999 Times Training System Chapter 682

Vol 2 Chapter 682: Really Ignorant

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Brothers Daniel and Niu looked at these guys who always invaded their village before.

"You are looking for death!"

The beard leader of the Killers Alliance had to admit that Ji You had such a skill, but Ji You had the skill, it does not mean that these stinky fish and shrimps also have such skill, let alone challenge them.

Accompanied by the whirring of horns, the two men and horses changed and killed together almost instantly.

Before the two of Daniel and Xiaoniu charged, Ji You suddenly called them and threw two pills of medicine for both of them.

Boom boom boom

With three loud noises, everyone looked in the direction of the loud noise.

It turned out that Daniel's profound strength had increased to the second level of the Human Profound Realm. Although Xiao Niu didn't have his elder brother, he immediately raised his level after taking Ji You's pill, but he also gained tremendous power.

Its only one step away from the second level of the Human Profound Realm. Although Ji You is only the third level of the Human Profound Realm, the power in him cannot be underestimated. There are actually five powers of inheritance, and the five powers of inheritance are separated Raised to the level of the third level of the Human Profound Realm, this was even more terrifying than a master of the sixth level of the Human Profound Realm.

Moreover, Ji You is still an alchemist, so the pill produced in his hand can't be underestimated.

At this time, Daniel only felt that he had supreme power in his body. He picked up the sledgehammer in front of him and shot it down. After a loud bang came, a person from the Massacre Alliance heard a sound. Screaming, no one dared to approach his left or right, but the Killers Alliance is known for being cruel after all, how can you stop your footsteps because of you, a small Alliance of Protectors.

A person who had been transformed by Xuan Tie all over his body pushed aside his companion in front of him.

"You dare to challenge us?"

The Xuan Tie man felt that he had been greatly insulted, he roared, and rushed forward three times. Although he was huge, he was still extremely flexible.

Daniel dodged to his side, first dodge his punch, and then quickly twisted his body, and then slammed his punch down, with a loud bang.

The Iron Man didn't dodge or dodge, he just turned around with his extremely dexterous posture, and then slammed out again.

There was no gleam of light in the collision of profound strength.

The Human Profound Realm itself was strong, and the burst of power directly destroyed the clothes on the two of them. Neither of them expected the strength of the other to be so strong.

They withdrew separately and looked at each other.

"Boy, you are looking for death!"

Xuan Tie Ren shouted anxiously.

"Yes, there are my family and friends here, how can I let you easily ruin it."

Daniel shouted confidently.

However, Xuan Tie Ren suddenly stopped being anxious, and instead looked at him with a playful look.

"Do you know that as long as people have concerns, they have weaknesses. The kid wants to fight me hard and doesn't look at who he is."

After the disdainful ridicule, he slapped his arm with a palm, and the whole arm flew out. Without the support of profound strength, the two profound strengths quickly lost their confrontation, and Daniel's body turned towards him. Flew over

Daniel could clearly see that Xuan Tie Ren took out another iron arm where he had broken his arm.

The situation on the Maverick's side is not much better than that of the Daniel. He is also a powerful profound practitioner, but the horrible scene just appeared, as if a man in a robe with a terrifying face appeared behind him.

When the calf turned and waved the treasure, the feminine man disappeared instantly.

The Mavericks looked around warily.

"Classic blood spear, the eighth-rank high-quality treasure, I really like it, otherwise you will give it to me, how about I forgive your sins."

This was the treasure that Dad had handed over to him before he died. How dare the Mavericks give up, their figures disappeared into the place in a flash, and the next moment, he appeared behind Mavericks.

"It seems that you are unwilling to hand in the treasure, so you have to kill you to take it back."

After yelling these words, he raised his hands and waved in the direction of the Mavericks with a heavy blow.

The calf subconsciously lifted the treasure in his hand to resist, but he didn't expect that the feminine man's treasure turned into nothingness and passed through the calf's treasure. The force of this blow was actually attacking the soul.

Unlike the opponents that these two brothers met, Gu Geluo met almost no one of his enemies. The treasures and pills that Ji You handed over to him made him feel a power after taking it. It broke out in his body.

Holding the 8-rank treasure of the Hurricane Longsword, even if the others were better than him in profound strength, their treasures broke when they confronted each other.

