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  • Versatile Mage

  • Author(s): Synopsis
  • Genres : Action -  Fantasy -  Romance -  Comedy -  Schoollife
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Views : 96.7 K
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    Versatile Mage129 votes : 4.72 / 5 1

Versatile Mage summary:

Official email: [email protected]Release rate: 45 Chapters monthly.E-Book: Book 1Join us on DiscordReview us on NovelUpdates     He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed.His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician.Outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attacked and preyed on humans.However, Mo Fan found that when most people could only practice a single major element of magic, he was a Versatile Mage!

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Versatile Mage Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 20492 months ago
1649 Xinxias Wrath10 months ago
1644 Tough Opponen10 months ago
1633 Eye Contac10 months ago
1627 Splitting Up10 months ago
1562 General Ethan10 months ago
1556 Unstoppable10 months ago
1553 Hillock Whale10 months ago
1552 Falling Ou10 months ago
1539 Little Beauty10 months ago
1535 Young Medusa10 months ago
1532 Sunset Shrine10 months ago
1526 Cursed10 months ago
1522 Stormy Hail10 months ago
1511 Ambush Squad10 months ago
1506 The Crawlers10 months ago
1499 Late Effects10 months ago
1496 True Nature10 months ago
1489 Fiery Tyrant10 months ago
1486 Busybody10 months ago
1477 Revenge Plan10 months ago
1458 Static Time10 months ago
1456 Let Them In10 months ago
1454 Obstruction10 months ago
1442 Volcanic Pond10 months ago
1440 Filthy Men10 months ago
1425 Bosom Friend10 months ago
1422 A New Layou10 months ago
1421 Pudong Sea10 months ago
1394 The Sphinx10 months ago
1362 The Yoked10 months ago
1323 Extortion10 months ago
1322 Getting Even10 months ago
1289 The Grassland10 months ago
1277 One Last Time10 months ago
1227 Barrier Core10 months ago
1216 Earth Pistil10 months ago
1195 Unforgivable10 months ago
1194 Threatened10 months ago
1172 The Body10 months ago
1170 I Am Salan10 months ago
1160 Demon Servan10 months ago
1152 Another Soul10 months ago
1147 The Assassins10 months ago
1145 First Place10 months ago
1137 Specter Pries10 months ago
1134 Victory10 months ago
1128 A Deadly Trap10 months ago
1119 Cunning Vixen10 months ago
1107 Hallucination10 months ago
1103 Malevolen10 months ago
1097 The Way Ou10 months ago
1082 Its A Trap10 months ago
1080 First Crime10 months ago
1079 Robbed10 months ago
1070 Treasure Hunt10 months ago
1046 Team Battle10 months ago
1039 Nothing Lef10 months ago
1035 Tyrant Call10 months ago
1031 Mount Tyran10 months ago
1030 Asharuiya10 months ago
1026 Victory10 months ago
1019 The Sphinx10 months ago
1005 Sandfear Fox10 months ago
991 The Crappy Job10 months ago
963 Charge10 months ago
960 Out Of Control10 months ago
958 Sos Signal10 months ago
948 A Huge Bet10 months ago
944 Off To Nazca10 months ago
937 Time Liquid10 months ago
923 Golden Griffin10 months ago
919 Alive Dead?10 months ago
915 Utter Defea10 months ago
910 Trash Like You10 months ago
904 Inescapable Ne10 months ago
903 Kill Yourself10 months ago
894 Busted10 months ago
893 The Boss Here10 months ago
892 Curse Pool10 months ago
880 A Sacrifice10 months ago
873 A Secret Base10 months ago
870 Master Mintian10 months ago
843 Double Hi10 months ago
838 Galaxy Vein10 months ago
832 Rocket Wings10 months ago
830 Void Slash10 months ago
821 Wind Disc Trap10 months ago
815 Without A Sign10 months ago
801 One Escaped10 months ago
799 Big Trouble10 months ago
