999 Times Training System Chapter 757

Vol 2 Chapter 757: Accept disciples

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There is no help from the cause.

Where did Young Master Sword have the strength and the two attacked him and approached him.

Ji You picked up Master Jian's left hand and flew out.

The left hand fell to the ground, and the rest of the people looked around.

Master Sword held the sword in his remaining hand, looked in the direction of Ji You and retreated a few steps.

After seeing this scene, he said indifferently: "Senior Brother Guan and I encountered your bad hands here today. You will definitely be punished when you go out. Let's do it."

Ji You said indifferently: "Young Master Sword also concerns that Senior Brother died under this tomb-guarding profound beast. What does it matter to me."

He hit the two men's pubic area with a punch.

They took a deep breath and fell to the ground as soon as they softened.

That dantian broke his profound strength in an instant.

He flew out instantly, stepped out a few steps, he drew out the treasure, suddenly turned around, and waved out the treasure in his hand.

After a loud bang.

They stood up and looked in the direction of Ji You.

Ji You stretched out his hand. At this moment, Guan You and Young Master Sword kicked out. The wailing profound beast never expected that such a good tonic was delivered to the door.

It swallowed the person's body in one bite, and the blood kept falling down.

Young Master Sword also spurted out the blood from the two of them.

Ji You walked forward slowly step by step.

Closing his eyes, the profound strength was spreading around at this moment.

After a week of sweeping, Ji You stood up.

Locked the profound strength on the nearby people.

Ji You took two steps forward, completely unblocking the door in front of him, and walked directly inside, a pill floating in front of Ji You.

After taking a pill.

The profound strength on his body suddenly broke through.

The infinite profound energy entered Ji You's body, and Li Sijiao took a breath of cold air in his heart when he saw Ji You break into the Earth Profound Realm.

Ji You said lightly: "Now that's the matter, I'm going back to the Temple of Evolution."

There was a trace of reluctance in Li Sijiao's heart.

There was a thud in my heart.

Ji You went down the mountain and came to Yongcheng.

It's another year of selection stage.

Now that Ji You is over eighteen years old, he smiled faintly, but he didn't expect that the days had passed so long.

Suddenly an old shout came

"Wang Qing, the third stage of Xuan Zhi Li is unqualified."

"Song Bei, the fifth stage of Xuan Zhi Li, passed."


Every year, many young people stand in front of this spiritual stone, testing their profound strength.

"Next, Chu Fei!"

Countless pairs of eyes gathered on Chu Fei's body.

A boy in a black robe slowly walked forward.

"Isn't that a servant of the Jiang family?"

"Yes, since fifteen years ago, the Chu family had died for the country. I didn't expect that Prime Minister Ji Hun would distribute his only orphan to a remote village like ours."

"I hope he can enter the Star Soul Academy."

At this moment, a roar of a fierce horse sounded, and the crowd suddenly panicked.

"Isn't this Chu Fei?"

A ridiculous voice came, and looking around, isn't this Jiang Haochen?

Why is he here?

Jiang Haochen held a long whip and whipped it down.

"It's just a servant in my house. I actually want to enter the Star Soul Academy. I haven't entered your master yet."

Chu Fei didn't dodge, he ate the whip forcibly, and the fist in his hand became tighter.

"The Jiang family is kind to me for nurturing. The whip just now cut off the grievances between our two families."

In Chu Fei's fist, there was a black iron ball.

This is the wisdom left by his ancestors in his previous life. Even in this different world, Chu Fei can restore it, and that is gunpowder.

Jiang Haochen couldn't help laughing: "Leaving our Jiang family, I'm afraid you don't even do a beggar. I won't kill you today."


The old man standing next to the huge boulder suddenly became furious. This group of freshmen simply didn't take him seriously, especially the thin and weak young man named Chu Fei, how could he be so humiliated after he turned out to be a martyr.

"Everyone has said that if you make a clean break with your family, how can you deceive others too much?"

Jiang Haochen arrogantly said: "This kid has been eating ours, living with us, and he doesn't need to work. Tell me, how about I flick him a whip?"

"Then do you want to test? Disrupt the rules of the examination room, die!"

A burst of purple light gleamed from the old man, and everyone present suddenly felt pressure increased.

Chu Fei was also inevitable. He gritted his teeth and insisted on not allowing his body to curl up like someone else.

Seeing that only Chu Fei was still insisting, the old man couldn't help touching his beard, and nodded very satisfied.

Fearing the aura released by the old man, Jiang Haochen had to obediently stand in front of the boulder.

Put your palm on it, only to see a three-color light rushing to the sky.

"Hmph, the third stage of profound strength, failed."

