999 Times Training System Chapter 756

Vol 2 Chapter 756: In the Secret Realm

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The words of jealousy were written in the eyes of Yanyu Ruan and Qingluan.

But they are helpless.

The next day, the great guardian stood in front of a boulder.

This was the mystery that was established for him before the ancient power fell. The mysterious light immediately shone on the boulder, and the boulder suddenly flew up into the sky.

He slowly raised his head.

Li Sijiao took the lead and stepped into the secret realm, and the remaining three quickly followed. Within this secret realm, Guang Hao was incomparable, but there was only a moment of inscription, standing not far away.

After seeing this scene, Ji You stepped forward.

The realm of Guangzongyuan's life and death, the tomb of parachutist Li Changming.

On the tombstone, there are records of this dynasty that has not yet been recorded in the four domains.

Seeing this scene, Guan You stepped forward, dripping the blood from his hand, and the inscription suddenly released a ray of light.

From the tomb, dozens of golden armored guards flew out.

The headed golden armored guard suddenly opened his eyes.

"Those who enter the secret realm are dead!"

Accompanied by a shout from the golden armored guards, those golden armored guards flashed suddenly and came to Ji You's body.

They raised their hands and lifted the giant axe in front of them.

The golden axe fell down suddenly.

That golden light was cut down at this moment, and countless golden lights fell suddenly.

There were three loud noises.

The people around flew out upside down.

Guan You appeared first, a spear appeared in his hand, and he began to dance. A wandering golden dragon was wandering in the air and fell directly.

The golden dragon roared and flew out. The two raised their hands at the same time, and the fists collided.

Accompanied by a loud bang.

The two flew out at the same time, floating in the void, and they slowly opened their eyes at this moment.

Killed in the direction of Ji You.

Suddenly, their bodies flashed, and they landed not far away. At this moment, the golden armored guards scattered towards the fourth quarter and floated everywhere.

At the same time, they flew out the axe in their hands.

Guan You's spear, like a long dragon, dropped the surrounding golden armor guards.

After seeing this scene, his body flashed and disappeared into the place in a blink of an eye, looking to the other side, under the collision of the spear, the twelve golden armored guards suddenly flew down.

Five or six golden armor guards were shattering at this moment.

Seeing this scene, they took a breath.

At this moment, the body suddenly disappeared in the same place, and they slammed forward in the direction of Ji You.

Na Guanyou rushed into the crowd, pierced out with a shot, smashing the golden armored guards one after another.

Guan You coldly snorted, "Are you in disrepair for a long time?"

The remaining golden armored guards flashed and suddenly appeared in front of Ji You, and those golden armored guards were cutting in the direction of Ji You at this time.

Ji You smiled at Young Master Sword: "If you don't want Young Master Sword to take action?"

Young Master Sword never expected that Ji You had such an ability. He stepped on the ground with one foot, and the treasure on the ground was flying into the air at this moment.

He pointed his hands forward, and the treasure was flying out at this moment.

The treasure was split in an instant, and hundreds of treasures burst out in the air.

He dropped his hand with a heavy wave.

Those treasures are splitting apart.

The treasure that looked like a meteor fell down at this moment and bombed the ground.

After seeing this scene, Ji You suddenly jumped up.

"Fire burns the city."

Profound skill suddenly burst out at this time, Jin was most afraid of fire, especially Ji You such a powerful and such fierce fire, at this time he slowly approached.

The fire burned on the body of the golden armored guard, and gradually dripped down, and they fell into a pool of blood one after another.

Upon seeing this, Ji You suddenly took two steps backwards.

After seeing this scene, in an instant, Ji You disappeared into the place, and the people behind him flew forward.

After a few bodies flashed down, he entered the door in front of him.

Just a moment later, the remaining three people also flew out quickly, directly into the tomb.

Ji You suddenly stopped.

In front of the tomb door in the air, the carving on the stone tablet was carved out. At this moment, the carving turned into a profound beast, which was transformed into the air, and a long dragon hovered in the air.

With a long scream, he turned his head abruptly.

Flew down in the direction of Ji You, he raised the giant grab in front of him, and slapped it down with a paw, and the dragon paw slapped heavily on the opponent's body guard.

At this moment, the profound strength of the two of them flew out towards the surroundings.

The people around flew out one after another.

