A Nest Of Snakes Inside An Old Tomb Chapter 118

: Extra: Male Snake

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Xiong Yao knew from birth that his parents were Heavenly Father and Earth Mother. Perhaps it was not the strongest, but it was definitely not an existence that could be easily obliterated. Therefore, the male dragon lived unscrupulously.

This carefree, it seems that God can't pass it.

The free and easy life of the male dragon ended in Xianshan.

On the fresh mountain, there is a kind of snake, which is given the title of "Singing Snake" by Heaven. The song snake is generally golden in color, with four wings, two large and two small. The sound is like the sound of stone attack, and its nature is fire gold. After seeing this place, it will be scourge of drought. Legend has it that his duty is to guard the treasure.

The nature of the fresh mountain is fire gold.

However, there are more than one Snakes in this world, which is easy to understand. Although treasures are hard to find, how can there be only one treasure in this big world? No matter how critical the Snaking Snake is, several large-scale treasures can be found in the world.

Snake greed. The fire gold on the fresh mountain is inexhaustible, but the snakes are not in harmony. Snakes are all trying to occupy the fresh mountain. But this is unrealistic. Xianshan is the birthplace of Snaking Snakes. How can there be a reason to be occupied by a Snaking Snakes? The Snaking Snake was born by the power of the golden fire on the fresh mountain. As long as the fresh mountain is in one day, the Singing Snake will be born.

Those who are strong, stay in Xianshan to delineate their own territory, and those who are still strong but have no ability to get their own territory in Xianshan, they leave and go to other places to look for treasures. In addition, there are still weak, some walking in the world secretly, and some staying in Xianshan cautiously.

What we want to talk about is this crowing snake that is weak and stays in Xianshan. At that time, it was not called crowing snake, it was called "Huang".

Huang's strength is weak. It has also thought about going to the outside world. It is not greedy. It only needs to find a small treasure. It is just at the time of the Lich War. There are many Lich and Monster races outside. Fearing that he would be captured by the monster or witch clan as soon as he went out, he could only stay on the fresh mountain.

When Xiong Xiao saw Huang, Huang was in the territory of a roaring snake, secretly absorbing the power of golden fire.

Xiong Xiao saw the thin and weak singing snake. Because of the lack of the power of golden fire, the golden body of the singing snake looked extremely dim. The two pairs of wings were tightly attached to the body of the snake. The length of the singing snake was It is determined by the amount of golden fire power absorbed, and the screaming snake in front of Xiongyus eyes is no more than ten meters in length. Normal screaming snakes are 30 meters long, and there are also powerful seven or eighty meters. You can see how weak the snake in front of you is.

However, it was such a thin snake that made Xiong Xiao's heart tremble for no reason.

The male dragon has always been the master who does what he thinks of, so he quietly stopped behind Ming snake: "What is your name?"

Huang has been carefully observing the surroundings, but how could it be possible to find Xiongzhu with his current strength, so Huang was almost frightened by the question of Xiongzhu. At this time, how can he take care of the power of gold and fire, in a hurry? Just want to escape.

Huang only climbed a few steps before being stopped by Xiong Yao.

At this time, the nine heads of the male dragon were still snake heads. Fortunately, they were snake heads. If there were nine heads, Huang would be scared to death.

Huang saw the nine male dragons who had been making trouble, first yelled in fear, and then...then he was relieved. Fortunately, it was not a snake. If it were a snake, he might have been killed today.

What gives Huang your confidence to make you believe that this guy in front of you will not kill you?

Xiong Xiao asked again: "What's your name?"

"My name is Huang." Ming Snake replied cautiously.

"Huang?" Xiong Xiao smiled and nodded, "I am Xiong Xiao, I am glad to meet you."

"Male?" Ming Snake was startled, "I've heard your name!" After Ming Snake finished speaking, he paused. The snake's face showed an enviable expression, "I envy you very much. You can do it every day. Eat well."

If you change the snake to say this to the male horn, the male horn will have to turn his head and leave even if he doesnt beat the snake. He just faces the screaming snake called Huang in front of him, and the male horn doesnt feel like that anyway. do.

Xiong Xiao thought for a while: "You can too."

"Ah? I, I can't." Huang shrank, "I am too weak, I can only eat very little food every day, I can't fill my stomach at all."

"Then you come with me!"

Xiong Nan couldn't help but surprised Huang by what Xiong Nan said, and even Xiong Nan himself was taken aback. Who doesn't know that male **** likes freedom and hates **** most? But this time, Xiong Nan said such words without even thinking about it, no wonder Xiong Nan himself was taken aback. However, the Xiong Yu who said this didn't feel any regret at all, and he even looked forward to the days when he was with Huang in the future.

Huang didn't know that Xiongyu liked freedom in nature, but was surprised that Xiongyu took him along with him: "Is that okay? I'm afraid of hurting you."

