A Sorcerer's Journey Book 9 Chapter 499

A Sorcerer's Journey Volume 9 Chapter 499 The Infernal Purgatory

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"Finally... he has finally appeared! Is this the Eternal Dominator?"

The entire Infernal Spirit World was shaking, the sea was roaring, the earth was shaking, and lava was boiling and erupting from the volcanoes.

For a typical small world, the Infernal Spirit World was already considered a large-scale world, but it was still too small for an Eternal Dominator.

A world like this, on the one hand, had no way to provide both a vast area and a powerful law of checks-and-balances for the Eternal Dominator's smooth arrival. On the other hand, it had the ability to stop their forced descent!

If the World Lords were forced to descend upon a foreign world across the Endless Void, depending on the specific situation, it would take them a few days, as for the descent of the Eternal Dominator, it could take up to more than ten days.

In the case of worlds that were not so big, but were of the strongest ones in medium-scale worlds, the Eternal Dominator might not even be able to descend upon it even if it were given an eternity.

Although the Eternal Dominator was the dominator who crossed the Endless World, he could not truly dominate every world. This was also the Balanced Law of the Endless World!

This was also applicable to the medium-scale worlds capable of resisting the Eternal Dominator's independent invasion.

Think about it...

The Eternal Dominator not only had to face both the forceful strangling of a world's Law Energy and the obstruction of the Endless World's Balanced Law, but also the willful attack of the beings in the entire world for a substantive amount of time. With such a world which was still medium-scale yet possessed a few World Lords, what could it hurt in the meantime?

At the moment, Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer wanted to forcibly descend upon the Infernal Spirit World. According to preliminary estimations, it would take at least more than two hundred hourglasses, which was more than half a year!

For such a long time, even if Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer were to successfully descend upon the Infernal Spirit World, these invading Purgatory Giants would have already successfully fled back to their own world. Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer would never have a chance at all.

This was also the reason why Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer was still unwilling to descend after crash-landing in the Realm of Darkness, other than the fact that he needed to pay a high price after descending.

After the descent of Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer, not only would he not not obtain any benefits, but he would also have to pay an extremely high price!

The Eternal Dominator, was not omnipotent afterall.

His power was way too colossal, and it was also the beginning of more restrictions. Only the gods described in biographical novels were omnipotent.

This was indeed the Balanced Law, and this was why the Endless World's life species could reproduce and be more diverse.

However, something like this now could not be prevented by Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer. The Purgatory Giant King, Abaddon, who was holding the Purgatory Furnace, had the strength to look directly at the Eternal Dominator, even in the Void World!

Even such a strong being like Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer had ended up being crushed by the Purgatory Furnace. If Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer did not want to see all the Expedition Sorcerers and the incoming Stigmata Sorcerers being swallowed up by the Purgatory Giant legion in the Infernal Spirit World, he would try to come all the way down!

With all that said, this was just an attempt to find a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation, in hopes that the Eternal Dominator's power itself would scare off the opponents, and save the dwindling number of sorcerer legions.

As for revenge...

Abaddon, who was holding the Purgatory Furnace, was hiding in a medium-scale world. Without an equivalent World Lord, it was almost impossible for the Eternal Dominator to forcibly descend!

By continuing to sustain the destructive impact of the Purgatory Furnace and being unable to fight back, from Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer's viewpoint, even just the thought of it was ridiculous.

In the Sorcerers World, could a Stigmata Sorcerer lead the Expeditionary Legion to contain this Purgatory Giant King?

After digging into his memories for comparison and exceptions, Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer could only think of one person with absolute confidence, a Celestial who had dedicated tens of thousands of years in the Nightmare World.

However, that very person was already at the last juncture on the path to becoming a Celestial, and it was the last moment when the battle between the Sorcerers World and the Alloy Destroyer Civilization was about to begin.

Not to mention the price Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer would have to pay to recruit that person, the other sorcerers in the Sorcerers World would never allow such a ridiculous thing to happen!

Compared to the Third Sorcerer World War, Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer's loss and anger meant absolutely nothing.

