365-Day Trial Marriage With Hunk: Wife’s A Little Wild Chapter 94

Chapter 94: As if born with a halo

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Qin Youxuan was taken aback, followed his line of sight and looked at the constantly changing graph on the phone screen.

Qin Youxuan is no longer familiar with business management, and can understand what the two lines above mean.

Qins stocks are in a weird trend, constantly falling, I'm afraid they will fall again, and when the market closes, they will fall to the bottom!

"How can it be so fast?" Qin Youxuan asked in surprise, staring at the man in front of him blankly.

is just a text message, how terrible is he?

"This is the problem you should be concerned about now?" Shan Hanjie raised his eyebrows, a faint light radiating from his coquettish eyes.

"I'll go to the company first!" Qin Youxuan regained consciousness, grabbed her bag and walked out the door.

walked to the door, paused, and turned around slowly, "Well, thank you!"

Then, before Shan Hanjie had time to recover, he opened the door and jumped out.


Closed the door of the president's office heavily, Qin Youxuan did not dare to look at the eyes of the surrounding people, and directly carried the bag into the elevator.

quickly went downstairs, then stopped a taxi and rushed to Qin's enterprise.

"President Qin, please respond to this incident? It is heard that Qin's enterprise involved in insurance and illegal manufacturing, which led to the temporary cancellation of the contract by Yongsheng Technology. Is it true?"

"It is reported that Yongsheng Technology is Qin's largest partner. Will the unilateral cancellation of the contract by Qin's quilt cause Qin's capital turnover problems?"

"Mr Qin, I heard that the person in charge is the illegitimate child you just returned to China. After such a big mistake, would you still let him stay in the company? Will other shareholders have objections?"


As soon as Qin Youxuan arrived at the office building of Qin's enterprise, he saw Qin Mo who was surrounded by reporters and Jin Chenye who had just walked out of the building.

As soon as he appeared, as the person in charge of this incident, the reporter felt like a drop of water splashed into a hot oil pan and exploded directly.

"The driver wait a minute, don't stop the watch, I will get off the bus later."

Qin Youxuan caught a glimpse of Jin Chenye, who had stepped out of the Qins enterprise, and was about to go to the trolley door. He turned to explain to the driver again, and then sat back in the car seat.

Across the road, looking at Jin Chenye, who was quickly surrounded by a group of reporters on the opposite street.

Qin Mo seemed to be surprised at his appearance, and kept his assistant away from the reporter, trying to protect him and leave first.

Jin Chenye didn't appreciate it. He just waved his hand, stood gracefully among a group of reporters, cleared his throat, "Please be quiet."

A simple sentence silenced all the reporters around him who were going to target him...

A silver-white suit made his handsome figure look extraordinarily straight, his handsome face slightly sideways, and he glanced casually at the impatient reporters around him.

As if he was born with a halo, he just stood there gently, the breath of the whole body made him shiver unconsciously, and then subconsciously respected him.

smiled slightly, with an irresistible gentleness and politeness.

Between gestures, it is the humility and politeness of the rich and powerful, not the contempt of illegitimate children.

"I know that everyone cares about the operation of Qins enterprise. As a listed company, Qin should also have a certain right to know the outside world. Todays events happened very suddenly. The specific situation has just ended the discussion meeting within the company. As for the result..."

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