Lord Of The Heavens Fate Chapter 986

Chapter 868: 1 Keel

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"Araho Cave!"

Fang Mu pointed a little.

A magical power flew from his fingertips and landed on the heavy iron door.

Click! Click! Click!

After a short burst of noise.

The iron door opened.

Target eye: (● \ '? \' ●)?


Boss, you are a son, there is nothing you cannot do!

The two entered the door.

Inside the door is a dark passage, there is no light, and nothing can be seen in the eyes.

The target eye was slightly ahead and walked in front of Fang Mu.

"Boss, this should be organized, let me find out ..."

"Lighting spell!"

The magic wave rushed through the dark passage.

All the lights of the entire channel were lit up.

Target eye: (@ _ @;)


Just be happy!

Next, the target eye really realized.

What is omnipotent magic!

No matter what kind of organization, no matter what kind of arrangement, a magical past, all done!

There is nothing wrong with a magic.

If there is······

That's because you don't know enough magic!

There can be no magic.

Under the magic path, the two lay flat.

It took only ten minutes to complete the end of the secret room that the hand-joint had spent twenty years building.

Their time is even less than that of the five leaders of the Hand Association.

Because some of the agencies they set up are very troublesome, although the agencies are in front of them, their close button is in another place.

They need to go to another place and shut down the organ before they can walk through the organ again.

These two visits, they naturally spend longer time than the two of them.

"What's the hidden thing here in the hand meeting? How many institutions are actually used!"

The bullseye couldn't help but guess.

With so many institutions, not to mention how troublesome it is to build, and how much money is needed in the middle, even after it is built, it is not easy for them to go in and out?

What kind of things are worth them spending so much time to create so many institutions?

The target eyes were very curious.

At the end of the secret room of the institution is a small house that is not large.

It seems to be about twenty square meters, and there is no layout in it, only a high platform stands in the center.

The platform is stone, about half a meter long and wide, and about 1.5 meters high.

On this small stone platform, a beautifully rectangular box was placed.

Although the target eye does not know how to engrave, as long as you look at the box, you know that this price is absolutely expensive.

"It seems that the hand-assembled group treats the treasures as if they were inside the box!"

The target eye looked carefully around, and found no traces of organs.

"Boss, I'll get the box for you."

He volunteered.

This way is all lying down to win, and the target eye feels that it is necessary to show his existence.

Fang Mu shook his head.

"Although the box is not an institution, there is also a valuable treasure in it, but it is not something that the hands-on meeting struggles to hide. It is only the hands-on person who put it on it in order to hide his eyes and ears. Alternatives. "

Target :? ? ?

Is the routine so deep?

In order to protect the real treasure, actually put another real treasure?

The routine of the hand meeting is indeed quite deep.

If someone comes here and takes away the things on the stone platform, the real treasure will be completely locked. Only through special violent dismantling methods can it be opened again.

It can be said that if you don't know all the information, even if the average person has gone through a lot of hardships and finally came here, it is almost impossible to get a real treasure.

"The real treasure, here."

Fang Mu walked to a wall on the left.

I don't know whether it was too old to build this secret room, or because of the preference of the leaders of the Handicraft Association. This institution rarely involves modern institutions.

Almost all institutions are antique-style institutions.

For example, this last institution is on the fourth rectangular slab in the fifth row.

Normally, even if someone guesses that there are other institutions here, they will guess the fifth row and the fifth slate based on the five leaders of the hand-joint.

More importantly, there is really something in the fifth stone in the fifth row, and it is still a treasure more precious than the treasure in the box on the stone platform.

But at the same time, once you open the fifth stone slab in the fifth row, the organ of the fourth stone slab in the fifth row will also be directly locked.

The same routine is used twice.



If Fang Mu did not directly extract Alexandra and others, he might also be deceived.

Because in the fifth stone slab in the fifth row, the same keel is stored, just a keel that has been reduced many times.

The treasure on the stone platform is used to deal with those who do not know the existence of the keel.

The treasure in the fifth stone in the fifth row is used to deal with those who know the existence of the keel.

This set of designs for the five leaders of the Hand-Assembly is simply perfect.

Even if one day ~ wuxiaworld.online ~ someone catches them and forces them to hand over the keel, they can use the keel inside the fifth stone in the fifth row to get away.

Just say a word at this time.

The keel has been exhausted after hundreds of years of use.

Who knows what they are saying is true or not?

Unfortunately, they came across Fang Mu.

Fang Mu didn't even need them to live.

Even if it is dead, as long as the remnant soul has not completely dissipated, a dementor spell will continue, no matter how deep your routine is, it is useless.

Fang Mu looked at the fourth slab and the fifth slab. These two slabs are interrelated. No matter which slab is opened first, the other slab will be locked.

In order to retain as much keel as possible, the five leaders of the Hand-Assembly were also painstaking.

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