999 Times Training System Chapter 758

Vol 2 Chapter 758: Well-behaved Linger

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Thirty gold coins, not much, there is still more than 130 kilometers away from the Temple of Evolution.

It wasn't that there was no carriage, but Chu Fei felt that before entering the temple now, it would be better for him to save some.

After Ji You handed the things into his hands, he stood up: "Then I will go back first and look forward to seeing you later."

"First teach you the mysterious skills of getting started, three thousand clouds move."

Ji You taught the heart to his heart, and in the blink of an eye, he took a step and disappeared into the place.

After the outside of the city was separated from the pipeline, it was basically a forest of Pingchuan.

Countless monsters are roaring constantly in the woods.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise from the ground, and several fast horses and a carriage flew out from behind.

Jiang Haochen who was sitting on the carriage roared.

"Hurry up, you must kill him for this young man!"

Several servants repeatedly agreed, and what they said they had stepped into the soul-man stage, even if Chu Fei had innate full soul power, what could it be.

Seeing Chu Fei on the road alone.

One of the servants screamed: "Master, he is in front, Chu Fei, you betrayed the family, you should kill!"

"Only you are smart, you dare to **** my young master's lines."

He hit his servant with a heavy whip.

Chu Fei knew that these people in front of him still couldn't provoke him, so his legs kept running fast, he had just gained hope in this world, and he was not reconciled to want him to die now.

He didn't know how far he ran. It seemed that he had reached the inside of the forest. He panted and lay on the ground, and the sound of horseshoes came afterwards.

The servant leader laughed: "Run, you are running."

Jiang Haochen lifted the carriage curtains, with a trace of hideousness on his face: "Zhang San Li Si, kill him for me."

The two men showed a fierce look, and each turned into a treasure.

The person who flew up first, holding a large horse machete, above the machete, a blue light glowed.

A roar came out in an instant.

The two servants saw a giant wolf with burrs all over the body slowly walking out, with long saliva flowing from the corners of their mouths.

It turned out that Chu Fei had been holding a piece of fragrant wood in his hand, and it was this piece of fragrant wood that lured the giant wolf over.

Three gold coins are gone.

The two in front of them looked at each other and stepped back slowly. Jiang Haochen laughed: "Chu Fei will definitely die under this monster."

"We just need to be careful."

Zhang San arched his hands and said, "Master, this is a second-tier monster, the Green Wood Demon Wolf, and the burrs on its body are huge poison. Master, we can't stay any longer."

Jiang Haochen suddenly lost interest, after all, his life matters.

"Presumably this kid will be dead, Master, let's go quickly."

"Also, it's important to escape."

The Green Wood Demon Wolf without a target looked at Chu Fei angrily.

Chu Fei threw the fragrant wood in his hand, and the green wood demon wolf swallowed the fragrant wood in one bite, but how could this little fragrant wood satisfy the appetite of this huge monster beast.

It opened its fangs savagely, and swooped straight toward Chu Fei's neck.

Chu Fei hurriedly hid beside him, why the poison on the fragrant wood hadn't attacked yet? Before leaving the house, he obviously coated the fragrant wood with poison, and quickly picked up the dead branches on the ground and waved them continuously.

There was a fierce pain from behind.

No, Chu Fei felt that there was a whirling sensation in his head, and the poison on the demon wolf's body was also working at this time, shaking the figure, how could the demon beast allow the enemy to be alive before he fainted?

It flew forward suddenly.

"If you like to eat, give it to you."

After igniting the fuse, Chu Fei flung his gunpowder out. Fortunately, the monster opened its huge mouth and swallowed the gunpowder bomb, but it also left a claw mark in front of Chu Fei's body.


There was a loud noise.

It didn't even blow the monster beast's body apart, but the monster also crashed down.

Chu Fei crawled on the ground, beating the monster's head with the stone next to him, until he fainted.

When I wake up, a smell of medicine pours out my nose.

"you're awake?"

The voice of the smart girl came slowly.

Chu Fei saw a fair-skinned girl in a red robe with a ponytail tied to her head. She was an iconic little loli.

Little Lori blinked her big, watery eyes.

"Grandpa, come on, he's awake."

"Ling'er shouldn't be a nuisance loudly, the guest has just woke up now.

Naturally, Chu Fei knew that he had been saved by the two good people in front of him, so he thanked him and asked for the name of his benefactor.

"Why hope the old man's name? This is the old man's granddaughter, called Ling'er."

"I've seen two of you, don't know where it is?"

"Haha, this is the hut we built temporarily. The old man and Ling'er were collecting medicine in the forest, and saw the little friend fainted, so they just tried to rescue them."

"Thanks to the old man."

After a few gossips, Ling'er came in with a clear soup all night.

