A Hundredfold Training System Instantly Upgrades 999 Chapter 2062

Chapter 2062: Defeat The Enemy With One Finger

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"Sorry, this time, I want all of the two life spirit fruits of the Wood Spirit Protoss. I don't want to waste time, so let's go together."

As Jiang Chen said this, the audience was in an uproar.


Most people thought that Jiang Chen would choose to join forces with Tu He and others to get the three of Xu Wuyan out of the game first.

after all.

The three of Xu Wuyan are powerful, and if these three powerful opponents are missing, it will undoubtedly be much more advantageous for Jiang Chen to fight for life spirit fruit in the future.

But they never thought that Jiang Chen would say such arrogant words.

To know.

This time in the struggle for life spirit fruit, most of the forces in the wasteland of the hundred races sent out the most outstanding genius disciples of their own race.

In other words.

Nowadays, in the center of the square, there are almost dozens of talented disciples from the top of the hundred-ethnic wasteland.

Especially the **** children of the eight great gods, each of them is a two-star venerable who breaks through with a god-ranked god, and the combat power is comparable to the power of the celestial realm.

The three of Xu Wuyan reached the pinnacle of the Two-Star Venerable, not far from the Two-Star Earth Venerable.

Each of these three even possessed a combat power comparable to the peak of the Heavenly Sovereign, and even the patriarch of the eight great **** races might not be easily defeated.

Jiang Chen actually wanted to challenge all the geniuses in the field with one person.

This...this is too crazy.

In the center of the square, many young geniuses from the wasteland of hundreds of races were also taken aback by Jiang Chen's arrogant words.

They obviously didn't expect that Jiang Chen would make such an outrageous choice.

Especially the three of Xu Wuyan, their expressions were extremely gloomy.

As the top geniuses in the wasteland of a hundred races, they have always been the only ones who despise others. Have they ever been despised like Jiang Chen?

"The kid is going to be rampant, I just took it carelessly just now, do you really think you are invincible?"

Niu Tiangen's face changed, and a monstrous murderous aura filled his body.

His rugged face was slightly hideous, and a golden sword in his hand emerged out of thin air, and his sword aura traversed the sky, like a peerless heavenly sword in the world, powerful and overbearing.


Niu Tiangen screamed all over, and directly raised the golden broadsword, like a sword that opened the world and slashed out against Jiang Chen.

Boom boom boom...

With Niu Tiangen's knife cutting out, the ninety-nine sword auras that tore the world and the earth quickly cut through the sky. Every sword aura carries an extremely overbearing power, enough to easily blast and kill the Venerable Gods of the Ordinary Realm.

Jiang Chen had no expression on his face, he just raised his hand gently for a while, and an invisible barrier instantly enveloped the entire body of a hundred meters of space.

When Niu Tiangen's ninety-nine sword auras landed on the invisible barrier, they were instantly bounced away.

With ninety-nine overbearing sword auras, almost none of them can rush into the range of Jiang Chen's body.

Seeing this scene, many people couldn't help but take a breath.

They originally thought that Jiang Chen had just repelled Niu Tiangen, the **** son of the Wucai God Niu Clan, but Niu Tiangen was careless. But he didn't expect Niu Tiangen to make an all-out effort now, and he has not been able to ask for any advantage.

The strength of this kid seems to be much stronger than they thought.

"I do not believe!"

Niu Tiangen roared in disbelief, and his whole body was full of colorful lights.


I saw the golden long sword in his hand dancing wildly, ninety-nine sword auras, quickly centered on the golden long knife, and then merged together, turning into a round of knife wheels emitting colorful light.

Knife Wheel Hengtian, with the overbearing power to smash everything, once again swept out towards Jiang Chen.

Everyone was shocked to see the knife Niu Tiangen made.

Worthy of being the top three top geniuses in the wasteland of the Hundred Races, this knife is the extreme of a powerful knife.

Even most of the Heavenly Venerable Realm powerhouses would be severely injured if they resisted the sword.

But beyond everyone's expectations.

Jiang Chen still stood proudly on the spot, but raised his hand to volley and pointed out that the mighty colorful knife wheel burst open in midair with a bang.

Niu Tiangen was even more shocked, as if he was hit hard, he awkwardly stepped back on the ground for hundreds of steps.

"Good... terrifying strength!"

"It's really scary. Did you find out that this guy only exposed the aura of the Heavenly God Realm, and didn't use the power of the Realm God Realm at all?"

"Hi...It turned out to be the breath of the Heavenly God Realm, how is this possible?"

In the square, everyone could not help taking a breath when they saw the scene in front of them.

With the strength of the Heavenly God Realm, he defeated Niu Tiangen, the top genius of the Hundred Clan Wastelands and the cultivation base of the Second Star Venerable Realm!

This... This Nima is too outrageous.

"Colorful sacred ox clan **** son, but that's all. Looking at the Taurus clan's sake, you just retreat now, I don't embarrass you."

With an understatement, he defeated Niu Tiangen, Jiang Chen stood with his hand in his hand, and his proud voice resounded through the audience.

Hearing Jiang Chen's arrogant words, the expressions of many geniuses in the field could not help but change slightly.

"Hmph, your Excellency must not be too arrogant, let me learn your great tricks!"

The purple jade dragon stepped out, full of purple light shining to the sky, like a purple sun, bringing a billowing ocean of purple energy over the square, obscuring the sky and oppressing Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen pointed out again.

An invisible sword energy in the sky split the sky and the earth, instantly splitting the purple ocean in half.

The invisible sword energy has spread to the front of Ziyulong.

The purple jade dragon looked terrified, and quickly urged the world god's origin with all his strength, condensing a purple battle armor all over his body, enveloping all of his body.


The purple battle armor still couldn't stop the invisible sword aura, and it was directly shattered into fragments under the invisible sword aura, and the purple jade dragon's entire body was pale and flew upside down hundreds of feet away.

One pointed out that Ziyulong, the **** son of the Zijin Bear tribe, was defeated!

this moment.

The huge square fell into deathly silence.

With one finger repelling the purple jade dragon, Jiang Chen stood in a proud position like an invincible **** of war, looking down at Xu Wuyan and the others: "It's really vulnerable, you should go together."

Xu Wuyan stared at Jiang Chen steadily, and slowly said, "If I guessed it right, your Excellency should be Jiang Chen from the Megatron Hundred Desolate Ancient City not long ago. Seeing him today, it really is a well-deserved reputation."

Not long ago.

A Heavenly God Realm named Jiang Chen slaughtered all over the Hundred Desolation Ancient City, and his reputation spread throughout the entire wasteland of a hundred races.

Xu Wuyan didn't believe it yet.

Now that Jiang Chen can easily defeat Niu Tiangen and Ziyulong with the power of the Heavenly God Realm one after another, Wu Wuyan can't believe it.

The black-clothed young man in front of him is almost certainly the terrifying Heavenly God Realm in the Bahuang Ancient City.


This young man in black turned out to be Jiang Chen!

In the square, everyone heard the words of Wu Wuyan, their expressions could not help but change drastically!

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