Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing Please Spare Me Book 1 Chapter 520

Volume 1 Chapter 520 Thank You My One And Only

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Meanwhile, Grandmother Lu, Grandfather Lu, Jing Cang, and Yang Shu Ling went to welcome Xiao Rong Yao and Song Qiao into the house.

Then, Yang Zhen Ying appeared and hugged Mo Xi tightly.

Mo Xi pecked on Yang Zhen Ying's cheeks while Yang Zhen Ying did the same to her.

Jing Mo Chen then spoke with a smile, "Zhen Ying, you can go back to school and have lessons with your friends starting from next week."

"Mm!" Yang Zhen Ying smiled happily.

Mo Xi and Jing Mo Chen then walked further into the living room, and they saw Jing Mo Teng and Ling Xuan carrying their babies in their arms while playing with them.

"It's your daddy and mommy!" Ling Xuan and Jing Mo Teng spoke as they waived the babies' arms gently as though the babies were waiving at Mo Xi and Jing Mo Chen.

Mo Xi and Jing Mo Chen then went forward and took over their babies. She carried Jing Mo Xing while he carried Jing Chen Xi.

"Little Chen Xi! Little Mo Xing! Daddy and Mommy miss you so much!" Mo Xi kissed the babies' cheeks, and the babies giggled instantly.

Jing Chen Xi then moved his hand about rapidly while in Jing Mo Chen's, and he slapped Jing Mo Chen's face by accident. Seeing that scene, Mo Xi laughed out, and Jing Mo Xing giggled happily upon hearing Mo Xi's laughter.

Xiao Rong Yao and Song Qiao's eyes watered again when they saw the sight because they didn't even get to see their granddaughter grow up, and yet she was already a mother of two.

Mo Xi and Jing Mo Chen then greeted Grandfather Ji and Ji Tian Ping while the babies were still in their arms.

"Grandfather Ji! Uncle Ji!"

"Little Chen, Little Xi, it's been tough on you guys" Grandpa Ji spoke as he nodded.

"It's nothing," Jing Mo Chen and Mo Xi shook their heads.

"Grandpa Ji, Uncle Ji, we have a surprise for you," Jing Mo Chen then added before turning around to call Ji Zheng Yang.

Ji Zheng Yang then entered with Zhao Ai Yun by his side, and the moment Ji Tian Ping saw her, his eyes widened.

Ji Tian Ping stood up almost instantly at the sight before he rushed towards Zhao Ai Yun. He even almost tripped over a few times, and her eyes watered when she saw that.

When Ji Tian Ping was in front of Zhao Ai Yun, tears rolled down her eyes instantly, and so did he.

"Tian Ping I am back"

"Ai Yun Is it really you? Am I dreaming?"

"Dad. Mom is really back " Ji Zheng Yang then explained everything to Ji Tian Ping and Grandfather Ji.

"Then then where is your sister?" Ji Tian Ping implored Ji Zheng Yang while he hugged Zhao Ai Yun tightly as he was afraid of losing her again.

Ji Zheng Yang then moved aside to reveal Shen Yu Rou.

Shen Yu Rou looked up, and for a moment, she didn't know what to do. Although Ji Tian Ping was her father, she didn't know it before and only saw him as the president of the country. Hence, she only saw him as a very respectable man. However, now, that man was her father. Therefore, she didn't know what she was supposed to say.

On the other hand, Ji Tian Ping moved forward quickly, just like Zhao Ai Yun did and went to hug Shen Yu Rou.

"Sorry It's daddy's fault for losing you and your mother" Ji Tian Ping was very emotional, and that had an effect on Shen Yu Rou as well because she, too, cried out again.

Ji Tian Ping blamed himself for everything that had happened to Zhao Ai Yun and Shen Yu Rou because he felt that if he had been more careful, he wouldn't have lost the two of them. However, neither Shen Yu Rou nor Zhao Ai Yun blamed him because it wasn't his fault. Hence, both of them shook their heads in unison when they heard those words.

Upon seeing that scene, everyone at Jing Mansion clapped instantly as they were very happy for Ji Tian Ping and his family.

Mo Xi looked at everyone in the living room, and her heart was filled with warmth. Everyone was standing with the person they love, be it their significant other or their family. Even those who hadn't officially found the person they loved knew where their future lies.

Lu Jin Xiao and Jing Mo Ling were leaning their foreheads against each other's.

Tang Ning Xu leaned her head against Lu Jin Sheng's shoulder while they held each other's hands.

Tang Shao Chen and Bai Su Fei were smiling as they looked at each other.

Alexander was hugging Gu Ran Yi from behind as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

Feng Rui and Qi Xiao Hui had their fingers interlocked.

Jackson and Yu Jia Hui were hugging each other as though no one else was around but them.

Yan Chu leaned down and kissed Su An An's lips before they hooked their arms.

Vincent held onto Valerie's pinky finger as they looked away from one another shyly.

Jing Bo Chuan and Huo Meng Li were bickering with each other.

Mo Xi smiled again when she saw Cayden smiling at Xue Yue in a different way than before. Bai Lang Yi, as well, was texting with a look of bliss on his face.

It seemed like even if they hadn't gotten together with the person they loved, they knew where they were.

Jing Mo Chen then looked at Mo Xi and planted a kiss on her forehead, which led to Jing Mo Xing and Jing Chen Xi to giggle again in their arms.

Jing Mo Chen and Mo Xi looked at their babies and then looked into each other's eyes again.

"Thank you, my lucky star!"

"Thank you, my one and only!"

Jing Mo Chen and Mo Xi spoke in unison, and their lips met moments later.

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