The bearded man sneered and waved his hand heavily. Suddenly hundreds of people rushed up in the direction of Gu Ge. As the saying goes, two fists are hard to beat four palms.

After more and more enemies joined the battle, the relaxed smile on his face suddenly disappeared, and at the same time he became panicked.

When the battle just started, Ji You directly attacked the bearded man, as the saying goes, catch the thief first and catch the king.

Under the bearded man's seat, there was a white tiger hanging from a jingle, a disdainful smile appeared in his eyes, and at the same time he slapped the profound beast under him, and instantly the bearded man jumped up and flew down in the direction of Ji You.

"Ding, the host used All Dust to Unite and gained experience value of 1*999"

The sand and rocks gathered around suddenly came and solidified together.

"Defense mysterious skills, really ignorant."

A disdainful smile appeared from the corner of his mouth, and with a loud noise, the man quickly twisted his body and landed on the ground.


Accompanied by a shout, the two people beside him directly killed Ji You in the direction of Ji You, but it was a pity that they were facing Ji You.

Ji You just stretched out his hand to make a sword finger and waved in the direction of the two.

Two earth dragons flew out of the mud wall, respectively entwining the two people in front of them. With Ji You's heavy handshake, the two people only felt that the bones of their whole body seemed to be torn apart.

The two flew away, looking fearfully in the direction of Ji You. The blow made them feel as if they were in the middle of a sea of fire.

Rolling to the ground, the beard leader just said a word of waste, and the profound beast under him bit their necks in one bite. The Massacre Alliance didn't need the wounded.

His body hit Ji You's earth wall heavily, and only one of his hands was seen breaking through Ji You's earth wall, but this action only made his hands completely trapped by the earth wall.

Diaojing Baihu abandoned the two corpses, flew in front of Ji You, turned into the force of two tornadoes, hit the earth wall, and the collar of the bearded leader fell not far away.

The beard leader sneered and said, "You are good at joining us."

Ji You wondered if there was a problem with his ears, and he heard such ridiculous words.

"Look at your companions, you have no chance of winning, wait for my companions to get away."

But he never expected that Ji You's face was still smiling

"Ding, the host used eighteen golden puppets and gained 1*999 experience."

Eighteen golden puppets flew out instantly, and two puppets flew in the direction of Daniel and Maverick respectively.

Xuan Tie Ren was using his broken arm to kill Daniel with his waist. Daniel was also frustrated at this time. If Ji You's full help, he must have already died under their hands.

Where was this fighter meeting? He couldn't help laughing when he thought of it. One of the eighteen golden puppets turned around and swung a heavy sword and hit the person.

The black iron man's broken arm was made of the purest black iron. Under this sword, it broke into two halves. Only a squeak was heard, and a mass of blood appeared from his neck.

Blood covered the ground in an instant.

The feminine man on the calfs side raised the crying treasure in his hand, and was about to hook out the calfs soul. His own profound power was originally aimed at attacking the soul, until his heart was dug out by the puppet. The face is still the same.


He fell heavily on the ground, vomiting blood from his mouth.

As for Gulg, it's much more crude.

After shouting, the eighteen golden puppets came to them and raised their hands.

The Xuanjian stab fell on the opponent.

Those in the Alliance of Murderers are not Gulg's opponents at all. With eighteen golden puppets, the two brothers, Daniel and Mavericks, and some people who were originally in the village joined the battle, the situation soon reversed. stand up.

Ji You and the people around him came to the spot one after another, and they looked at the beard leader in front of him with cold eyes.

The beard leader was still in the mud wall, and didn't know what to do for a while, Ji You waved his hand, as if a huge whirlpool appeared underground, and the beard leader was descending bit by bit towards the underground whirlpool, and soon sand Drowning his face, his head, directly drove him into the depths of hell.

"We have won!"

Accompanied by the yelling of an old man, the whole village was yelling, and the spies from various families outside the village also brought the news back to their owner. Almost all the forces had the same idea. If they want to retake it. The control of the village requires a lot of sacrifices, but in Hell Valley, human lives are worthless, but human lives are also very valuable. Once there are not enough people, they will only face death or annexation. No force is willing to accept this. the result of.

"Without the deity's order, you must not approach the Alliance of Protectors!"

The leaders of all forces commanded at the same time.

That night, when a huge banquet was held, Ji You restrained his profound strength and didn't use it to fight, so he got drunk.

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