24 Hearts Chapter 135

Chapter 134

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Chapter 3-1. Black Tree Tribe

Her long, reddish-brown hair curled up to her sides, and her drunken eyes drooped, giving an onlooker a soft impression of her. However, when he looked into her pupils, he could find the intensity hidden from deep within.

Answer me.

Judah stayed silent, and Isabel rushed him as she tilted his head. Despite living in the jungles harsh environment, she had beautiful, flawless skin that wasted her potential for being here. Like liquor inside candy, she was a sweet smell that had managed to fight through the strong scent. Judah shut his mouth firmly as she smiled.

Why dont you answer me? Do you hate me? If you do, then so what?

At this, she laughed, her lips curving in the process. Her laughter was one that was full of temptation, and it felt like a snake crawling up his feet with the intention of tying him.

You have no choice, anyway.


The fact that I, as the chieftain, danced at the festival means that I finally have the heart to find a mate.

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A mate? In response to Judahs embarrassed expression, Isabels hand rushed to her breasts. When she grabbed his hand to lead him in doing the same, Judah flinched, feeling its warm and soft touch, but he couldnt dare to shake it off.

Finally, the chieftain!

Of course, even if he is no spirit, he has no choice. If he is the chiefs choice, then theres nothing he can do about it. If youre a spirit, you still cant say no, because the chief has chosen you.

The sound of secret glances and whispers crept into Judahs ears. In this situation, he tried to resist the temptation, but she proved to be successful in keeping his attention on her. Before him stood Isabel, a lady of great beauty. He was a man, and he couldnt help but respond to her temptations.

Judah didnt like her, nor had they ever had sex. But he already knew the taste of it, so his expectations had gone higher.

However, he was not used to having sex in public places. He remembered Serenia Castle and Gentias face along with it. They would be too exposed if they did it here.

He tried his best to resist the temptation. However, it was likely to collapse soon. Judah, who couldnt shake off Isabel, breathed the scent of her in as she continued caressing him, her desires growing in her heart.

Even if he tried to persevere, he could feel his heart pounding loudly. Judah acted upon the drunken temptation and finally accepted her.

The impatient Judah reached out his hand to Isabels thighs and back, lifted her up, and carried her elsewhere.

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One beat late, she pretended to be surprised. With her eyes widened, she seemed to clear up to the situation. Then her eyes squinted to a grin as if to understand it, waving her hand to the tribesmen seen trailing behind Judahs back.

He strengthened his legs with her magical power and quickly moved to the outskirts of the tribe beyond the reach of people.

Youre moving pretty fast? Im not even planning on running anywhere.

Isabel, who embraced her princess-like position in Judahs arms, remarked as she leisurely looked around their surroundings.

After tempting me like that, you shouldnt back out now.

Woohoo. Is that so? I finally found a man to be with for the first time. I have no intention of running away.

? First time?

Judah, trying to move as fast as he can, died on his tracks at her answer. He didnt think he had gotten it wrong. She blushed shyly in response, averting her eyes.

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Well, is there anything weird with that? There was no man that I liked, so its only natural to be a virgin until now.

She got off Judahs arms delicately. Stepping on the ground at his shocked reaction, she twirled her body round and round in a breeze and came back into Judahs arms.

I heard that outsiders are interested in virgin women. Thats what they said. Are you?

Judah was forced to laugh awkwardly at her words, pricking her in front of her chest. He wasnt really concerned about that, but The thought of it made him feel quite possessive, that he was this womans first man.

In response to Judahs reaction, Isabel kissed him. She didnt have to stand on her toes nor bow her head.

They were about the same height, and with a simple tilt of their heads, they kissed.

Their lips, which had been in contact a while ago, gently overlapped in pleasure. No sound could be heard. They had nothing to say to each other, as if simply feeling the texture of their lips and their body temperature. However, that simple kiss alone proved to be a satisfaction for Isabel.

This Its better than I thought.

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She thought about meeting another guy she liked if this time didnt work out, but when she tried to kiss him with the thought of spending the night together, her heart pounded. Isabel laughed at the tickling feeling that was different from what she experienced during battles.

Is this called love?

