I’ll Add Points To All Things Chapter 575

Chapter 576 Traitors

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Su Yangs plan was simple, but it was a little difficult when it came to the actual execution.

After all, saplings were not power banks that could be bought on Taobao. Even if he had actually bought it, Su Yang felt that there were not many courier services that could deliver 100,000 saplings right to his doorstep.

Therefore, Su Yang had to personally contact the wholesale company that sold the saplings.

However, he did not know anyone at all!

Should I contact Young Master Ying? Wouldnt that just be a waste of his talents?

Tang Jing? Tang Jing is a venture capitalist. How could she possibly know about a wholesale company for the saplings?

Chu Xia? Even more useless. Her family owns a coffee shop

I really do need a person who can help me handle my trivial matters.

In the past, Wang Dong was the one who helped him with most of these matters. Now that Wang Dong has resigned, Su Yang was finding it a little hard to get used to it.

However, when Wang Dong resigned while the company was in its most difficult moments, Su Yan thought that there were no longer any residual feelings worth keeping anymore. Hence, he gave Pan Zhaodi a call and got his secretary to handle the matters.

Poor Pan Zhaodi. She had always been very conscientious. She was Su Yangs secretary, chauffeur, bodyguard and nanny. But now She actually has to go out and buy saplings?

However, it was in Pan Zhaodis character to endure silently. Even though Su Yangs request was unreasonable, she still agreed to get it done without any complaints.

At the same time, when Su Yang thought of Wang Dong, Wang Dong was also thinking of Su Yang.

Half a month ago, Wang Dong discovered that Su Yang had indeed been targeted by someone and the company was on the verge of collapse. During that period of time, there happened to be someone who had offered a high price to poach him. Therefore, after thinking for about three to four days, Wang Dong chose to resign.

In the end, on the day he left his job, Shanghai made an announcement to explain Su Yangs actions.

This was like a slap to his face, teaching him a lesson for being short-sighted and letting go of something great.

When the news was released, Wang Dong and a few other employees who had resigned felt a little regretful. They felt that if they had known earlier, they would have waited a little longer. If they did so, perhaps they could live to see the sunrise in another two days.

In the end, they decided to leave when the company was at its lowest point, making them look like people who had betrayed their faith.

However, this kind of emotion only lasted for a moment. After all, they were supposed to be jumping higher and higher in rank. Also, the new companys position and remuneration would be doubled. Therefore, it would have been better for them to leave than to stay at Jiadian E-Commerce Company.

Therefore, after feeling sentimental for a while, they gradually let it go.

After entering the new company, the few poaching companies kept their promise and gave these people a higher position. They even offered double or triple their original salary.

Everything was supposed to be perfect. They would receive a promotion, a raise, all the joys the world had to offer.

In the end, this kind of life ended within a few days, because Feng Yonghui confessed to his crime on live television

While Feng Yonghui was live-streaming his confession that day, Wang Dong and the others were still gossiping in a small group, [Resignation Team], talking about the issues of the downfall of the relevant departments. They had been chatting very happily.

Wang Dong was the most excited one. As he chatted in the group, he even shared screenshots or videos online out of boredom, letting more people see them.

It was only common for people to want to join in the crowd and watch the commotion with no regard to the severity of the matter

In the end, a few days later, when Wang Dong was working at the new company, the police arrived at the company and took him away.

At that time, Wang Dong was really scared out of his wits. He even thought that when he forwarded these contents, he was caught by the police on the internet In the end, after the police officer explained, he found out that he was actually there to assist in the investigation.

This was because Wang Dong was the joint CEO of this company and belonged to the companys executives, the big boss, the major shareholder and the chairman of the company had already been arrested and was being investigated because they were related to the Fengs.

At that time, Wang Dong was stupefied and completely unaware about what was happening.

My new company is connected to the Fengs?

What connections could there be? Its definitely something unspeakable.

Then why did I go around posting about Feng Yonghuis matter so excitedly a few days ago? Wasnt I being a r*tard for blowing up the matter even further?!

