Dimensional God: The Void Ring Chapter 1688

: After This Testimony Come In And Sit Down

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When knocking down the three words of "Big Finale", Xia Tian's mind was quite complicated, relieved and reluctant, and all kinds of emotions were unclear for a while.

This book has been written for two years. In fact, the first hundreds of thousands of words were written in 13 years, but the wife gave birth halfway through, and got a baby girl in the summer. This book was shelved for more than a year, and picked up again in 15 years. A brother told me that the beginning was too outdated, and here in summer I will answer you seriously ... that's right.

This summer book, I dare not say how good it is to write, but at least I have something to be proud of. First, I have never changed it. This is really difficult.

At the time when Xiaoao was written, the brother who had the highest fan value at the time proposed not to like the plot.

The first time I wrote something in summer, I was naturally frightened, and I directly deleted all the manuscripts and wrote it again. I went to write it. Those two days had high blood pressure and two packs of cigarettes a day. At that time, there was a writer brother who died suddenly. Fear, just quit smoking, which is a benefit.

That was the first time the manuscript was emptied, and the second time it was even more unlucky. I did nt know how to get the ransomware. I was uncle. The grandson blackmailed me four bitcoins in English. .

What kind of temper is summer? Do you care about the money? I just formatted it myself and coughed ... mainly to check it. At that time, there were more than 4,000 bitcoins, not as much as now, but it was not affordable at the time.

After these two times, the summer code was a bit weak. During the 17th Spring Festival, I thank the emperor's sister and the ccloyi brothers for each reward of seven thousand changes, so that summer is also trying to repay the debt during the Spring Festival.

After the Spring Festival time and physical strength are not enough. What everyone sees is that they change two times a day, and occasionally pay off debts. Until the last day of today, the summer is more than 16,000 words in one breath, which is regarded as an explosion.

In addition to these things, I also experienced a fever of 38 degrees and also boiled in front of the computer for six hours in the summer. I also experienced the collapse of my stomach and the shaking of my whole body, when I was still coding.

There are many things such as father's hospitalization and daughter's hospitalization, but these have persisted.

Until the end of today, summer can finally proudly say that I have never broken it!

The second thing to be proud of in summer, I do nt know if you have noticed that summer has never asked for a reward, and monthly tickets are rarely asked. I said a word before, and there are two supporting scenes.

Because I wrote the book for the first time, I also knew that there would be many shortcomings and shortcomings in both writing and plot, so I did nt ask for this in the summer.

Of course, what makes summer proud is not not to ask for rewards, but there are so many brothers who reward for it, and even with three gurus and two allies, this is what I am touched and proud of. The place.

Having said so much, even though I was reluctant, it was late at night, and it was time to go to sleep in summer. It was the last time for thanks.

First of all, thank Niang Niang, thank you for this platform, let us coders can publish books,

Secondly, thank you for my editor Expedition. Although he may not be as old as I am, I really want to say: "There are not many people talking badly, and I will enlist brothers in society."

We haven't had much communication between the two. Except for greetings during the holidays, communication is a problem in the works, but Brother Zheng really takes care of me as a small author. Thank you.

Finally, I would like to thank my dear readers brothers. First of all, let s talk about the situation in the summer. At the end of 13 years, my wife gave birth to a daughter with a high-risk pregnancy. I got a pulmonary embolism after birth. I was admitted to ICU without leaving the hospital. Having said that, that year was really poor.

When the wife was discharged from the hospital, she had to drink milk powder. She had been poor for more than a year, until she got the first payment, saying that there was an urge to cry, but all these things passed.

What I want to say in the summer is that it is precisely because of the income from writing a book that eases the financial difficulties of the family, so that the sick wife can feel relieved at home, the baby girl can eat milk powder, and the hospital can pay for the hospitalization. Let summer buy a gift when parents celebrate their birthday.

Thanks to your brothers for your help in all of this. It is your subscription that can overcome these difficulties in the summer and write this book to today. Thank you for everything.

The names are not mentioned one by one. From the beginning to the end, summer has all of them in mind. I remember them. Thank you all, thank you parents for food and clothing, and thank you again in summer.

By the way, there is still an idea for the new book. It still travels in time and space. However, some cumulative fatigue in summer needs to be empty for a week, then rest for one month, and save some manuscripts. It is estimated that the new book will meet you in a few months. Later.

Then this is the case. In the end, in the summer, I wish my brothers happiness and always happiness.

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