A Nest Of Snakes Inside An Old Tomb Chapter 116

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My father is the king of Da Zhou.

He is the unique king of Da Zhou.

I am the eldest son of my father, and I will be the king after the Great Zhou Dynasty.

My name is Ji Kang.

Father likes to teach me to dance swords. Father's swordsmanship is the best in the world. He often talked to me about how difficult things came from the great Zhou Dynasty, and he looked sad and proud. My father also liked to listen to my mother playing the piano. At that time, I secretly hid behind the curtain and looked at it. I just thought it was the most beautiful picture in the world.

But that's all the same.

After a long time I have forgotten what my mother looked like, and after a long time I don't seem to recognize that the person sitting in the high seat is my father.

I no longer call him father, I call him the king, the king of Da Zhou.

He no longer called me Kang'er, he called me Prince Kang. He sat on the high steps, his eyes alienated and indifferent.

At that time, the mother had passed away. Wang began to like listening to other women playing the piano.

In fact, after his younger brother was born, and during the years when his mother was still alive, Wang no longer liked listening to his mother playing the piano.

There is no shortage of women in the harem.

His mother died of illness and was buried in a coffin for seven days. I took my brother and knelt in front of the coffin for seven days. The king never came.

On the day my mother was buried, it rained heavily, and I took my brother until the loess buried the coffin. The king did not come, nor did the ministers.

I know that this was because my mother's father was abolished by the king and the whole family was destroyed. The reason was rebellion. As the queen's queen, his mother was confined in the palace, and finally died of depression.

I still remember my mother's father, who had a pair of kind eyes and a pair of gentle hands. I still remember that he came to Luoyi on the order of the king that year, specifically to find himself. His hands were on his head, warm and rough. His brows are full of love.

He said, Prince Kang, your mother is the most noble woman in this world, and your father is the most majestic man in this world. You, one day will become the king of this world.

I don't believe that person will rebel, just as I don't believe that one day my father will call me Prince Kang.

Having lost my mother and the power behind my mother, I was repeatedly embarrassed in the harem and ridiculed in the court, even though I was the eldest son of the purest bloodline, even though I was the prince Kang.

Perhaps I am most fortunate that the king didn't make another queen, and it didn't make my situation worse.

I have only my brother left.

The brother of the same father and mother, the younger brother who is related to me by blood in this world, his name is Ji Zhao, and he is the only thought left to me by my mother.

I will protect him from harm.

I thought that life would go on like this. Facing the king's indifference and the ridicule of the ministers, I carefully guarded my brother. After the king a hundred years later, I will become the king of the Great Zhou.

However, things have changed.

The king made a queen.

It is his favorite girl, her father is the prince king, and her status is equally noble. More importantly, she has a son, who is the second son of the king.

This means that as long as I die, he will be the future king of Da Zhou.

I finally know what the ridicule and pity in everyone's eyes means a long time ago, only I stupidly think that the king will not make a queen. Yes, if I have always been Prince Kang, how dare they do this?

I can't be king, but I can't die. I still have a younger brother, and he still needs my protection. Only I in this world can treat him sincerely. I can't imagine what my brother will encounter in this cannibal harem if I die.

So in that war, I asked for orders to fight.

I know that I may stay on the battlefield forever and cannot come back. But I have to do this. The second prince stared at my position, and the new queen looked at me unpleasantly, and the king's increasingly weak body made them unscrupulous.

I want military power, I want to fight a battle, I want to stand in the highest position in a fair way, and I want no one in this world to insult me and my brother.

This battle was extremely hard and tragic.

The reason was just because Wang wanted to live forever, he didn't want to die.

Guifang is a very powerful nation. This kind of power is reflected in the previous dynasty of Zhou-Shang. Legend has it that Guifang is a nation protected by gods, which was confirmed by Shang Wuding's attack. Mankind is no longer favored by the gods. Wu Ding expended great efforts to attack the ghost side, and was defeated by the totem **** of the ghost side at the moment of victory, but the totem **** of the ghost side was also sealed by Wu Ding.

However, even so, Guifang is a nation that should not be underestimated. Their men are strong, their women are intelligent, and their numbers are not in the minority. At least this kind of people didn't want to provoke them when Da Zhou was just established.

But it's just a matter of time. How many kings in this world don't want longevity?

I am a general of the army, standing at the forefront of the army, I see blood flowing into rivers and bones piled up into mountains on the battlefield. Guifangs men are indeed strong, and my Dazhou soldiers have to fight for their number advantage to force Guifang to slowly retreat.

Behind it is their home.

