A Nest Of Snakes Inside An Old Tomb Chapter 117

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This is Ji Zhao.

Zhou Wang Ji Zhao.

I was not the King of Zhou. After my brother died, I became the King of Zhou.

But I would rather not be the king, just ask my brother to stroke my head again and say Zhao'er is really good.

I would like to be his brother for the rest of my life. I can no longer expect to be with him, as long as he lives.

It's just that I cast the mausoleum for him, I walked into the mausoleum holding his cold body, it was me, watching the mausoleum close a little bit.

I know he will never wake up again.

The world without elder brother is the world without Zhao'er anymore. I am just Ji Zhao, Zhou Wang Ji Zhao.

My brother didn't know that I actually resented my mother very much. Its just that I know my brother loves her deeply, so I never mentioned it in front of him. Mother, she is still selfish after all. Because of her, my brother has always stayed in this palace. I know my brother promised her that he would become the king of Da Zhou.

That is the dream of the mother's family for generations. Even if the door is completely wiped out, this kind of dream will intensify until it succeeds.

Her wish came true, and her brother became the king of Da Zhou at the cost of his brother's life.

However, I know my brother will not regret it. For my elder brother, there are some things, even if he sacrifices his life, he will not hesitate.

When the elder brother died, his son Ji Xia was only five years old. Xu realized that he is now alone and under the fence. Every time he sees me, he is very affectionate.

I smiled and called him Xia'er, but I disliked this child in my heart. I did not forget that this child was born to an older brother, and was born to an older brother and a woman.

In this regard, this child named Ji Xia is not comparable to his mother.

That woman, every time I see me is a gesture of alienation, and the mockery in her eyes makes me want to kill her.

"I am his righteous wife. I can do anything in his name. The world will only say that I love him the most. He and I have a son, but you will never get these."

Yes, she is right, she can declare to the whole world that she loves her brother, but I can't.

The last time I saw that woman was in the middle of the night.

She is very haggard.

I know that she also loves her brother.

This woman is very strong, she may not be the most beautiful, not the most intelligent, and I am still jealous of her, I know, in the bottom of my brother's heart, there is this woman.

She asked me to take care of her and her brother's son.

The next day, I got news of her suicide.

How good. I sighed, how good, she can go with her brother, but I can't, I still have a big week, this is the only thing my brother left me.

Brother, how cruel are you? Leaving this icy country, let me bear the endless emptiness alone.

I know Feng Hongming cannot be trusted. Brother, you also warned me not to believe him. It's just that there is only the slightest hope, I will never give up.

He took out the secret formation of Ghost Fang, a secret formation that can keep you and me together for life and life.

I admit, I am tempted.

According to what he said, I built your mausoleum, dug up my father's tomb and took out the ghost mackerel roe.

Feng Hongming said that six different snakes would guard the tomb.

So I led my troops to catch the different snakes. In these six battles, I suffered heavy losses in Da Zhou. However, I don't care. Compared with my brother, none of these are worth mentioning.

The Snake wants jade and things that we can't handle (gold and silver), so I sent Da Zhou's people to dig the ground three feet to find these for it.

Da Zhou's luck was squandered by me. But it doesn't matter. After all, it was Da Zhou who killed my brother and Da Zhou who ruined my love.

I built a tomb for my brother, and Da Zhous luck is in the tomb. This is what Da Zhou owes us.

Feng Hongming was complacent. He thought I didn't know his purpose, but it didn't matter. I tied Feng Hongming and went to the ghost party.

The front is the Shura battlefield, but I looked up at the sky. On this day, did my brother look far away. I looked down at the ground to see if my brother had stepped on it before, I drink the water around it, I eat the wild vegetables here, I hunt the animals here, did my brother do the same before. I slashed off the enemy's head with a knife, and I felt happy in the fear and disgust of the Guifang people. Brother, since it was the Guifang's ghost mackerel eggs that took your life, I will let the whole Guifang be buried for you!

None of the Guifang tribe is spared.

I was in front of Feng Hongming, cutting off the heads of the ghost men one by one. I let Feng Hongming watch it with his own eyes. It was him, the ghost of the ghost, the only person who could use the ghost fish eggs. He killed the clan.

"Mad, you are a crazy!"

Yeah, I'm a lunatic. The moment my brother closed his eyes, I went crazy!

Without Ji Kang in this world, what is the point of having Ji Zhao?

But soon brother, wait until I finish building your mausoleum, and when I bury the body of this ghost under your mausoleum, I can go to me, and we will be able to be together for life and death.

Finally, I cut off Feng Hongming's head and placed his head on top of the pile of human heads. I found the genius doctor, so that I drained all the blood and still breathe. I still remember my brother, you asked me to help you guard this Great Zhou, and I promised you to be the king of Great Zhou and never commit suicide.

The mausoleum closed slowly, and my nails fell into the palm of my hand severely, and the tingling pain made me rush into the mausoleum without impulse. The last step was to put the refined poisonous snake into the barrier. I took one last look and left here resolutely.

