Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1541

Chapter 1535: Fast Beat Black 1 Meal

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Chapter 1535: Hurry! Beat the black!

Shengyiquan: When encountering Lu Shuang, Hei will eventually expose all his spiritual things! I really want to know what other spirits are there in Black!

A melancholic **** flower: I dont know why, as a fan of Hei, I feel excited when I see He is about to be beaten!

Fy: Don't say anything! I'm going to grab tickets for the Star Net Arena!

Huaxin Little Carrot: Those of you who are busy sending messages still want to grab tickets? I went to grab the tickets as soon as I saw the Xingwang push. As a result, the tickets for Starlight Arena were sold out!

Immediately afterwards, the star network cried for a while.

Because more people have discovered the fact that the tickets have been sold out.

To purchase a ticket to the Starlight Arena, each Starnet account can only purchase one.

There is no hoarding of scalper tickets in reality.

Therefore, unless an individual transfer is found, there is no way to get another ticket.

The original ticket to the Starlight Arena of 5,000 federal coins was instantly fired.

Many local tyrants offered fifty shining coins, a premium of 100 times, and wanted to request a ticket to the Starlight Arena.

The people who snatched tickets to the Star Net Arena are not only rich people.

A large number of people need to run for a living.

These people are very willing to sell their tickets to the Starlight Arena bought for 5000 federal coins in exchange for fifty splendid coins in cash.

For ordinary families, fifty radiant coins are enough to make a small business prosperously.

Lin Yuan, who was reading a book, had almost time to read, so he logged on to Starnet.

The last time Lin Yuan visited the Starlight Arena was the first time Lin Yuan landed on the Star Net.

At that time, Lin Yuan was a bystander.

Watch the showdown between the members of the Huiyao Hundred Sons sequence, the white demon Daisy and Anna Shiranui.

At that time, Lin Yuan thought that maybe one day he would also be on the Starlight Arena under the eyes of the public.

After only more than nine months, Lin Yuan had already done it.

The time has entered a countdown.

At the moment when the countdown time returned to zero, Lin Yuan appeared in the center of the Starlight Arena.

There was cheers and noise all around.

The Starlight Arena can hold 1.5 million people at the same time.

It's hard for people not to boil with enthusiasm.

black! Take off the mask! If you are handsome, I am willing to give you a monkey!

[I'm willing to be black and handsome! If you burst out your phone number now, at least half of the girls present will add your friends!

[Lu Shuang, quickly use your strongest strength and force Hei to summon all the spirit objects, and then beat him!

[Lu Shuang, you scream at your opponent as usual! At that time, I will go to your live room to give a gift! If you can cry the black spray! I am all yours!

[Hurry up! I want to see the black summon a spiritual thing!

Lin Yuan, who promised StarNet to conduct a public duel, didn't know what thoughts were born on StarNet's side.

Hearing the shouts of the surroundings, Lin Yuan could roughly know.

The opponent I matched is very strong.

When he exposed the diamond-level tenth-level fantasy five-change source sand.

The audience still felt that the female Reiki professional named Lu Shuang who was facing him could beat himself up.

It shows that Lu Shuang has at least a diamond-level tenth-level fantasy and five-change spiritual creature.

As for whether it is possible for Lu Shuang to possess a mythical creature, Lin Yuan didn't even think about it.

If Lu Shuang really possesses a mythical creature.

It is impossible for Starnet to arrange it for itself.

If you really arrange it for yourself, it is tantamount to a public accident.

Lu Shuang was originally live broadcast, but also paid attention to the black refreshing the ladder winning streak.

Lu Shuang envied those anchors who matched the black.

Those anchors who can't compare with themselves at all, because they match up to the black.

The heat of the live broadcast room is almost catching up with itself.

Lu Shuang was quite envious of this.

If I was live streaming in the early years, I could also encounter such an opportunity.

Then the money earned by relying on live broadcast is enough to raise one's own strength.

At the very least, it is not difficult to promote the spiritual creatures to the mythological species.

It is a good choice to become an imperial powerhouse and join a potential veteran top power or top power.

It's better than live streaming on the star network.

However, under the circumstances, the now-famous self has the opportunity to detonate traffic.

Lu Shuang regarded this duel between Chang and Hei as a turning point in his life.

Black has just won 65 games in a row on the ladder, making history.

If he defeated Hei by himself, he would have defeated a creator of history.

This will undoubtedly make one's own worth skyrocket.

At that time, some forces will come to the door and invite themselves to join.

After joining the forces, on the one hand, rely on the resources of the forces to enhance their strength.

While saving money on Star Network, relying on the live broadcast of ending the dark.

Not only can you leave a name for yourself, but you can't even see one's own spiritual body in a human form in one's lifetime.

Even touched towards the emperor level.

Since his own spirit creatures are all spiritual creatures, they are very special.

Spiritual warfare often consists of pervasive mental attacks.

Therefore, he can fully exert his strongest strength from the beginning, making the illusion that he will kill the black in a flash.

If you hit the black second.

His reputation on the star network is undoubtedly higher than simply defeating the black.

Lu Shuang, who had made up his mind, waved his hand and summoned his three spirit creatures.

Two identical long white snakes entrenched on both sides of Lu Shuang.

The scales of each big snake are like hooks that grow outwards, looking extremely hideous and terrifying.

The scales on the snake's head were completely exploded, and the shaking scales made the sound of brushing.

The red snake's letter spit out its lips, and the dark red snake's eyes shone with evil purple light.

The snake's tail slapped the ground, swaying out ripples.

However, these ripples are not wind pressure, but physical spiritual power.

In the center of the two big snakes is a dark silver giraffe about twenty meters high.

The weird thing is that this giraffe has a pair of rhino horns on its head. UU reading www.uukANAnshu.com

The towering rhino horns are like a signal tower, spilling a steady stream of mental power outwards.

The spurted mental power turned into raindrops, condensed into an all-pervasive defensive force field.

The rain drops on the ground, turning into spiritual ripples.

It was recovered by the rhino horn on the head again, and the cycle went back and forth.

Under the flow of mental power, the aura of the two white phosphorus snakes climbed up a bit.

Obviously, this rain of mental power sprayed by rhino horns has a strong amplifying effect on mental power.

From the very beginning, Lu Shuang put out all his hole cards.

Audiences who are familiar with Lu Shuang can't help but be surprised.

[That's not right! Shuangzi used to summon only one witch snake in the previous battle, and only when he encountered a strong enemy, would he summon all the two witch snakes. How come even the Jingjue Rhinoceros is also summoned now?

(End of this chapter)

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