Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1540

Chapter 1534: A Powerful Enemy Arranged For The Black

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Chapter 1534

But now that one person can win 63 games in a row through battle, it is by no means as simple as luck.

But the girl was still a little unconvinced in her heart.

"Grandpa, maybe this man is a king-level powerhouse. He hasn't played the ladder before, and climbed all the way up from the ladder?"

Hearing this, the old man sighed.

He shook his head and said.

"Qing'er, you have a disobedient temper, and you don't know how long it will take for you to change it."

"You are not suitable for being a shining envoy with a temperament like you."

"If two years later, you still can't recognize the excellence of others, you should not fight for glory."

"Just fight for the position of the Knights of Radiance."

As he spoke, the old man's tone became serious.

The girl murmured a little aggrieved after hearing it.

"I bet he must be over thirty years old!"

The old man heard the words and said.

"He should be one year younger than you."

The old man had seen Lin Yuan with his own eyes at the night meeting.

There is only one person Xuan Yue has personally encrypted on the star network at the moment.

You don't have to think about knowing that this person is a disciple after the month.

It seems that the disciple after the month likes to wear the vest!

Still in the black, the disciple of the crown, the lord of the sky city, seamlessly switch between these three vests.

In this regard, the old man didn't think there was anything wrong, but rather appreciated it.

Think about it when I was young, I also had several vests.

When the girl heard the old man's words, her eyes sank and she stopped speaking.

After a while, he said.

"Grandpa, I'm going to train."

Seeing the girl's back, the old man sighed again.

Qing'er, when will you realize that strength is not everything for Hui Yao Envoy!

Xuanyue, as one of the components of the star network, only needs Lin Yuan to be on the star network.

He has been secretly following Lin Yuan's news.

Therefore, Xuan Yue can be said to be the first to witness Lin Yuan's achievements.

Xuan Yue was very proud of Lin Yuan.

Xuan Yue could imagine how happy it would be to know the news after the adults leave the customs after the month.

Seeing the secret letter sent by the Starnet staff, I asked myself how to match the opponent for the black.

Xuan Yue snorted softly.

The letter was sent back without reply.

What does this star network manager Wang Zhong mean?

Is it possible that the seat will still open the back door to the little majesty?

In the entire Huiyue Palace, he never said that he opened the back door.

After Wang Zhong received Xuan Yue's reply, he knew that the adult meant to let himself arrange it at will.

Although Wang Zhong felt a little nervous, the adult did not express his stance.

For the excitement of the duel, I can only say sorry to Hei.

If this kind of open duel is not sure how to match the opponent.

In order to ensure the excitement, it is natural that the stronger the matching opponent, the better.

The stronger the opponent, the more intense the battle.

Black has made history and refreshed the ladder winning streak.

To win is to break a record again.

From Wang Zhong's point of view, he broke records one after another, which brought excitement to the audience.

Far less than the black losing the Starlight Arena, the excitement to the audience is greater.

Wang Zhong spoke to the subordinates beside him.

"Go and find the hall-level goalkeepers on the 100th floor of the ladder. I will pick them out for myself."

The staff underneath heard this and scratched his head and said.

"Brother Wang, there are a lot of palace-level goalkeepers on the 100th floor of the ladder."

"I found it out for you, and you don't think you can finish the sieve without a day!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Zhong rolled his eyes and said.

"Then find the goalkeeper who possesses a diamond rank tenth, fantasy five-changeable creature, and guards more than ten games!"

The staff below heard the words and glanced at each other.

Knowing that Brother Wang wanted to do everything possible to find a strong opponent for Hei.

It seems that Hei probably has no way to create a miracle again and enter the palace level.

However, this arrangement of Brother Wang can guarantee the absolute excitement of the duel.

He can also show as much of his hole cards as possible, and see to what extent Hei's true strength is.

The process of Hei gradually revealing his strength will undoubtedly dazzle the audience watching the duel.

Finally, after some searching, Wang Zhong's eyes fell on a piece of information.

"Lu Shuang, have you defended more than 20 players on the 100th floor of the ladder?"

As a ladder goalkeeper of this level, Lu Shuang has long been able to obtain the title of palace level.

I have never taken the title of the hall-level, in order to prevent others from advancing to the hall-level.

Also in order to be able to make more program effects during the live broadcast.

Lu Shuang was able to stir up the hall-level situation on the 100th floor of the ladder.

Lu Shuang, who has this ability, is already considered to be the most powerful group of anchors on the Star Network.

Those who have obtained the title of palace level can get a lot of star net salary every month.

To play, all of them are played in exhibition matches of the same level.

As the anchor Lu Shuang, he should be willing to catch a wave of black heat.

The popularity of his live broadcast room has skyrocketed.

More importantly, Lu Shuang is a spiritual aura professional.

The spirits of the contract are good at mental attacks.

Among the two spiritual creatures, one is good at mind control and the other is good at hypnosis.

Spiritual objects have good restraint effects for elemental-derived creatures.

Originally, Hei was a healing reiki professional.

By convention, opponents who are promoted to the palace level should also arrange for a healer Reiki professional.

But Wang Zhong couldn't manage that much.

This black, where does it look like a healing reiki professional?

It's more ferocious than combat aura professionals!

The black meat of the hob finally agreed to an exhibition match.

If you don't stroke some wool, I'm so sorry to the broad masses of star network.

After making the decision, Wang Zhong personally pushed a news about Starnet to all Starnet netizens.

V Star Network: [At eight o'clock in the evening, the Starlight Arena will usher in an open duel between Hei and Lu Shuang. If Hei defeats Lu Shuang, He will directly win the title of palace-level on the 80th floor.

The push of the official news of the star network directly caused the star network to burst.

Give birth to a bit of posture for the finals of the S game.

Lu Shuang is also a celebrity on Star.com. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com is not even less famous than Hei.

During the live broadcast, Lu Shuang created a set of cool words that were sharp and venomous.

No less a team player mentality.

More importantly, Lu Shuang is known as a palace-level door god.

Even for some palace-level selections, they might not be able to beat Lu Shuang with their hands.

What does Starnet official think?

Arranged such an opponent for Hei?

If someone else is arranged by Starnet to face off against Lu Shuang, the fans are afraid that they will explode long ago.

Ke Hei was arranged to have a ladder showdown with Lu Shuang, but the happiest group of fans was the number of black fans.

Moonlight: Thank you Xingwang official, Xingwang official finally did some personnel work! Our black fans will remember you! Starnet official bull coin!

(End of this chapter)

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