Even though she had no experience, she had heard and learned something about that. They said she could work on it some other time, and her mother, her former chieftain, and other experienced women taught her a lot. Thanks to this, she, who had a lot of knowledge, felt that it might be something like the love she thought of whenever her loneliness got to her.

Judahs tongue crossed over as they groaned, rubbing her lips.


A nasal sound escaped from her mouth without her knowledge. Surprised by the sound of her breath, she stepped away and covered her lips with her hand. She felt as her face burned red. Her drunkenness suddenly became a fever running through her body fiercely.

Are you shy?

No, I was just surprised because that was my first time.

She answered honestly rather embarrassingly as well. Judah came back to her and gently fitted their lips together. The light of the torches was almost crazy, but no one was watching around. Only the moonlight shone on them like protagonists on a stage.

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Isabel responded to Judahs kiss, returning her tongue this time. The difference between what she believed in doing and what she actually did was big, leading to a very poor kiss. But she had Judah, who had some experience, and little by little, he guided Isabel.


The nasal sound from her mouth still felt awkward. However, their entangled tongues taking and giving saliva made a lustful noise that was very irritating to her ears.

I want to have it.

Surprisingly, as they shared kisses, she began to want more and more of Judah. Black hair and black eyes she saw the tribe people who believed him to be a Spirit and only thought that having his child would help her lead the tribe.

Of course, afterward, she found him likable for helping her by intervening without fear in her fight with Quake. And as their friendship grew, she thought about wanting to own him more and more.

As the queen of this tribe with ownership for all that was in it

She wanted to have the stranger named Judah.

Hah Judah.

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Her lips broke off the kiss as she mumbled his name. The silver lines radiating from the moonlight ran between their lips. Isabel bowed her head and exhaled her breath, her hand on Judahs shoulder.

Huh Huh Hah!

The kiss wasnt that intense either. However, it was her attempt to calm down a little because it was difficult to control the desire that boiled in her body.

Had she ever felt her heart jump so intensely?

The strong alcohol and their encounter that she had never experienced before shook her body and mind.

She tried to use her magic power to ease her feelings. It was possible. Even if she found it difficult to bring back her cold judgment, it wasnt that hard to restore her reason.

However, she didnt want to do that. The feelings of this moment She honestly wanted to keep it for a long time.

And she wanted to express it.

No, I dont have to calm down.

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She spoke this to herself as she gasped and exhaled for a long time. She felt her mouth full of saliva, her multitude of thoughts drowning her common sense. Isabel lifted her head and looked around her. They were near the house built by the Baekje envoys that were given to Judah by the tribe. She grabbed Judahs hand and pulled it forcefully.


Judah stared dumbly and was quickly led by Isabel. The strong grip that grabbed his wrist slightly proved to be surprising. Feeling as if something had changed, Judah thumped and hit her back against the wall of the building.

Is this love or lust? Ive never experienced either, so its hard to find an answer. Do you know?

Wouldnt that be something to experience?

They communicated at each others will. Not only did Isabel find it irresistible. Judah did so too, so he reached out his hands and hugged her, clashing their mouth again. The warmth of her soft lips didnt get tired of feeling it several times.

He took her mouth full of the scent of liquor, but this wasnt bad, either. Her pink tongue awkwardly entangled with his, making them both hum, and Judahs hand grasped her skirt made of leaves and flowers. He could feel her hips fill up in his palm.

At that moment, everything was now forgotten in Judahs mind. As their bodies succumbed to their feelings of pure desire, he forgot Arhil and Jeanne. He forgot Kain, the one he saw as both his friend and rival. The pressure of his goals to collect the fragments. His resolution to return to the original word He forgot everything about himself and just focused on Isabel in front of his eyes.

Her fragrance, her desire, her body.

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It didnt matter if this was a deviant act. Now was the time to let go of everything.

He squeezed her ass with his palm. It was just a piece of flesh, but knowing that it was such a sensitive area made her feel something different.


The experience of another person rubbing her ass was, of course, unfamiliar, so her voice escaped through her lips. It was unexpected to see Isabels blushing face, clearly startled. Isabel and Judah made eye contact, laughed, and then continued to kiss each other in the moonlight.

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