A Hundredfold Training System Instantly Upgrades 999 Chapter 2061

Chapter 2061: Sorry I Want It All

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"Niu Tiangen deserves to be the top genius of the wasteland of a hundred races, even if Tuhe gathers many geniuses, it is simply hard to resist."

Around the square, everyone could not help but shook their heads secretly looking at Jiang Chen who was throwing a punch at Jiang Chen.

Another young genius is afraid that Niu Tiangen will be beaten off the court.

Dozens of geniuses gathered together. The strength alone may be enough to contend with Niu Tiangen, but after all, they are not a whole. In the battle with Niu Tiangen, too many flaws were exposed, and Niu Tiangen seized the opportunity one by one. Break down.

"Who is not good for you to attack so many people, why do you want to find me?"

Jiang Chen saw Niu Tiangen with a violent punch, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but a slight arc was raised.

He originally wanted to continue to hide in the corner and be an audience for a while, since this Niu Tiangen had to send him to the door to find his death, he simply didn't hide it, and solved the battle early.

Jiang Chen stared blankly at Niu Tiangen's explosive blow, his figure remained unchanged, and he raised his hand and blasted him towards Niu Tiangen.

This punch seemed to be a flat punch, and it banged against Niu Tiangen's fist.


He only heard a loud bang, Niu Tiangen trembled all over, and couldn't help making a muffled sound in his mouth. The whole person flew out in embarrassment like a broken kite.

that moment.

The audience shook.

Countless people watched this scene with dull eyes, and it was difficult to recover from the horror for a long time.

No one could have imagined that the young man in black who had been hiding in the corner knocked Niu Tiangen away with an understatement.

Niu Tiangen!

This is the **** child of the Wucai God Niu Clan, one of the three top geniuses of the Hundred Clan Wasteland, and now he was punched back by an unknown Maotou boy!

This... how is this possible.

"I'll go, who is this kid, too fierce."

When everyone came back to their senses, they couldn't help but took a breath.

This black-clothed young man is so vigorous, able to retaliate Niu Tiangen, the **** son of the colorful sacred cow tribe, with one punch. Even in the case of Niu Tiangen's carelessness, that's pretty awesome.

If other geniuses centered on this kid, they might not be able to fight Niu Tiangen.

As a result, Niu Tiangen's plan to clear the others would be difficult to achieve.

"This kid... actually came to fight for the soul fruit of life."

On the side of the Soul Eater Protoss, the Soul Destruction Tianzun sitting in the center of the Soul Eater chariot looked at this scene, and his expression couldn't help but change drastically.

Beside Mie Soul Tianzun, a Soul Devouring Protoss elder could not help but asked curiously: "Patriarch, do you know that kid? The appearance of that kid did a great favor to Tu He."

"This time the struggle for life spirit fruit, the three major Protoss have no hope, and our Soul Eater Protoss may not have hope either."

Miserable Soul Tianzun slowly took a deep breath and said, "He is Jiang Chen, the terrifying existence that transcends the sacred god."


Many people of the Soul Eater Protoss couldn't help but change drastically when they heard this.

Not long ago.

Jiang Chen broke into the Xuanshuang League alone in the ancient city of Hundred Desolations, fought against the five heavenly powers with one enemy and five, and killed two of them to overwhelm the Xuanshuang League.

Their soul-eater clan patriarch, Soul-killing Heavenly Sovereign, also visited the ancient city in person to fight Jiang Chen, but in the end he was still defeated.

Now the name of Jiang Chen is already Megatron wasteland of the entire hundred races.

Although they had never seen Jiang Chen, they had already regarded Jiang Chen as a taboo horror!

With this monstrous strength, even the patriarch of the Heaven-Swallowing Flood Dragon Clan, the Thunder Dragon Heavenly Sovereign, who is known as the number one powerhouse in the wasteland of the hundred clans, might not be able to compete with it.

Isn't it easy for such a terrifying existence to fight for the soul fruit of life?

"Patriarch, the appearance of this guy is not necessarily a bad thing. He can only get one life spirit fruit when he participates in the life spirit fruit competition. As long as he defeats the gods of the three races, the other life spirit fruit is not Our Soul Eater is none other than the Protoss."

An elder of the Venerable Realm smiled.

Soul Destruction Tianzun did not speak, obviously he was not so optimistic in his heart.

The Soul Eater Protoss shot Jiang Chen time and time again, and the relationship with Jiang Chen was not friendly.

Even if he defeated the gods of the three tribes including the Sky-Swallowing Jiao Clan, Jiang Chen would not necessarily allow them to smoothly obtain the Spirit Fruit of the Soul-Eater Clan.

"Haha...It's really God who helped me. Wuwuyan, it seems that the three major gods of yours are destined to not carve up the spirit fruit of life this time."

Seeing this scene, Tu He couldn't help laughing wildly with a smug expression on his face.

Xu Wuyan's complexion is also ugly to the extreme.

For a long time, their three tribes are powerful, even the other five tribes that are the same as the eight **** tribes, they are far from being comparable.

The three of Xu Wuyan looked at themselves very highly, and hardly put the others in their eyes.

Originally, Wuyan thought.

This time the fight for life spirit fruit, the three of them teamed up to clear the field, but it was a breeze.

But he didn't expect that the **** son Tuhe of the Soul Eater Protoss would join forces with the **** sons of several other groups and all the contestants to forcibly confront them.

They didn't even think about it.

Among the group of contestants who looked like ants in their eyes, there was still Niu Tiangen who retreated with a punch!

"Your strength is good and you have the qualifications to compete with us for the spiritual fruit of life. I think you might as well join the three of us to solve others first, and then how about a fair competition for everyone?"

Xu Wuyan's eyes flickered slightly, and he immediately began to draw Jiang Chen together.

Upon hearing this, Zi Yulong and Niu Tianquan did not object to them either, obviously tacitly acquiescing to the words of Wu Wuyan.

The appearance of this kid has completely disrupted their plan. You have to pull it into your camp first and resolve the situation before you.

"This little brother, don't be fooled by the three of them. If you join forces with the three of them, you will be destined to find it hard to get the life spirit in the end."

Naturally, Tu He would not watch Jiang Chen being pulled over by the three of Xu Wuyan.

He quickly persuaded: "With your strength, if you help us defeat the three of them, you will surely be able to get a life spirit fruit."

The Xuwuyan trio were powerful, and even if Jiang Chen joined hands with them, he would never want to obtain a life spirit fruit from the Xuwuyan trio.

If Jiang Chen teamed up with them first to defeat the three of Xu Wuyan, Jiang Chen's strength would be one of the best among the remaining group of people, and the chance of obtaining life spirit fruit would undoubtedly be much greater.

Tu He believes.

As long as you are not a fool, you should know at this time that joining them is the right choice.

"Okay, don't bother to talk here."

Jiang Chen waved his hand and said faintly: "I'm sorry, this time I want all the two life spirit fruits of the Wood Spirit Protoss. I don't want to waste time, let's go together."

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