24 Hearts Chapter 134

Chapter 133

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Chapter 3-1. Black Tree Tribe

Isabels eyes grew just as wide as her smile. She held up two of her fingers.

Will you give me two?

Ill give you four.

Ill be grateful. Then, I look forward to it later. I hope we can remind you that Regens Black Tree tribe was a worthy place to visit as you traveled the world.

Isabel left with that remark. Tribesmen near her bowed to greet her.

After they helped and eventually ran out of things to do, the tribesmen sent Judah, Jeanne, and Arhil back to their lodge, where they prepared what he had promised for Chief Isabel. The celebration was to begin at sunset, so it was okay for them to rest.

Judah had been preparing tea for Arhil, who laid face down on the living room table, while Jeanne sat next to her with her eyes closed to meditate. Arhil was worn out, but Jeannes stamina helped her avoid being overly exhausted. When he served the tea made with herbs, she smelled the scent, and Arhil woke up. Holding the teacup with her hands, she sighed as she felt the warmth, and then exhaled.

Oh, this tea is really good.

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I mixed in medicinal herbs. It has a good scent and relieves fatigue. I also added a little honey.


Arhil gave Judah a thumbs up, and then she sipped her cup. The world was based on the game, so the effects of herbs and potions were swift. As she sipped her tea, she relaxed and began ranting her complaints about what had happened today.

I feel like I deserve a reward for helping. Im so tired.

I was supposed to cook. Did you learn a lot today?

He smiled as he looked at Jeanne and Arhil. Jeanne knew she wasnt good at cooking, so she helped around in building things instead.

When questioned, Arhils body stiffened as she flicked her hands.

Oh, I got praised and whatnot.

What for? What did you do?

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Okay, listen.

Arhil cried out. She told them about the moment she lifted a sword to help them prepare for the festival, but she ended up cutting her finger a few times and almost hurt a random person. Although she immediately healed her hand with her divine power, she ended up doing simple labor like grouping together chopped meat and vegetables on skewers.

Jeanne and Judah couldnt contain their laughter at her grim storytelling, but they had no choice but to hold back. Arhil glanced at them and saw Judah and Jeannes cheeks full of air, making her sigh in defeat.

Just laugh. I have nothing to say even if you tease me.

She said, and finding her cute, they ended up letting go of their laughter. She sipped her tea, and they began talking about their expectations for the festival until someone knocked on the door. At the sound of a polite knocking, Arhil stood up and walked to the front door.


The moment she opened the door, Arhil screamed and stumbled backward. People in elongated masks beckoned them. The three of them stood in bewilderment for a while before following them outside. The masked men brandished torches, and palanquins were placed in front of the house, three of them to be exact. As they carefully sat in the palanquins, the men lifted them.

Sitting in the palanquins anxiously, stallions moved in line with Judah, Jeanne, and Arhil.

In the middle of the tribe, they took them to the firewood stacked high up from the land near the river. Judah, Arhil, and Jeanne were given the best seats in advance. Making them feel at home, their food was prepared, steamed hot, and cold liquor waited on the table.

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Youre not saying anything. Are you scared?

This is their festival, so its best if we watched it quietly.

Judah replied in a whisper to Arhils question. Everyone was quiet, from those who wore masks, held the torches, and to those who carried food. There was no fuss even though more tribesmen were gathered in one place than expected. Even the children spoke not an utter. When everything began to settle down Boom! They heard the drumming sound as it reverberated through their bodies.

The festival began with that sound.

The campfire stretching up to the sky lit up to the sound of drumming, and soon, it burned violently. The flames lit up the dark surroundings at once, and even though they sat quite far away, they could feel the heat. Torchlights rose from all sides, shining light in every corner. Among the lights shining brightly like broad daylight, women in clothes made of leaves and flowers, presumed to be the Black Tree tribes traditional costumes, gathered in front of the firewood stacked like a tower in the center.

The traditional costumes and masks they wore were colorful and enchanting to gaze at. But was it enough to call it a costume?

Barely covering their bodies, it was ambiguous enough to be called underwear. Their skirt was short enough to reveal the folds between their hips and thighs, and their short tops barely hid their chests.

It was lewd.

And when they stopped in line, the music started. There were only percussion instruments, but they danced with the upbeat music heard to the sound of firewood and torches burning.

