A Hundredfold Training System Instantly Upgrades 999 Chapter 2063

Chapter 2063: Seven Great Goddesses

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Not long ago, a super evildoer named Jiang Chen appeared in the ancient city of Hundred Desolations.

With the cultivation base of the Celestial God Realm, this person defeated several Tianzun powerhouses and defeated the Profound Frost Alliance. Even the soul-devouring patriarch of the patriarch, Destroying Tianzun, used countless gods and blood, and was easily repelled by him.

This matter has already spread in the wasteland of a hundred races.

In the entire wasteland of hundreds of races, all were silent about this name.

They never thought that this heaven-defying existence would also come to the Wood Spirit God Race to fight for the spirit fruit of life!

this moment.

Everyone finally understood why Jiang Chen dared to challenge all the geniuses of the Hundred Clan Wasteland alone.

With Jiang Chen's terrifying strength, the existence of the patriarch of the eight great gods in the Wasteland of the Hundred Races is not an opponent of Jiang Chen. Now it is not like playing with the young geniuses of the Wasteland of the Hundred Clan for life.

Jiang Chen looked at Xu Wuyan indifferently: "Yes, I am Jiang Chen, are you still competing with me for the spiritual fruit of life?"

"Your Excellency is powerful, but our genius in the wasteland of the hundred races is not a vegetarian."

Xu Wuyan took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: "If we fight alone, none of us will be your opponent, but if so many of us work together, we may not be able to fight you!"

The divine sons of the eight gods are all geniuses in the two-star state, equivalent to the powerhouse in the sky.

Especially the three of him, Ziyulong and Niu Tiangen, are powerful enough to compare to the powerhouses at the peak of the gods, and they are not much inferior to the patriarchs of the eight gods.

Even if they weren't counted as other geniuses, their seven **** sons joined forces, and almost all of them were invincible in the wasteland of a hundred races.

Even if they were the patriarch of the Heaven-Swallowing Jiao clan, the Thunder Jiao Tianzun, who was known as the number one powerhouse in the wasteland of a hundred clan, might not be the opponent of the seven of them.

"is it?"

Jiang Chen curled his lips and said lightly: "If that's the case, then let's do it."

"Everyone, if you still want to fight for the soul fruit of life, follow me to shoot!"

Xu Wuyan let out a low growl, and the realm god's origin that contained the endless path of devouring in his body also burst out with all his strength.

Boom boom boom...

at the same time.

Zi Yulong and Niu Tiangen, as well as the four gods including Tu He, all made a sudden move.

The seven great gods of the wasteland of a hundred races joined forces to strike, and the power can be described as earth-shattering.

I saw the sky, the blade wheel Xuantian, the sword light, the big day Hengkong...

All kinds of **** king's great arts have formed one after another in mid-air. The terrifying energy storm, boiling like the ocean, makes the magic circle of the wood spirit gods tremble endlessly, countless destructive energy, crazy Going surgingly towards Jiang Chen.

This earth-shattering scene made everyone in the square tremble with horror.

The combination of Xu Wuyan and other divine sons of the Seven Great Two Star Venerable Realm is really too powerful.

If it weren't for the formation restriction left by the ancestors of the Divine King Stage of the Wood Spirit Protoss in the center of the square, a single blow by these seven people might be enough to turn the entire Wood Spirit Protoss into nothingness.

"Haha...good job."

Jiang Chen was full of fighting spirit, and his whole person turned into a long rainbow, rushing into the boiling energy ocean.

The power created by the joint efforts of the seven gods such as Xu Wuyan has far surpassed the joint efforts of the five sages of the ancient city, and is not even weaker than the soul-eater patriarch who used the blood of the gods.


In that boiling ocean of energy, Jiang Chen's ten Dao powers were urged to the extreme, and his punch collided with the seven gods' various great skills of the gods.


The colorful ocean of boiling energy was blasted out of a huge hole by Jiang Chensheng's punch.

"not good."

The complexion of Xu Wuyan and others changed drastically.

Before they could react, a terrifying force of fist had already swept toward them.

The three of Xu Wuyan were slammed back into the air by Jiang Chen's punch, while Tu He and the other four were slightly weaker, and even flew hundreds of feet away with a pale face.

"Sure enough, it is the power of the Ten Dao!"

Xu Wuyan stepped back more than ten steps in the void, and his heart was terrified.

After Jiang Chen became famous in the First Battle of the Hundred Desolate Ancient City, there were rumors that Jiang Chen broke the limit of the gods and held the power of the ten ways above the holy gods.

Xu Wuyan still sneered at this.

Since the birth of God's Domain, the Saint Grade Celestial God has always been the ultimate state of the Celestial God Realm.

Even in the ancient times when there were so many arrogances, no one broke this iron law. How could anyone in this world be able to surpass the sacred gods?


At this moment.

When Xu Wuyan clearly felt the ten powers of Jiang Chen's body, he also had to believe that it was true.

How could this world break the shackles of the laws of heaven and earth, break the limit in the heavens and gods, and become an existence that surpassed the holy gods.

Only by surpassing the heaven-defying existence of the sacred gods can he use the cultivation base of the heavenly gods to overwhelm countless powerful heavenly masters.

"Haha... come again."

Jiang Chen laughed, like an invincible **** of war, rushing towards the seven gods.

His fists containing the power of the ten realms blasted out one after another, and the son of God who smashed every fist vomited blood and retreated.

To the end.

Xu Wuyan and others even incarnate themselves to fight Jiang Chen.

In mid-air, the entire body is covered with the Black Lin Family's Sky-Swallowing Flood Dragon, a giant purple-gold bear with a size of hundreds of meters, and a sacred cow with multicolored lights...

The seven divine sons each incarnate their bodies, and then urged their supernatural power visions with all their strength, and then all killed Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen is also urging the imperial sword of the divine body vision man, as if opening the sky and the earth, it was cut out with a single sword.


The void exploded, the sun and the moon churned.

Countless storms of destruction, like the end of the day, centered on Jiang Chen and their battlefield, spreading in all directions.

This devastating storm came after another, making the square in the center of the square to block the void, forming the barriers of the battlefield, all turbulent.

Qing Mu Tianzun, the patriarch of the Wood Spirit Protoss tribe, changed his face greatly, and he quickly sacrificed a cyan bead that exuded the power of the supreme life avenue, before reluctantly restraining the volatile formation and stabilizing his whereabouts.

"These guys are fighting with all their strength, it's really not a normal horror. I didn't expect that this time in the struggle for life spirit fruit, such a thing would happen."

Tianzun Aoki slowly took a deep breath, and couldn't help smiling in his heart.

The **** sons of the eight great gods in the wasteland of the hundred races are already peerless geniuses comparable to the powers of the heavenly sovereign, and how arrogant each one is.

He didn't expect it.

This time the struggle for life spirit fruit, the seven gods other than their Wood Spirit God Clan were forced to join forces by Jiang Chen.

The battle between the seven gods and Jiang Chen, compared with the power of the patriarchs of the eight gods, is even worse.

If he hadn't used the Divine King Tool to reinforce the formation restriction in time, I am afraid that the entire Wood Spirit Protoss would be turned into a ruin in the confrontation of several people.

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