However, now that everything has been done and the police have already come looking for me, the only thing I can do now is to tell them everything I know.

After all, Ive only just joined this new company not too long ago, so I dont know that much and wont be of much value. True enough, after the officers were done with their investigation, they released Wang Dong.

When he returned home, Wang Dong hurriedly contacted the people from the [Resignation Team]. In the end, he discovered that most of them had actually been invited to assist with the investigation. It was also because their companies were related to the Fengs.

A few of the people who had not been invited to assist with the investigation also had investigators visiting their companies. During that time, they took away a few executives with them.

At such a time, they would be fools if they did not realize that something was wrong!

All of us have been poached by companies that are related to the Fengs! This means that Su Yang was right. This was all a plot by the Fengs!

This was a conspiracy!

If it were the Fengs in the past, perhaps Wang Dong and those other people would still feel that they were riding on a tall wave. But now that the Fengs had fallen, countless people in the country wished that they could sever ties with them. Who would actually be willing to be affiliated with them whatsoever?!

This is a complete sh*t hole, one that would cause anyone who entered to be filthy no matter what.

Moreover, from the looks of it, these few companies have close ties with the Fengs. If thats the case, wouldnt we be unlucky as well?

As expected, three of the companies were shut down and the remaining two were on the verge of collapse. People were panicking and there were also rumors that some of their funds had been frozen.

Therefore, the few people who were in the [Resignation Team] really became a team of resigned people, they gradually lost their jobs again

What was worse was that they had not even finished their month at the new company. Hence, they had not even received their salaries, let alone a single cent from their double salary increase. They were being f*cked over completely.

At that moment, they started to miss the benefits of Jiadian E-Commerce Company and Su Yangs friendly and warm attitude

However, a good horse doesnt come back to the same pasture. They had left when the company was at its lowest point. Now that the company had survived the crisis, would they still even be humans if they returned again?!

Therefore, they had no choice but to start looking for new jobs.

Initially, they thought that they were all senior executives of the company and the two companies they worked for before and after had a certain reputation, so it should not be difficult for them to find a new job. However, they did not expect that they would be rejected everywhere they went.

On one hand, the higher the position, the fewer job opportunities there were. Each company had its own employees and there were very few vacancies. On the other hand, they were highly-paid employees with little skills in the first place.

These people who had resigned were not very capable. When they were working at "Junqing Company", all their business had been successfully conducted because of Jiang Yan. They did not need to do anything at all.

By the time they arrived at Jiadian, Su Yang had already taken care of all the companies they worked with and provided them with shelter. All they had to do was maintain the technology regularly.

Therefore, they did not have much ability to begin with.

This was the reason why these people had lost their stable jobs after they resigned. They were people who had car loans, property loans and families. However, now that they had been dealt with such a blow, these traitors began to be clouded with depression that continuously expanded.

On the other hand, Su Yang was unaware about how badly these people were doing.

However, even if he did know, he would probably clap his hands and say, "Serves you right for leaving the company at its lowest moments!"

Even though he had not reached the point where he would seek revenge for the smallest grievance, he could not give his blessings to such traitors. He was already being magnanimous by not taking the initiative to seek revenge.

After all, how could one repay kindness with kindness?

Su Yang would rather give his blessings to his current employees, for example Pan Zhaodi.

Su Yang felt that Pan Zhaodis service was so good that he felt comfortable.

He did not need to think about anything and he did not need to worry about anything. She had fulfilled the roles of bodyguard, secretary, driver and nanny.

So, Su Yang had already increased her salary three times.

She had gone from 6,000 yuan a month to 20,000 yuan a month, her salary had increased by more than three times her original salary.

Even though her salary was not low, Su Yang felt that it was worth it. He was only paying 20,000 yuan for one person to take on four jobs! It was definitely cheap!

