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Young Brother In Law Is Now My Husband summary:

Jiang YuYan was 20 yrs old when she got married to her love Lu Qiang, the heir to one of the powerful business family in the capital. In an unfortunate accident she lost her husband just after 3 months of their marriage. She alone had a responsibility to protect her family and their business from the people who wanted to harm them. Under some crucial circumstances she had to take a decision to ma...

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Young Brother In Law Is Now My Husband Chapters

Time uploaded
958 His Care..2 years ago
951 Stay Here2 years ago
950 His Worry..2 years ago
923 Dont Go..2 years ago
915 Good Bye..2 years ago
898 Happy Day..2 years ago
897 Idiots..2 years ago
887 Shocked..2 years ago
872 Back Home..2 years ago
862 Nobody..2 years ago
860 Knights..2 years ago
859 Reunion..2 years ago
844 Memories..2 years ago
834 Friends.2 years ago
832 Surprised.2 years ago
831 His Love..2 years ago
829 Request.2 years ago
819 His Anger..2 years ago
794 Nobody..2 years ago
793 His Will..2 years ago
774 Warning..2 years ago
763 Cruel Boss.2 years ago
756 A Threat..2 years ago
733 The Truth..2 years ago
731 Cold War..2 years ago
696 Butchers..2 years ago
683 Planning..2 years ago
680 Warning..2 years ago
646 Sad Fate..2 years ago
639 True Face..2 years ago
633 Marry Me..2 years ago
630 Dont Go..2 years ago
599 Hollow..2 years ago
597 Baby?2 years ago
595 Sad News..2 years ago
593 Good Bye..2 years ago
590 Tampered..2 years ago
589 The Start..2 years ago
555 Regrets..2 years ago
553 The Sin..2 years ago
544 Reward..2 years ago
540 Pressure..2 years ago
538 Strange Man2 years ago
523 A Promice..2 years ago
500 Times Up..2 years ago
485 Take Me..2 years ago
480 Mine..2 years ago
476 I Want It..2 years ago
431 A Reason..2 years ago
427 Surprise..2 years ago
425 Approval..2 years ago
424 Emotional..2 years ago
409 Lewd Man..2 years ago
394 Poor Kid..2 years ago
382 Sexy Legs..2 years ago
368 My Bad..2 years ago
273 Her Wish..2 years ago
250 Memories..2 years ago
249 Mini Trip..2 years ago
243 Teasing..2 years ago
204 Kiss.2 years ago
203 Shocked..2 years ago
202 Regret..2 years ago
201 The Truth..2 years ago
198 Waiting..2 years ago
197 Missing..2 years ago
196 Trust..2 years ago
192 Jealous.2 years ago
185 Knight..2 years ago
184 Sleep2 years ago
172 Argument..2 years ago
163 Suffering..2 years ago
157 In Pain..2 years ago
134 Rivals2 years ago
98 Our House2 years ago
96 A Nightmare2 years ago
83 What The Fk2 years ago
71 I Hurt Her..2 years ago
36 Sacrifices2 years ago
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