A Sorcerer's Journey Book Chapter 500

A Sorcerer's Journey Volume 9 Chapter 500 The Book Of Grimm

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After a brief collision above the chaos layer of the Infernal Spirit World, a majestic energy wave erupted. Even though it was far away from the battlefield, it had already swept through like a gust of wind.


A burning fireball of several thousand meters fell from the sky, accompanied by a large earthquake, and a huge crater was formed in a distant place outside the battlefield.

The crater magma pool bubbled with a gurgling sound.


The exhausted Purgatory Giant King, Abaddon's large hand was still gripping the Purgatory Furnace. The golden magma in the furnace was almost half gone, leaving only the last remnants of it flowing at the bottom.

King Abaddon wanted to stand up and restore his violent and powerful stalwart body, but his body swayed and he half kneeled in the lava pool, holding the body of the Purgatory Furnace.

He looked up to the sky.

The chaos layer of the World Fabric Law outside the field of vision at this time had thousands of huge highlighted faces that had been smashed in half, and the awe-inspiring majesty it once had was no more.

Alas, this half-shattered face was gradually replenished by the Eternal Dominator's power source in the void, gradually recuperating and restoring it.

"My King!"

King Sissy holding the Purgatory Flag, and several Purgatory Giant Kings, gathered around.

"Snore, snore..."

With a bang, Abaddon's eyes showed indescribable joy. He raised his large hand and gasped in excitement, unquestionably issuing an order at the same time.

"Heh heh ha ha ha! Immediately inform all the clans to stop the invasion and destruction plan of this world, and withdraw to the Purgatory World, I have gained the Eternal Dominator's recognition."

All the Purgatory Giants were delighted.

King Abaddon had gained the Eternal Dominator's recognition!

From now on, the Purgatory Giant clan would develop from nothingness, and pay a tribute to the message of King Abaddon fighting with an Eternal Dominator after invading the world for generations to come. They had even recorded the power level of the Eternal Dominator in full detail.

Even the Purgatory Giants would have their own Eternal Dominator!?


Sissy waved the Purgatory Flag in excitement, and another Purgatory Giant King took out a Flame Horn and blew the sound of flames.

The melodious sound spread throughout the skies.

Hearing the sound of the horn, a huge Purgatory Giant with its head easily reaching tens of meters voluntarily broke away from the battle with the Sorcerer Legion, and stepped away without looking back.

"Fall back!"

"Quick! Retreat, leave this world!"

The Purgatory Giants growled and shouted one by one, retreating toward the world aperture connected to the Purgatory Giant World like a tidal wave.

Due to the presence of King Sissy holding the Purgatory Flag, no Stigmata Sorcerer dared to lead the Sorcerer Legion to go after these Purgatory Giants.

"Finally... they are retreating!"

The sorcerers, in the face of the sudden end to the tragic war, let out sighs of relief.

Bone Bell Stigmata Sorcerer suddenly grabbed a tens-of-meters tall giant rock hand that was slowly disappearing, and the green soul-fire in his skull's eye sockets was beating.

"The Purgatory Giant World coordinates!"

This Purgatory Giant King was the World Lord who was killed by the destruction artillery cannon of the Void Fortress.

Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer, Enigmatic Stigmata Sorcerer, and Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer had all landed into the crater on the ground, looking for possible traces of both Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer and Dark Realms Stigmata Sorcerer.

After a long while, the three Stigmata Sorcerers returned home dejectedly.

Dark Realms Stigmata Sorcerer had been blasted into pieces by King Abaddon, with most parts of him being shrouded in the Purgatory Furnace for incineration, while the smaller parts were scattered all over the place.

As for Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer...

Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer showed deep perseverance and regret.

"It seems that Isotta has indeed fallen again, and I don't know if he had time to give himself a chance to be reborn again."

As allies of Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer, several Stigmata Sorcerers knew his secrets, among them was the secret of Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer's rebirth ability.

In ancient times, Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer was not Isotta, but another unknown taboo name that had accompanied countless defeats of Stigmata Sorcerers.

After his rebirth, he was promoted as a Stigmata Sorcerer once again and gradually restored the memories as an ancient sorcerer in his former lifetime. In fact, he was no longer the former Stigmata Sorcerer, but had transformed into Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer who now exuded a sense of apathy, cruelty, and evilness.

This was how Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer had the power to steal psychic memories!

This also explained why the Stigmata Sorcerer Tower was built in the Holy Tower of Seven Rings area, rather than that of the more ancient Four Rings or above.

"There's no need to think about that. Even if he really still has a chance to be reborn, we don't know whether he can be promoted as a Stigmata Sorcerer again to restore his memory."

Bone Bell Stigmata Sorcerer imprisoned the flames of the Purgatory Giant's palms, preventing them from continuing to disperse, as he said in a low voice.

His green soul-fire was beating.

"Also, even if he really has a chance to be reborn once again, what good will it do if he were to be restored to the rank of Stigmata Sorcerer? By that time, he will no longer be Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer, but a new Stigmata Sorcerer with memories of both the ancient sorcerer and Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer. As such, the current Isotta will no longer identify himself as his former ancient self. "

Only Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer sighed.

"The path of a Celestial, is full of infinite dangers."


Wings of Light Stigmata Sorcerer and four other Stigmata Sorcerers under the Seven Rings Celestial flew over.

Looking at the vast crater left by the crash-landing of Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer, Wings of Light Stigmata Sorcerer could not help but feel a sense of grief. He did not expect this powerful Stigmata Sorcerer to fall like this in the Demon-Hunter expedition that was in his hands.

He hastily let go of his feelings.

Although there was a sense of grief, the death of Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer was nothing to the Sorcerers World as a whole.