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The buttocks shook with each movement, showing their flesh.

He grew embarrassed at the possibility of the wind exposing the chest of the ladies. He thought about what to do if Jeanne and Arhil noticed it, but he forgot about his worry when the dance started.


His eyes widened as he watched them dance. The dance performed to the sound of percussion instruments was unique and beautiful. Of course, there were movements that felt lewd that his face turned red, but such movements were only a few. When the dance was over, Judah clapped. And the one who danced in the center walked up to Judah. Huh? Looking at her, someone handed a big bowl to the unnamed lady. Then, she poured liquor into it.

No way. Judahs thoughts began to ran.

She gave Judah the bowl full of liquor. As everyone was watched, Judah lowered his head for a moment and began to drink. As he moved his neck, he emptied the bowl, and a strong scent came up his throat. He saw the empty bowl above his head. They cheered loudly and watched from the side as Arhil, who had been silent until now, set off golden firecrackers in the sky using her divine power. Everyone clapped at the beautiful golden embroidery in the sky.

They sang unknown songs, danced, shared alcohol and food, and looked at the dancers who continued their dance. In a moment, the same lady with a mask sighed and then lifted her mask.

Really? You didnt notice. You dont even know its me.

He was shocked to find Isabel under the mask. She drank the bottle of wine in front of Judah, making her throat burn. Only after emptying the whole bottle of alcohol did she sit in front of Judah and smiled.

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How was my dance, Spirit?

It was beautiful.

It wasnt fascinating?

Judah hesitated at her question as if she expected the answer. Her words meant a lot of things. However, he soon nodded at Isabel, who moved her face even closer, and he was forced to admit to her words. Isabel laughed at Judahs cute expression.

Haha, you and your wives are so adorable! How are you two?

Jeanne and Arhil, of course, praised her beauty.

Come on! This festival is for you. Lets dance with everyone, eat food, sing, and let us all burn tonight. Together. Passionately, like that burning firewood! We have the light of the moon cascading upon us from the night sky!

Several bottles of alcohol were delivered to their side. She grabbed a bottle of wine in one hand and gave a bunch to Judah with the other hand.

In other words, they were to drink to their hearts content.

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Of course, there was a strange boundary and awkwardness between them and Isabel, so getting rid of this was her first priority.

Isabel played games to get acquainted with the awkward people in her tribe, suggesting a game of alcohol. Jeanne, Arhil, and Judah, who couldnt reject, of course, accepted, and soon they played a game they had never heard of.

Fortunately, Judah, who was familiar with drinking games in the original world, quickly adapted, but Jeanne and Arhil had to get the hang of it. In an instant, three or four bottles were empty.

Several tribesmen also participated, saying that it would be fun, and as a penalty, they danced with them, sang songs, performed talent shows as the night grew deeper.

But as they played happily, Judah realized something.

The tribesmen who participated in the game with Chief Isabel were deliberately getting Jeanne and Arhil drunk. Even after the drinking game was over and they were intoxicated enough, they continued to pour alcohol every time their glasses were empty. Unsurprisingly, Jeanne and Arhil were thrashed as the moon rose higher into the night sky.

Come on, open your mouth. Ah-

As soon as he came to his senses, Isabel was next to him with her shoulders embracing him, keeping his body tightly, and opening her mouth. Judah was putting a small sandwich in her mouth.

How did this happen?

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Arhil and Jeanne were stretched out drunk while Isabel fed him, and in turn, Judah fed her. Perhaps because of the alcohol, the heat came as their bodies touched.

She bit the sandwich that Judah stretched out and puckering her lips. Savoring and swallowing the taste of the sandwich, she smiled and kissed Judahs cheek. Along with the sound of the chime, her soft touch remained on his cheek.

It was a situation where anyone could see that she was seducing him. Even though he was oblivious, he understood the situation. Seducing him with clothes that she barely wore, his body reacted to her as she kept touching him. He felt his entire body stiffen.

Judah turned his head to ask her to keep a bit of distance, but as he did, his mouth met hers.


Amazed at the texture of her soft lips, his eyes widened, and Isabel whispered.

Hey I hunted, slaughtered, cooked for you, and fed you like this, but why are you reacting like that? Cant you notice it? Are you insensitive or stupid? Or am I unattractive? Can you tell me?

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