Huangs words are not unreasonable. Nowadays, the Primordial Continent is in a time of great chaos. If he and Xiongyu are gone, it means that Xionglu will take a snake that is almost incompetent to walk on the Primordial Continent. This is too dangerous. Up.

"Don't be afraid, I will protect you!" Xiong Xiao vowed, without giving Huang the opportunity to refuse, "You eat now, I am here to protect you, and when you are full, I will take you away."

Huang only hesitated for a while and agreed. Huang didn't think about whether the snake named Xiongyu had any intentions against him, but as soon as this idea appeared, he was denied. As he is now, what other intentions does he have against him?

Huang Yan glanced at Xiong Yao with gratitude, and then concentrated on the power of the golden fire.

Hiding in the distance to observe a powerful crowing snake here, reluctantly tossed its tail, and left. Although his strength is strong, he has no power to contend with compared with Xiong Zhu. It is better to let go of the screaming snake that eats the power of the golden fire of his own territory.

Huang gobbled up his food. This was Huang's first time since he was born. He couldn't help but be even more grateful to Xiong Yao.

Huang climbed up on the back of the male horn. The male horn was nearly 200 meters long. It was very easy to carry a snake that was only about ten meters on his back. Huang is a snake, and he can fly, but the current speed of Huang Fei is far less than the speed of Xiong Fei.

Although I brought a snaking snake, life was not as sad as I had imagined. Xiong Yao changed his habit of wandering around, but found a place with treasures and stopped: "Hey, raise your body first, and when you are well raised, we can walk around the land of the wild together. Up."

Huang nodded obediently, desperately eating the treasure that Xiongzhu had found for it. I don't know what it feels like. Huang just knows that he has to work hard to catch up with the male eagle. It shouldn't stay on the male eagle's back all the time. It should walk with the male eagle and fly in the sky together.

After eating at this place, Xiong Yao took Huang to find another treasure, and when he finished eating at the other place, he went to find a new one.

Even in the context of such a war of Lich, many people still noticed the male and the wild. Slowly, the thing about a thin snake roaring with Xiong Ying spread throughout the entire prehistoric continent. Most of them just laughed it off. This is nothing at all. The male dragon is absolutely indestructible. Most of the singing snakes can't be seen, and the life of the two snakes is fairly stable.

However, this stability is only temporary.

Gonggong once met Huang and Xiongzao during a journey. Xiong Nan looked at Huang's eyes intently, Gong Gong would definitely not admit his mistake, I'm afraid that Xiong Nan was thinking about that snake.

As soon as his mind changed, Gonggong came up with Xiong's idea.

At this time the war between the two clans of the Lich had ended. The two clans came to the world, the demon palm heaven and the witch palm continent. Gonggong was already separated from Zhu Rong at this time, and Gonggong was eager to expand his strength. So he moved Xiong's idea. Although the fighting power of the male is not the best, it is not bad. Now Gonggong has found the weakness of the male, and of course he wants to use the male.

Gong Gong secretly caught Huang.

Unsurprisingly, Gong Gong had to listen to Gong Gong obediently. It was also the actions of Gonggong that allowed the two snakes to see their feelings clearly, but they were threatened by Gonggong if they had just recognized their feelings.

While listening to Gonggong's order, Xiongxu looked for where Gonggong had hidden the waste. When he found the wasteland, a glimmer of cold flashed in Xiong's eyes, he must kill Gonggong!

It was also under such circumstances that for the first time since he was born, Xiongyu worked hard to cultivate, and in the end it really allowed Xiongyu to train nine people with the same heads!

Gonggong can't beat such a hero, but it doesn't matter. Gonggong knows that as long as Huang is still in his own hands, he can't do anything to himself. The facts were true, and Xiong Yu had no choice but to suppress the anger in his heart and let the co-workers dispatch him.

Later, Gonggong and Zhu Rong were defeated in a battle. Gonggong ran into Zhoushan in anger, the mountain fell, and Gonggong died and lost half his life. Xiong Xiao immediately stepped up his actions, thinking about finding Huang's whereabouts as soon as possible.

However, the sudden appearance of Emperor Dayu brought an accident. Gonggong provoked raging floods on the precipitous continent, and the human race suffered heavy casualties. As one of the three emperors, Emperor Dayu was favored by heaven and vowed to kill Gonggong to calm the human grievances.

Dayu's strength was stronger than Gonggong, and at this moment, Gonggong's strength dropped by more than half. Dayu killed Gonggong without any effort. After killing Gonggong, Dayu took the waste away easily.

Xiongqi was furious, and being trapped in the hands of Gonggong for many years has caused a lot of grievances in his heart. Now Gonggong is dead, he is just a step back, and Huang was taken away by Dayu again.

Xiong Xiao killed the tribe where Dayu was and hovered in the sky, roaring, making Dayu surrender the famine. Dayu himself refused to lose face in front of others and refused to give up the famine. The two fought.