"For Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer to completely descend upon this world, it takes about two hundred and forty hourglasses."


A few Stigmata Sorcerers replied in acknowledgement. If there were any remaining Purgatory Giants in the world after Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer had completely arrived, they would be wiped out by the enraged Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer himself.

Facing the invasion of the Purgatory Giants this time, except for most of the sorcerer power gathered here, it was like the coping force gathered by the Acraepoids when the Sorcerers World had just descended upon the Infernal Spirit World to destroy the Dark Destroyer Empire. At this point in time, the huge Infernal Spirit World had a few gathering points for the Sorcerers World's power.


In the Acraepoid Kingdom.

Grimm, bound in chains, followed the Acraepoid Shrine Guard and walked deep into the underground shrine.

Gradually, a piazza of one thousand meters tall appeared in Grimm's sight, and red gems were placed on the top of the hall, shining like daylight.

But as a sorcerer, Grimm recognized at first glance that this piazza was not a piazza at all, but an altar!

However, this altar had obviously been destroyed. Even after some thorough repairs, cracks were still clearly present on the entire altar. At the center of the altar was a strong stone skull of a hundred meters tall, revealing a strong and indestructible tyrannical will.

"What happened?"

A lesser shrine sacrifice came over and asked the Shrine Guard.

In the distance, more than a hundred shrine sacrifices were worshipping religiously on the ground and devoted themselves to the restorers of the altar's cracks. After carefully distinguishing some broken stones, they filled in the cracks.

After the captain of the Shrine Guard squad that bound Grimm saluted, he pointed at Grimm and said, "This Acraepoid has just flown above the shrine. According to the rules of the shrine, you shall be whipped fifty times as punishment and pay tribute to the Infernal God statue for one month before you can leave."

'Pay tribute to the Infernal God statue for one month!?'

With a stroke of genius, Grimm struggled against his restraints and said, "Reporting back to the great sacrifice, this humble Acraepoid has just been introduced into the kingdom by the Thunder Pupil Saint. After hearing that the Acraepoid Shrine was here, I wanted to come to pay tribute to the Acraepoid Infernal God. However, I couldn't find it, though the Guardian said that this is..."

After only completing half of his statement, he suddenly felt a sense of coldness!

'What's happening!?'


Thump, thump, thump, thump

The Goat Skull on Grimm's shoulders shook vigorously. In Grimm's utter shock, he felt the power of Isotta inside the Goat Skull beginning to weaken its hold on the seal that was sealing the Nightmare Shadow within. The Nightmare Shadow was constantly struggling, it wanted to break free from the seal!

"Warrior, what's in your shoulder pad? I feel an evil breath coming from it!"

The main shrine sacrifice in the distance flew over, as he stared at Grimm and shouted.


There seemed to be something crawling out of Grimm's stomach. With a big heave, red hair that seemed endless started to spew out from Grimm's mouth.

From the eye sockets of the Goat Skull, one after another, unknown bruises, that looked like baby palm prints and skinny claw prints, were plastered all over Grimm and started spreading throughout the altar from under his feet in all directions.

"What is this!?"

The main shrine sacrifice summoned the Acraepoid Infernal Power, trying to prevent the spread of the Nightmare Shadow, but to no avail.

The main sacrifice was not the only one, as all the people in the hall, including more than a hundred ordinary sacrifices and hundreds of Shrine Guards, were all covered with the Nightmare Shadow, screaming in panic and horror. Their bodies were gradually wrapped in a whirlwind of red hair which then began to dim and become transparent.

Such phenomena filled with bizarreness and the unknown were enough to cause instinctual fear in any creature!

"Ooh, no..."

With Grimm spitting out long red hair, he suddenly felt a scarlet tongue sticking out from the unknown illusion behind him, gleefully licking him, as if the devil was about to have a bite of his meal.

The Mana Pool of Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer had disappeared. Did he violate the original contract?

Just as Grimm gradually faded as if he was about to enter the mouth of a horrible monster in the Nightmare World, the surrounding world became dim, and a familiar yet depressing, mysterious illusory atmosphere appeared, dragging in the last remaining power of Isotta within Grimm's Goat Skull.

"Hmm? Is this Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer's Spiritual Void in the Tower of Ruins?"

Grimm would never forget the wonders of the Tower of Ruins in the Sorcerer Academy during his sorcerer-apprenticeship days.

Below his feet was the Starfall Void, and the once huge peeping eyes at high altitude turned into a Sorcerer Book. The exit of this imaginary world had opened up, as if the Sorcerer Book had opened up.

"In the Nightmare World, be sure to find Judgment Staff Stigmata Sorcerer. He is your only hope!"

In the distance, the ghostly illusion of Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer was in the mouth of a twisted tree that was tens of meters high, and it was constantly being chewed on by the endless creaking sounds. Under the root of the tree was a huge and complex Magical Array that seemed to be connected to some wonderful place in the Sorcerers World, and the Soul Energy that was drawn into a silk thread was being poured into it.

"This Sorcerer Book here is for you! The imprint of Isotta has begun to fall apart, and from now on, it will be called the Book of Grimm."

In the sky, the huge Sorcerer Book quickly became effective, turning into a stream of light and falling into Grimm's hands.

'Judgment Staff?'

"Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer, what is going on?"

Grimm took the Sorcerer Book from the Acraepoid's body and asked inexplicably but received no answer.

The unknown red hair whirlwind hung around, and the scent of the Nightmare World was already crystal clear.

With the continuous collapse of the peripheral part of this imaginary world, gradually changing it into reality using mental strength, Grimm's body gradually became illusory and began to truly fall into the unknown and horrible Nightmare World!

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