On the other hand, Pan Zhaodi lived up to this price as well. In just two days, she contacted a wholesale sapling factory in another city who said that they could provide a batch of saplings. The price had also been negotiated and even when the transportation fee was included together, it was still cheaper than buying them locally in Shanghai. All she needed left was for Su Yang to sign the contract.

The only problem was that there might not be that many saplings, there were only 80,000 of them at that moment.

80,000 trees is fine. Ill just have Gru replicate the remaining 20,000 trees.

Su Yang asked about the origin city of this sapling wholesaler and found that it was in Suzhou, a place that was covered in rain and was very close to Shanghai. It was just that it was not close to Baoshan District.

How did Pan Zhaodi actually manage to contact this sapling wholesaler?

Could she really have found it on Taobao?

During the weekend, Su Yang and Pan Zhaodi drove to Suzhou and chatted with the boss of the wholesale company.

The bosss surname was Guo, a middle-aged man who seemed quite honest.

After the two of them chatted for a while, Su Yang checked the saplings. After confirming that there was nothing wrong with it, he paid the deposit and asked the boss to transport the saplings to Shanghai.

Actually, he also wanted to hide the saplings directly in the virtual space while he was in Suzhou, but He did not have a space to put it. These saplings cant just disappear the moment I make a move.

As for my own territory in Shanghai, since these things are already covered with canvas and no one else knows what it is. I could just say that theyre building materials.

In any case, Ive got to prepare to enlighten Lady Building and build up my headquarters.

After signing the contract and paying the deposit, Su Yang and Pan Zhaodi ran back to Shanghai and waited.

Soon, the truck carrying the saplings reached Shanghai within two days.

Together with the shipment was Boss Guo.

After instructing the workers to move the saplings into the plot of land that had already been surrounded and checking that there were no problems with the saplings, Su Yang paid the rest of the money to Boss Guo.

Boss Guo accepted the money with a smile. He was so happy that he could not close his mouth. Su Yang, who bought 80,000 saplings at once, was a big customer. His saplings wholesale factory was not considered to be big, so he had only met a very small number of such customers.

Then, Su Yang and Boss Guo chatted as they watched the workers move the saplings into the courtyard. "Brother Guo, since youve come all the way here. Allow me to treat you and your men for lunch with us, alright?"

When he heard what Su Yang said, an awkward expression appeared on Boss Guos face. He said in embarrassment, "Mr. Su, Brother Su, I would really like to take you up on your offer. But, unfortunately, I already have an appointment this afternoon."

Su Yang looked at Boss Guo in surprise. "I see youre not doing too bad. Youre actually so busy even during your trip to Shanghai"

Boss Guo knew that Su Yang was overthinking. He blushed and explained, "Its not what you think. Its my daughter. Shes studying in Shanghai, so I would like to visit her."

Su Yang was curious. "Which school is she in?"

Boss Guo was a little proud when he talked about his daughters school. "A local university in Shanghai, a school with 985."


Tsk, its nothing much. Its all because my English wasnt that good back then. If it were the current me, wouldnt Peking University and Tsinghua University be at my mercy?

Boss Guo did not know that Su Yang was complaining inside, so he added, "Shanghai University. Liberal Arts Faculty. My daughter is very interested in the Chinese language, so she enrolled in a liberal arts school."

Shanghai University? Liberal Arts Faculty Guo?

Su Yang was shocked. It cant be such a coincidence, could it?

He asked, "Would your daughter happen to be Guo Xiaoying?"

Su Yang was so shocked that he even spoke politely.

It was Boss Guos turn to be surprised. "Huh? Mr. Su, how did you know that?"

Su Yang was speechless.

At that moment, Su Yang felt that either the world was too small or Pan Zhaodi had found this tree seller through his own WeChat.

What a coincidence! I managed to even buy my trees from my own junior!

Even though it was a coincidence, Su Yang couldnt help but think of the 13 billion yuan project that Guo Xiaoying had.

I havent been able to make any progress with Guo Xiaoying. Would I be able to get a breakthrough through Boss Guo instead?

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