788 Fire Domain10 months ago
757 Soul Eater10 months ago
751 Hell Scorpion10 months ago
750 A Dirty Move10 months ago
739 Missing Cases10 months ago
726 Blink10 months ago
725 The Avengers10 months ago
714 Tough Training10 months ago
713 Getting Fresh10 months ago
711 Moth Woman10 months ago
684 Self Awakening10 months ago
667 Raining Undead10 months ago
649 Do Something10 months ago
634 Traitor10 months ago
629 Time Is Shor10 months ago
624 A Test Run10 months ago
620 49 Stars10 months ago
618 Same As A Team10 months ago
614 The Dead Stree10 months ago
612 A Clean Kill10 months ago
604 Victory10 months ago
600 Revenge Truth10 months ago
589 38 Stars10 months ago
582 Living Dead10 months ago
580 Forced To Join10 months ago
579 Senior Hunter10 months ago
572 Nice Fronting10 months ago
570 Green Tea Man10 months ago
568 The Undead Kid10 months ago
565 Moving Away10 months ago
561 Mutated Undead10 months ago
559 Its Daytime10 months ago
558 The Dark Knigh10 months ago
551 Dead And Alive10 months ago
545 News Of Death10 months ago
542 Shameless Man10 months ago
540 Three Slaps10 months ago
533 That Bitch10 months ago
532 Impersonating10 months ago
514 Innate Talen10 months ago
513 Huang Ranking10 months ago
510 Not For Sale10 months ago
506 Mind Control10 months ago
480 Chen Yis Secre10 months ago
463 Dreadful River10 months ago
458 Dunhuang10 months ago
456 Flame Belle10 months ago
452 Avenged10 months ago
444 Solid Evidence10 months ago
443 A Sly Trick10 months ago
442 Provocation10 months ago
432 For Justice10 months ago
428 Incomplian10 months ago
426 Fight Back10 months ago
424 Big Demon King10 months ago
410 Overdid It10 months ago
404 Pure Hear10 months ago
385 The Aler10 months ago
382 Its Indeed Him10 months ago
380 Vermin Spotted10 months ago
367 The Chase10 months ago
365 Victims10 months ago
364 Plague10 months ago
358 A Vicious Plo10 months ago
357 Ecdysis10 months ago
356 Totem Beas10 months ago
354 Tangyues Secre10 months ago
350 The Best Ride10 months ago
345 Natural Enemy10 months ago
338 A Perfect Plan10 months ago
331 Hes A Soldier10 months ago
330 A Set Up10 months ago
327 Soul Breakdown10 months ago
325 Go To Hell10 months ago
320 Spit It Out10 months ago
313 Blood Sarira10 months ago
302 Killem All10 months ago
298 Poisonous Rain10 months ago
292 A Beastly Ac10 months ago
280 Its D For Sure10 months ago
277 Charge10 months ago
Chapter 2593 years ago
Chapter 2583 years ago
Chapter 2573 years ago
Chapter 2563 years ago
Chapter 2553 years ago
Chapter 2543 years ago
Chapter 2533 years ago
Chapter 2523 years ago
Chapter 2513 years ago
Chapter 2503 years ago
Chapter 2493 years ago
Chapter 2483 years ago
Chapter 2473 years ago
Chapter 2463 years ago
Chapter 2453 years ago
Chapter 2443 years ago
Chapter 2433 years ago
Chapter 2423 years ago
Chapter 2413 years ago
Chapter 2403 years ago
Chapter 2393 years ago
Chapter 2383 years ago
Chapter 2373 years ago
Chapter 2363 years ago
Chapter 2353 years ago
Chapter 2343 years ago
Chapter 2333 years ago
Chapter 2323 years ago
Chapter 2313 years ago
Chapter 2303 years ago
Chapter 2293 years ago
Chapter 2283 years ago
Chapter 2273 years ago
Chapter 2263 years ago
Chapter 2253 years ago
Chapter 2243 years ago
Chapter 2233 years ago
Chapter 2223 years ago
Chapter 2213 years ago
Chapter 2203 years ago
Chapter 2193 years ago
Chapter 2183 years ago
Chapter 2173 years ago
Chapter 2163 years ago
Chapter 2153 years ago
Chapter 2143 years ago
Chapter 2133 years ago
Chapter 2123 years ago
Chapter 2113 years ago
Chapter 2103 years ago
Chapter 2093 years ago
Chapter 2083 years ago
Chapter 2073 years ago
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