Speaking of the strength of the Xiongyu is comparable to that of Dayu, but now that the human race is prosperous, Heaven is naturally on the side of Dayu, and the defeat of the Xiongyu is not unexpected. The Xiongyu was cut off and his body turned into a swamp , The soul cannot be found in this swamp.

After all, Dayu had some thoughts in seizing the famine. The famine nowadays is different from the famine in the past. In the beginning, Xiong Yu took Huang to look for treasures everywhere, and Huang has grown rapidly. Later, he was taken away by Gong Gong. Gong Gong did not deduct food from Huang. When Huang fell into the hands of Dayu, his body was nearly 100 meters long. This has never happened before in the history of Naruto.

However, even if it has become the most powerful snake, it is of little use. The main purpose of the snake is to guard the treasure. Of course, the premise must satisfy the mouth of the snake, and the worst is the drought.

Since Dayu caught Huang, he of course asked Huang to help him find the treasure-this is the instinct of the snake, so naturally he also found good things in advance that can restrain the drought caused by the snake, but it is a pity that Dayu can count on everything. , I miscalculated Huang's thoughts on Xiongzhu. When Huang learned the news of Xiong's death, he was stimulated to soar nearly fifty meters, becoming the true king of the Naruto clan. Because of this, the drought curse on Naruto was impossible to avoid.

The Terran drought began here.

Dayu wanted to kill the Snaking Snake, but it was a pity that Dayu's merits were full and he was taken away by the saint. Among the remaining human races, there was no one who could compete with the Snaking Snake.

There was a severe drought in the human race, and the snakes were still not satisfied, and they wandered all the day in the human realm looking for treasures. If they found it, they would eat them, and if they could not be eaten, they would be thrown to other realms. This behavior, I finally learned that the male dragon had returned. The news that it would come alive gradually stopped.

Huang returned to Xianshan, and he had to wait for the male to come back to pick him up at the place where they first met.

The Snaking Snakes of Xianshan didn't dare to provoke the wasteland, and after a long time, they actually called the wasteland their king.

No snake knows Huang's name, they all call it Snake King.

Huang, that is a name that only Xiongzhu can call.


"Huang, what's the matter?" One of Xiong's head approached, and by the way, he pressed his body onto Naruto's body.

Snake took a step back disgustingly, away from the head of the male: "Xiong, don't move, put your head in front of my eyes, it's ugly."

Xiong Yu was aggrieved and retracted his head. Hey, that's true, Huang is really getting less and less cute.

Naruto Suddenly remembered something, and said to Xiongyu: "It seems that Xiaoxiao hasn't been here for a long time."

Xiong Xiao replied indifferently: "An La An, I heard that Xiao Xiao is pregnant again, well, I count, it should be the fourth child."

Ming Snake put a smile on his face: "Really, I don't know when Xiao Xiao is going to be born. Last time Xiao Xiao and Boss Mo came, I looked at Boss Mo's face and it was very ugly."

"Who knows!" The nine heads shook their heads together, and then smiled somewhat gloatingly, "I feel very happy when I see Boss Mo's ugly face."

"By the way, doesn't Boss Mo do not want to be the patriarch? So, doesn't Bai Jiahei have to become the patriarch?" Ming Snake continued.

"That's right." Xiong Xiao nodded, "But although the strength of white and black is the strongest except for Boss Mo, its color really makes the snakes a headache."

"But it doesn't matter, these things are left to them to worry about." Naruto said, "Last time I came, I said that Xiaoxiao, if we rebirth, let us watch all the baby snakes. I really look forward to the arrival of the baby snakes."

"Haha, I think it will be very lively when I come to the cliff." At this point, Xiong Yu was a little excited.

Naruto nodded in agreement.


It didn't take long for Yin Xiaoxiao to bring the snake babies who were born not long ago, and then left with Boss Mo. Yin Xiaoxiao and Mo Boss did not return to the mountain, but left here to start the real world of two snakes.

Two hundred years sounds like a long time, but Yin Xiaoxiao and Mo Boss are already eighty-two years old at this time, and the other is already a hundred years old. Although it was still in the prime of life, the years still left traces.

But that's okay.

Yin Xiaoxiao turned his head and wrapped his upper body around Boss Mo's snake. Boss Mo also turned his head, and a kiss gently landed on the small silver forehead.

We have countless two hundred years to be together.

Not only the two of us, but also the different snakes, as well as Ji Zhao Ji Kang, we will remember all the snakes and people deeply. We are not lonely.

I really responded to a sentence: There is no years in the mountains, and a dream has been thousands of years.

The name of the new text has been changed... It is still not good...

At this point, Yin Xiaoxiao's article is truly over! Here, I am very grateful to the dears who have been with me until now! Come on, give me a hug at the end~~ okay~~

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