The old man sentenced him to death ruthlessly.

"Chu Fei stepped forward."

Chu Fei placed his palm on it as the others did.

Suddenly, colorful rays of light flew into the sky, and a cloud of auspicious clouds was formed in the sky.


Everyone present was stunned.

"It turned out to be the nine-fold profound strength, a little guy who can directly break through to the realm of Yuxuan!"

The old man shed tears in his eyes with excitement, and such a rare genius in thousands of years would actually appear in front of him.

"Impossible, impossible!"

Jiang Haochen looked mad, and the other servant smiled and whispered in his ear twice.

A smile suddenly appeared on his face: "Boy, if you want to leave the Jiang family, how about you have to endure my ten lashes? This is a good thing."

The old man just wanted to speak, but Chu Fei arched his hands: "Thank you, the teacher, for your help, but I owe this to the Jiang family."

He looked firmly at Jiang Haochen

"bring it on."

Jiang Haochen gritted his teeth and said: "This is what you promised yourself. Even if you kill you, you can't resist."

This guy is actually innate with profound strength, and he oppresses him so much during the day. If he doesn't kill him today, and Chu Fei will fly into the sky in the future, he will definitely find his own revenge.

When the whip was about to be lowered, an angry shout came.


Jiang Chuyue, the lord of the Jiang family, rushed forward and hit the ground with a whip, which forced Jiang Haochen to retreat.

He glanced at his prodigal son: "Making a fool, don't give me back."

"Father, this guy..."


Jiang Chuyue slapped him on the face heavily, not to mention that this kid is a descendant of the Chu family, and with this innate profound strength, he will accomplish something in the future.

"Chu Fei really deserves to be the great general's great-great-great-grandson. What if you go back with the old man and set up a banquet?"

Before Chu Fei could speak, the old man laughed and said, "Forget it, this little friend is a student of our Star Soul Academy from today. The Star Soul Academy is not allowed to be defiled in the future. Here is five thousand gold coins, as a reward. Your kindness of nurturing."

She said that she threw the bag into Jiang Chuyue's hands.

Chu Fei walked to Jiang Chuyue's face, knelt down and knocked three loudly, and said a word with each loudly.

"Back then, Chu Fei was a baby. The maid who stayed in the mansion wanted to sell me. It was you who saved me. This first sound will return your life-saving grace."

"Chu Fei has followed Fuzhong's teacher to study essays and calligraphy over the years, and this second boom will return your grace for teaching."

"Chu Fei has had no worries about food and clothing all these years, and this third ring will return your nurturing grace."

After the three rattles fell, Jiang Chuyue could only sigh.

"Follow me, there are some admission notes, I have to let you know."

"This is the end of today's test, you all go back."


Ji You walked out slowly from his side, everyone looked in Ji You's direction, Chu Fei looked at the young man in front of him curiously, not knowing what he was thinking about.

The old man was trembling, clasping his fists in both hands.

"I have seen Venerable Earth Profound Realm."

Ji You nodded, and asked him: "Are you willing to become my disciple."


After hearing this sentence, Chu Fei's heart suddenly became excited, and instantly knelt on the ground.

They all opened their mouths and said: "Earth Profound Realm masters, it's been a long time since they appeared in these five domains."

Jiang Haochen covered his face and walked to Jiang Chuyue: "Father, why didn't you kill him on the spot? This son will be our Jiang family's mortal enemy in the future."

"Hey, how come our family has a rebellious son like you, come here, interrupt his leg for me, rush back to the country, and stay here, it's shameful!"

"Father, father."


The screams came from outside the mansion, but Chu Fei couldn't hear it anymore.

Ji You threw a Na Ring into his hand.

"There are thirty gold coins in it, which are the basic income of each disciple. There is also an accommodation space of 30 square meters. There are three sets of spare clothes for the academy. According to your body, I think this is enough."

"In addition, your admission certificate is also in it. Before you leave, let me help you turn on the body protection and Qi mysterious skills."

He touched Chu Fei's forehead with one hand.

"Close your eyes, relax, and treat him as a part of yourself no matter what you see later."

If you don't have talent, you can't do it. He will only mention it here.

After closing his eyes, Chu Fei only felt a continuous sound of music. There was such a momentum that this song should only be heard in the sky, and I don't know the momentum of hearing it in the world, as if a nine-day fairy is dancing beside him.


Three clear bells rang.

A benevolent and old face appeared in front of him.

Hehe smiled, Chu Fei fell from the air in an instant, and came back with a clear mind.

Dao Fu?

The corner of Ji You's mouth smiled slightly, and he didn't expect that his newly recruited little disciple would still have some abilities.

He faintly said, "Yes, not bad."

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