A Record of a Mortals Journey to Immortality Chapter 2240

Chapter 2242: Battle In The Spirit Domain

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Chapter 2242: Battle in the Spirit Domain

The two insect projections were very alarmed to hear this, and they immediately attempted to flee, but two shimmering black runes shot out of the silver-robed woman's fingertip, then vanished into the bodies of the two projections at an incredible speed.

The two projections let loose a collective agonized howl as they writhed with all their might to resist the black runes' power, but it was all to no avail as their bodies rapidly began to shrink.

Moments later, only a pair of balls of light were left hovering in mid-air.

The silver-robed woman swept a hand through the air, and the balls of light flew directly toward her.

She then opened her mouth to devour the two balls of light, and as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, her aura seemed to have swelled to become around twice as powerful as it had originally been.

Moments later, she reopened her eyes, and her aura instantly returned to normal.

Right at this moment, she seemed to have sensed something, and she cast a cold gaze upward before returning to the ball of devilish flames within the eye socket of the giant carcass in a flash.

In the next instant, the carcass suddenly raised its head and let loose a shrill roar, upon which clouds of blood mist appeared around it before transforming into crimson threads that quickly adhered to the bones of the carcass.

One layer of crimson threads after another wound themselves around the carcass's bones before quickly transforming into blood, flesh, meridians, skin, and scales.

In the blink of an eye, the carcass had transformed into a three-headed giant insect.

The central head of the insect bore the appearance of the silver-robed woman, while the other two heads were mostly covered in five-colored scales with countless eyeballs of different sizes all over the tops of the heads, presenting a very chilling sight to behold.

As for the insect's body, it was as smooth and translucent as a flawless chunk of crystal. On its back were four pairs of beautiful white cicada wings with five-colored runes etched all over their surfaces.

As soon as the mountainous insect's body was reconstructed, the central head cast a cold gaze upward in silence.

As for the other two heads, their eyes were tightly shut, and they remained completely expressionless as if they were inanimate objects.

Moments later, three streaks of light descended into the abyss from above.

The lights faded over 1,000 away, and Han Li's trio was revealed.

At such a close range, Han Li and Bao Hua were naturally able to see the giant insect down below, and both of their expressions faltered slightly in response to this sight.

This giant insect was completely different in appearance from the body they had destroyed above the water, and what was most alarming to Han Li and Bao Hua was the central head of the insect, which bore a strong resemblance to the little girl.

"So this is the Stemborer Queen's body. It looks like we're too late; it's already awakened," Bao Hua said with a dark expression.

"It doesn't look like the body we just destroyed, but this should indeed be the Stemborer Queen's body," Han Li replied with a grim look in his eyes.

"Seeing as it's completely unscathed here, I can only assume that our two fellow daoists have already perished," Bao Hua sighed.

Han Li cast his gaze toward the broken treasures next to the giant insect, and he nodded with a solemn expression.

"So you three were the ones that harmed my clone and disrupted my rest." The central head of the giant insect suddenly spoke, and its voice was very pleasing to the ears, like that of a seductive maiden.

"Are you the Stemborer Queen? Have our two companions from earlier already fallen by your hands?" Bao Hua asked in a calm voice.

"Hehe, those two puny Grand Ascension Stage beings dared to attack me, so of course I had to devour them. Seeing as you three aren't willing to answer my question, I'll send you on your way just like I did to your companions," the central head of the giant insect said in a cold voice, but its words were accompanied by a mismatching seductive smile.

As soon as its voice trailed off, it opened its mouth to release a plume of grey threads, which transformed into a massive net that descended toward Han Li's trio from above.

The net was releasing a nauseating rank odor, and Han Li's trio appeared to be quite calm, but they were naturally very wary of the Stemborer Queen.

As the grey net descended toward the trio, Bao Hua immediately yelled, "Now!"

She then instantly flipped over a hand to conjure up a miniature tree amid a flash of green light, which quickly transformed into a massive pink tree that released countless pink flower petals to fill the entire space down below.

At the same time, Daoist Xie transformed into a giant golden crab that was around 100 acres in size, and a massive lightning net rose up from its body to oppose the descending grey net.

Meanwhile, Han Li made a grabbing motion, and the Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword appeared in his grasp amid a flash of green light.

His body also swelled drastically in size as his Provenance True Devil Projection emerged, then transformed into its golden body form before fusing as one with him.

Purplish-golden scales began to appear all over his body alongside countless silver spirit runes that formed a series of formations of different sizes.

He then abruptly flicked his wrist, and countless balls of five-colored light suddenly emerged within the abyss before surging into the longsword in a frenzy.

A row of silver runes lit up on the blade of the sword, and the power of laws surged forth as 12 green lines swept through the air.

The 12 green lines were virtually connected to form a single line, and they instantly reached the giant insect before slicing toward it with devastating force.

It was clear that Han Li and the others had already devised a strategy to be used when facing the Stemborer Queen, and all of them had unleashed their trump cards in unison.

Daoist Xie was responsible for opposing the Stemborer Queen's attack, Bao Hua had been assigned the duty of trapping the Stemborer Queen, while Han Li was the one who was going to land the killing blow.

A normal Grand Ascension Stage being would most likely have no chance of surviving this combination attack, but the human face of the Stemborer Queen merely raised an eyebrow, and a flurry of energy fluctuations erupted from its body to sweep all of the surrounding flower petal projections aside.

Immediately thereafter, it raised a human arm and pointed a delicate finger forward.

Black light flashed as a shimmering black rune shot forth out of its fingertip to strike the green line at the very forefront with unerring accuracy.

The black rune exploded, and a burst of formidable power of laws swept forth.

As soon as the 12 green lines came into contact with this power of laws, they immediately drew to an abrupt halt before suddenly being repelled back to Han Li's trio.

Han Li and Bao Hua's expressions both changed drastically upon seeing this, and the former hurriedly slashed his longsword through the air again to unleash 12 more green lines.

The 24 green lines clashed and were destroyed in unison, but a burst of fearsome energy fluctuations continued to surge toward Han Li's trio.

Han Li raised his Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword, and several of the silver runes on the blade lit up to absorb the oncoming energy fluctuations, but he was involuntarily forced back a few steps by the impact.

Using his Profound Heavenly Treasure several times in succession had eaten away a large chunk of his magic power, and his face had paled slightly to reflect that.

If a normal Grand Ascension cultivator had been in his shoes, they would've most likely already exhausted their magic power and suffered backlash from the Profound Heavenly Treasure.

"That's not normal repulsion; it's the power of reversal of the law of time!" Bao Hua exclaimed as she gritted her teeth and plucked off one of the thick branches of the floral tree in her hand, then quickly swept it through the air.

However, the Stemborer Queen seemed to already be prepared for this, and a grey halo abruptly erupted from its body alongside bursts of peculiar energy fluctuations.

The grey halo forced back a vast expanse of pink flower petal projections, and a grey rune suddenly appeared near the giant insect.

At the same time, a burst of power of laws struck the halo with devastating force, only to be repelled by the halo, which remained completely unscathed.

An incredulous look appeared on Bao Hua's face upon seeing this.

"Hehe, a Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain, eh? I didn't think that a mere lower realm Grand Ascension Stage being would be able to master such an ability. Unfortunately, this is only a faux spirit domain, so there's no way it'll be effective against me. How about this? Before I devour you, let me show you what a true Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain looks like," the Stemborer Queen chuckled as it suddenly made a hand seal with its front limbs, then chanted an incantation to make the grey halo around it rotate at a rapid speed.

All of a sudden, the halo vanished in a flash, and all of the light in the entire abyss dimmed significantly.

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