.

The wing bones on the back have been folded up, and all the wounds on the body have been treated!

When they returned to the hall, they saw a figure of pure white casual and elegant, she had taken off the mask, revealing an extremely beautiful face.

Even Moraisa were stunned!

"It's very safe here and no one will bother. These energy capsules can add energy!" Jian Xi looked at the two and smiled slightly.

During the wash just now, Moraineza told the story in detail. Lei Tuoya also had a good impression on the Xi Shi, they think that this unknown civilization race has no harm to them.

"I don't know where you are from? How do you call it?" Moraine asked very respectfully.

"My name is Muxi, from the solar system, and it is a planetary star!" Muxi replied with a smile.

Although in high-level civilizations, the planetary stars have been known to them, but because they belong to low-level civilizations, so civilized races like Morainesha have never heard of it, so the self-reported family of Xixi let them have no Remember what star field this solar system is in.

"I don't know why you want to understand these truths, and why send us here?" Moraine continued to ask, she naturally wanted to know the purpose of Mu Xi.

"You and I have a common goal, so I naturally need to know whether my companion is worth my union!" Xi Shi handed the energy capsule and smiled slightly.

"Common goal? Is your home star also swallowed by the Camilles? These **** guys!" Lei Tuoya took it rudely and said aloud at UU reading www.uukaanshu.com.

"We are just a small civilization, which has not been swallowed for the time being, but we need to take precautions, so this time I want to find some civilized races that have fought with the Camille stars so that we can better understand each other's weaknesses. "Ming Xi said.

"It turns out this way, but if you don't reach the top civilization, I'm afraid it will be difficult to fight against the Camille star. You can't imagine their combat capabilities!" Moraineza replied.

"It's really difficult to deal with, so a strong helper is needed!" Said Xixi.

"But our Leo Stars may not be able to help you. Our entire galaxy has been destroyed. The Leo Stars who escaped do not know how many. I have escaped for more than three hundred years, and I am good enough to survive. Now! "Moraisa said helplessly.

"Since I find you, it will naturally be useful, as long as you want!" Xi Xian looked at each other and said.

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