I looked up at the sky, the sky was still as clear as this, and it did not become gloomy and dim because of the war. Sure enough, it was an ant. Even so, the sky would not feel sad in the slightest.

Perhaps it is because of this that the gods will abandon us. In this world, I haven't seen a **** for a long time.

I finally defeated Gui Fang.

In the eyes of Guifangren's resentment, I took the ghost mackerel roe.

There was sarcasm in their resentful eyes. At that time, I didn't understand what it meant. Thinking about it now, I was actually mocking that even if I took away the ghost mackerel eggs, I couldn't get longevity. In the eyes of the Guifang people, it was just a ghost mackerel roe that could keep the body intact, but it was handed down to the world as a holy thing that can live forever.

I let go of the remaining ghosts, and then someone stood up and said they wanted to go back with me. With a bewitching voice, he told me that only he knew how to use ghost mackerel eggs. He was a sacrifice to the ghost party. He said his name was Feng Hongming.

I listened to him quietly, and then drove him back to Luoyi with the army.

It's just that I didn't tell him that I don't care how the ghost mackerel roe is used. I don't care who he is. All I care about is that I won the war.

I returned to Luoyi and handed the ghost mackerel roe and the man named Feng Hongming to the king.

To my surprise, the king wanted to hold a big wedding for me.

I was silent, and then I answered.

I haven't seen that woman, but it doesn't matter, that's the one who wants to spend my life with me. I think I will treat her well.

Soon after my wedding, I had a baby. It was a boy with a handsome face and a great smile. This is not like me. I am very satisfied with this kind of life, especially since Wang did not take back my military power.

It's just that when my younger brother grew up, he became no longer close to me. I clearly remember that my younger brother liked to pester me very much when he was young.

Later, after another, the king died.

Without any warning, everyone was caught off guard. It was also the day Wang died, Feng Hongming appeared in front of me and told me the real purpose of the ghost mackerel roe.

At that moment, I knew that the man in front of me was not worthy of belief.

When the king died, I, the Prince Kang, naturally became the new king, but it was so easy.

The second prince blatantly opposed me. The new queen and the forces behind her also stood behind and clamored together. The court officials were all on their side. They seemed to know that if I were made king, they would not be better off. result.

But they all forgot one thing, I have an army.

The soldiers standing behind me were truly **** from the war. The hostility on their bodies did not dissipate even after more than a year. How could the troops stationed in Luoyi be their opponents? This is just a unilateral massacre.

My brother was not caught by them. That was what I had arranged. It was an order that I had given long ago. No matter when, my brother should not be in danger.

I personally killed the second prince and his mother.

At that moment, none of the ministers present dared to speak.

I am very satisfied with the fear and accusation in their eyes.

I have become the king of Da Zhou, and I want to protect my precious things.

But I never expected that my brother would have that kind of thought to me. Such nasty and nasty things make me feel joyful in secret.

This should not be.

I alienated him, for his sake, even more Da Zhou.

We cannot be together.

It's just that I don't know, he is already so powerful in places I can't see, even me, I have to be controlled by him.

I can't say that I hate him, I'm just disappointed, just sad, just, just embarrassed.

I kept trying to escape, he held me desperately, I was very tired, I was very tired, I don't know how things developed to this point.

The stalemate was broken by Feng Hongming. He brought a message-I am dying.

This is not good news, but I was relieved because of this, maybe now only if I die can I get rid of this situation completely and get rid of this person.

Feng Hongming said that the aliens who come into contact with the ghost mackerel eggs cannot escape the curse of death. No disaster, no disease, but no good end.

I finally lay on the bed, my spiritual consciousness gradually disappeared, but I thought of many things in a trance. The younger brother raised his smile and gave me the grasshopper he made up by himself. His fleshy face was flushed by the wind. When he grew up, he was tall and handsome, but he put his head on my shoulder to act like a baby...

And the father who called me "Kang'er", the king sitting in the cold seat on the high steps.

Also, my mother took my hand and said to me:

"Kang'er, promise me to take good care of your brother."

I slowly closed my eyes, and a smile came up at the corner of my mouth.

Mother, I take good care of my younger brother. He is already an indomitable man. He will still be the king of Da Zhou and the king of all beings in the world.

Ji Zhao, if there is another life, let's be together.

The third Zhou Wang Jikang of the Zhou Dynasty, who reigned for four years, died without disease, and was named Zhouzhuang King.

Zhouzhuang Wang's brother Ji Zhao succeeded to the throne, Wang Ai, made Zhouzhuang Wang's son Wang Zixia the prince, following the Da Zhou Zhengtong.

-"The Secret History of Zhou Dynasty"

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