"Ashamed to say, there is nothing good in the forest. The green wood demon wolf is full of toxins, so the meat is not eaten. It turned out to be killed by the little friend, so I took it back."

"The mere corpse doesn't have much effect. If the old man needs it, he can naturally take it away."

He Pan laughed and walked out the door.

Chu Fei immediately sat cross-legged on the bed. Since waking up, his natal Horcrux seemed to be trembling constantly, as if it could not be suppressed, and the spell appeared in his hands.

Sketched out a stroke.

Could this be the mysterious technique in the legend?

He urged the spell in front of him, but it had no effect. He sighed and took the spell back.

When his mood fell, he became a little hungry and ran to the kitchen. Fortunately, he lived alone when he was a child. He used the only flour to knead a ball of noodles. After blanching it with water, he salvaged it and sprinkled it with chili. After mixing the green onions, splash it with hot oil, and the three bowls of oil-spattered noodles are not finished in an instant.

He ate with He Pan and Ling'er grandson and grandson. He Pan was better. After a sip, he was hot and drank cold water. However, the girl in Ling'er was already sweating from the hot pepper. But still feasting.

"Eat slowly, otherwise it will be easier to lie down on your throat, even the profound practitioner has to be careful."

He Pan wiped his hands and patted his granddaughter's head: "My girl seems to have no blessings to become a profound practitioner, but she can become a pharmacist, which is not bad."

Chu Fei said, "My master is in the Temple of Evolution. You can follow me and everyone will worship him."

Ji You returned to the Temple of Evolution.

Ye Chumei is said to have left the temple because of something.

Ji You sat cross-legged in his manor, closed his eyes, feeling the fluctuations in the power around him.

The little girl ran in and knocked on the door.

"My son, there are two people outside the door saying they want to see you."

Ji You stood up and walked outside the door.

Chu Fei looked at Ji You firmly, Ji You smiled, walked forward, and touched his forehead.

Seeing an old man and a young girl standing behind him, he curiously asked, "These two are?"

The old man stepped forward: "Little friend Chu Fei was hunted down in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, and the old man saved him."

After hearing these words, Ji You clenched his fists, and said lightly: "I want to kill my disciple, you are very courageous."

Chu Fei's trace trembled slightly, he had no relatives since he was a child, and now he can get such treatment, why he is not excited.

Ji You said lightly: "Little girl, take him down to rest first."

Xiaoya took a step forward, but Chu Fei still didn't move. Chu Fei knelt on the ground in an instant and said to Ji You, "Master, please recommend an alchemy master so that you can accept my little sister."

Suddenly the little girl chuckled.

Chu Fei asked with a puzzled look: "I don't know what the senior sister is laughing at."

"I'm just a servant of the son. The son said that I have no talent for cultivation. You can call me sister Xiaoya from now on. But if you ask the master to introduce an alchemy master, you are very wrong. The one standing in front of you is the whole The alchemy master of the Eight Classics."

Ji You smiled slightly.

Chu Fei was excited: "Ling'er, come and see Master."

Ji You could see that Ling'er's profound roots were not very good, but the power to communicate with the Qi of Heaven and Earth was not bad.

Presumably, if you are concerned about alchemy, your future prospects will not be low.

Thinking of this in his heart, Ji You took out a ring.

"You take this ring first. There is a scripture in it, so you can read it first."

She glanced at the contents of the scripture.

Chu Fei also leaned forward, but in Chu Fei's eyes, this was a bunch of things that he didn't know what he was talking about, but in Ling'er's eyes, it was the things that recorded various details.

She sucked in her heart and said immediately: "Thank you Master, Master is the best."

Ji You chuckled, accepting two disciples, and several people who had a good relationship with Ji You came out one after another.

"Congratulations to Junior Brother for accepting a good disciple."

"That's right, congratulations to Junior Brother."

They arched their hands together, and they set their eyes on Ji You's body.

Ji You smiled faintly, Ye Chumei is not here now, and Ji You is presiding over the overall situation at the training formation peak.

I don't know where Master has gone?

He sighed, and the two of them clasped their fists and said, "My son, although the lord is no longer there, he still has to take over the daily affairs. Please see the envoys everywhere."


Ji You said, as the chief and the only inner disciple, he sat on the chair at the head of the palace.

Ji You faintly said: "Call in the chief envoys."

Suddenly, seven or eight people slowly walked in and stood in front of Ji You.

The headed old master came out first.

"In the next week, it will be the grain, grass and mysterious stone in charge of the Xuanzhen Peak."

His words fell, and a young man next to him came out: "Fu Bohai is in charge of the cultivation of the disciples, but in the past few years, there is only one closed disciple in Xuanzhen Peak, and I am responsible for teaching outsiders."

So, it's no wonder Ji You hasn't seen him these days.

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