The rest of the people looked at each other and walked slowly in the direction of Ji You. Li Sijiao smiled faintly: "Do you want to single-handedly challenge this transformation profound beast?"

The profound beast entered the nine ranks, and if it could be destroyed, it would directly transform into a dragon head. The profound beast transformed into the long eagle's Mo Yang, and his hands moved.

The surrounding wind blew up and flew out directly in the direction of the two of them.

Those feathers turned into sharp sword thorns, and they fell down at this moment. They raised their hands, and the body-protecting Qi Qi was covering their bodies at this moment.

The jingle sound rang.

After the thorn fell on the qi, seeing this scene, the long eagle actually gave birth to a winged knife, slapped down the knife in his hand heavily, Guan You also waved the treasure, and the two treasures were At this time they collided together.

After a violent noise came out.

The three of them quickly separated at this moment, and they raised their heads at the same time.

Unexpectedly, a small realm-transformation profound beast could have such a powerful strength, and I don't know how it has grown to such a level without any nutritional supply.

In horror.

The sword master threw out his own treasure and drew up all the horizontal swords on the ground.

After seeing this scene, Ji You waved out the treasure in his hand, and the treasure suddenly fell.

The rest of them set their sights on Ji You.

A purple light burst out of Ji You's body, and everyone was slightly surprised in their hearts. They didn't expect that Ji You had broken through to the current level of skill in just two days.

The profound skills in his hands suddenly took a deep breath.

The profound beast in front of him retreated violently, Ji Youfei danced forward, and then he punched it out again, and there was another loud noise.

The profound beast let out a wailing roar and was about to pounce on it.

Wanting to attack Ji You, Ji You jumped up, came behind the monster beast, and punched out again.

Under the crit of several consecutive punches.

They stepped back two steps, raised their hands, and plunged into the profound beast's throat.

After speaking these words, they stood up, retreated to the rear, and stopped in front of Ji You.

Guan You suddenly acted, and yellow smoke spread out from his body.

In the blink of an eye, it spread out towards the surroundings.

After seeing this scene, he flew up, jumped twice, and walked forward.

They flew into the cave in an instant.

The left and right looked at each other, stood up, and glanced forward.

At this moment, Ji You drew out the treasure and looked forward.

Li Sijiao didn't have the intention to stop them. In her heart, she wished that Guan Yu and Young Master Sword would join forces to kill this hateful Ji You.

Upon seeing this, Ji You watched the person in front of him stop in place.

He faintly said, "Be careful."

After shouting these words, two people around came forward, and they shot their eyes on Ji You.

Young Master Sword is also about being shot by two people at the same time.

A handful of treasures flew out of his hand in an instant, Ji You suddenly retreated, and Master Sword also stabbed the treasure down at this moment.

Upon seeing this scene, Ji You suddenly raised his hands and moved both hands forward. Suddenly the two groups of profound energy gathered at this time, and they approached in Ji You's direction.

Ji You jumped up suddenly and ran back two steps.

He grasped the leader of the spear with one hand, and controlled the sword with the other.

After falling on the ground, Ji You suddenly stood up, his legs stepped on the ground, profound strength suddenly emerged in his hand, and his long sword was heavily swung.

That profound strength was gathering in front of Ji You at this moment.

After the Kunpeng Great Sword was inserted into the ground.

The surrounding profound energy shook, and they flew upside down at this moment, and they slid to the ground.

Spit out a mouthful of blood.

Ji You looked forward.

At this moment, several people jumped up and slew in the direction of Ji You.

Ji You drew out the treasure to resist Guan You's long sword. After a collision, he burst back, and then at this moment, he pulled out the treasure to kill. Toward the direction of Ji You.

Ji You suddenly turned around and cut down the Kunpeng giant sword in his hand towards him.

There was a loud bang.

Their bodies flashed, and they came to Ji You's direction, and Ji You swung a sword again.

The sound of bursting sounded.

A beam of light came out of their hands, slamming in the direction of Ji You.

Ji You suddenly turned around and chopped down the treasure in front of him. At this moment, the blood exploded in the surrounding area.

Guan You's left hand was cut off.

Master Sword took a breath, and the treasure in his hand shot down in an instant, with three loud noises falling down.

He jumped, Master Jian looked in Ji You's direction.

Panicked in her heart, Li Sijiao shot at the same time. Since Ji You confronted them and let them die, there was no reason to let them go back.

The number of swords collided.

There was a loud noise.

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