Although he was enraged, he was helpless and could not even retaliate!

The helplessness of an Eternal Dominator was vividly displayed at this very moment.

"I can only wait for the opportunity for the opponent to appear in the Endless Void. Or if the Sorcerers World still exists after the Third Civilization War, I will try to find another way."

After the cleansing of the Civilization War, a new generation of Supreme Celestial Sorcerers might appear in the Sorcerers World.

It was truly impossible. Even if by paying a significant price or an absolute amount to carry out an endless invasion, or looking for King Abaddon's opponent from other clans within the Sorcerer Coalition, retaliation against what had happened at that time must be carried out!

Delving deep into his thoughts, Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer had already begun cooking up a plan for more than ten thousand years to come.

The stern, majestic face became thousands of kilometers wide. The World Veil Law outside the chaos layer was squeezed and converted through the Abyssal Demon Cloud, and anger was shown on his face.

For enemies of a lesser life level, Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer would not be bothered to attempt any sort of persuasion.

At this level, life had become a journey, and some could only support the destiny of continuing to reaching their goal, and death was no longer fearful or mysterious.

At this time, the Eternal Dominator wanted to descend upon the Infernal Spirit World. First, the World Veil Law must be isolated from both matter energy and void energy, and then the Balanced Law of the Endless World must be touched and blocked.

During this time, only the Eternal Dominators could experience it for themselves.

One after another, both the Infernal Spirit World Laws and the polluted Abyssal Laws had been transformed into nearly physical chains to defend and retaliate against these huge terrifying creatures that were touching the World Law.

They represented both the laws of the circle of life of living things in the world, and the assembly of all life to continue on with their will.

"Seven Rings..."

"It's Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer!"

As for matters pertaining to Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer, due to the secret communication between sorcerers, a considerable part of the Demon-Hunter Sorcerers in the Infernal Spirit World were already aware, and Grimm's group was not the only ones who knew.

They were just shocked by the fall of Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer, and were in utter disbelief. At this moment, they were expecting the descent of Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer.

Even if the Purgatory Giant King was stronger, he would never be an equal opponent of a Celestial Sorcerer!

All the sorcerers were more than convinced.

On the contrary, the Purgatory Giants, while coping with the battle, stopped and looked up, looking at the almost unbelievable "miracle" in the sky.

Every action created a natural phenomenon in this world. Was this not a "miracle" in the eyes of lesser creatures?

Only the Purgatory Giant King, Abaddon, was cheering excitedly with every inch of his flaming skin, at the moment of the most magnificent glory in the course of his life, what he was witnessing was not the so-called "miracle", but the fantasy he had once desired when forging the Purgatory Furnace.

Below his feet was the center of the vast crater created by the crash-landing of Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer, while the Purgatory Furnace on King Abaddon's shoulder was being lifted up. The golden lava had boiled completely and was flowing out of the furnace.

"Burn, Purgatory Furnace, for I am with you, the Infernal Purgatory!"


Suddenly, thousands of flames on King Abaddon's shoulders rose into the sky, and they were inflated several times bigger. The intense flames rushed into the sky and clouds, dispelling the natural phenomenon of Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer's inadvertent illusion, and straight into the blazing flames of the chaos layer!

It was if this was both the true form and the strongest power of the Purgatory Furnace, in other words, Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer did not even witness Abaddon's full power, which was the strongest power of the Purgatory King breaking the Purgatory Flag of the previous generation.


Stepping on the crater created by the fallen corpse of Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer seemed to be both the stepping stone and qualification for Abaddon to challenge the Eternal Dominator. As the strongest World Lord, King Abaddon held the true form of the Infernal Purgatory Furnace and flew toward the huge face that stood out from the World Veil above the chaos layer.

The Purgatory Giant King had been recognized as the strongest powerhouse ever, and the strongest power of the Purgatory Flames was adamantly blooming.

This was the true form of the indisputably strongest Purgatory Giant King, and the form of desperation of the World Lords that was almost insurmountable: the Infernal Purgatory.

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