I haven't married in my life. The minister who advised me to marry a wife killed me. As time passed, no one dared to say anything about letting me marry a wife and have children.

Ji Xia grew up slowly. I often look at him in a trance. He looks more and more like his brother.

It's just that he is not his brother after all.

I made him a crown prince. Perhaps becoming the King of Zhou is Ji Xia's only purpose.

But what surprised me was that Ji Xia actually knew my feelings for my brother. The most ridiculous thing is that he actually took off his clothes and lay on my bed.

I indifferently watched Ji Xia lying naked on the bed, his brows and eyes were very similar to his brother, and his stature was very similar. But even if he looks exactly like his brother, he is not his brother.

I slowly raised the corners of my mouth. Do you like men? It was easy. I recruited a dozen guards and asked them to take care of the prince.

I stood by the window and heard the begging for mercy behind me, but I still didnt look back. I remembered the seven days of guarding the mausoleum for my mother that year. My brother knelt outside my fathers bedroom and cried and called my father to see his mother for the last time. The door of his father's bedroom was kept closed, and later, his brother was thrown out of the door by the minions.

I looked condescendingly at Ji Xia, who was crying bitterly, just like looking at the most humble ant. Ji Xia, what do you think you are? If your father is not an older brother, do you think you will be the prince or even the king of the Great Zhou?

You don't need to do anything, just stay quietly. When I go, this big week will be yours. But until then, you better not show up in front of me.

I'm afraid I can't help but kill you when I see your face.

At the moment I closed my eyes, I thought that life without my brother might not be so difficult.

I ordered that after my death, my brothers tomb should be opened and my brother and I should be buried together. I thought it was so, but I forgot. If I die, will I have the final say this week?

Ji Xia dismissed my order and buried me next to my father.

These were only known when I was reincarnated.

However, this did not change my determination to find my brother. I think I will find my brother and be with him. Now there is no Great Zhou between us, no blood relationship, we will definitely be together.

It's a pity that this world is too big, and I can't find my brother.

It's just that I will never give up. I searched the world, did not find my brother, but found a way to perfect the secret array.

I will take the remnants of Guifang to my brothers tomb, kill the remnants of Guifang and throw them under the mausoleum, and then bleed all my blood. When I reborn, we can be together.

It took me a long time to find the survivors of the Guifang. I am very fortunate that there was another Guifang who escaped my killing. If not, what can I do now?

I made a big game. I know that with my own ability, I can't enter the ancient tomb. After all, no one in this world is more familiar with the situation in the ancient tomb than I am. Although I can avoid those venomous snakes, I still need people who can distract. However, the people at the beginning were too weak, and I waited for a long time before I arrived at the most suitable time.

Even if the attraction of external things to me is far less than that of my brother, I have to admit that the world has become too much, but its good that they can persist in the barrier. More time, so that I have more time to rush to the mausoleum of my brother.

The latest group of people did not disappoint me, but since they came to steal my brother's tomb, they can only save their lives.

The one I chose to sacrifice was a man named Feng Yuan.

Finally, I successfully reached the tomb.

What annoys me is that someone has entered the tomb! But these were forgotten when I saw my brother.

brother! My brother! Why are you here! It turns out I can't find you, is that the reason? Damn Feng Hongming, so I was deceived by you in the end?

But it was not too late, I successfully stayed in this ancient tomb.

Brother, it doesn't matter if there is no way to reincarnate, it doesn't matter if there is no way to step out here, as long as you are by my side. Its just that Im sorry I cant take you to see the scenery elsewhere. Im sorry I cant let you feel the human temperature. Im sorry that I have waited here for thousands of years.

I'm just happy to be with you in the end.

Life is so salty and not light to live on. The thought that I can always be with my brother in the future makes me very happy.

Oh, by the way, my brother has friends here, a human who has turned into a snake, called Yin Xiaoxiao. This Yinxiaoxiao gave birth to a lot of little snakes, and every time he comes here, he complains about too many children, but I still see that it is still very happy to have so many children. But its partner Mo, Boss, doesn't seem to like the appearance of children very much.

I turned my head to look at my brother and found that there was a smile in his eyes. I knew that my brother always liked children.

I domineeringly hugged my brother from behind, my brother, you are destined to belong to me, don't expect to have children forever.

We will be like Yin Xiaoxiao and Mo Boss, being together for life and life, and will never be separated.

That's great.

Ahhhhhhh! ! I just found out that it didn't send it out! ! OMG! ! Fortunately I found it! ! I just said that its swollen today and there is no comment! It was originally scheduled at twelve o'clock! ! !

Keke, continue to roar hard, Ou's new article: Love Notes of the Little Eunuch

Tomorrow, there will be Xiongyu and Ming snake drops... I will briefly mention the little black charcoal and the snake babies~

I like the nest of snakes in the ancient tomb, please collect it: (Wuxiaworld) The literature update of the nest of snakes in the ancient tomb is the fastest.

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