A Traveler's Legend: Leisurely Living My Life In A Normal World Book 2 Chapter 38

Volume 2: Elemental Fox Goes Down From Heaven Chapter 38 Episode 33: A New Site Some Progress And The Changes In Heaven 1

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Year 20xx, 4th of March.

A day after Shin and Haniel's visit at the Chisaki residence, Shin decided to gather some of his previous works and visit the Shiraha house to talk to Anne Ainsworth Shiraha, Raphiel's mother. What are these works? Well, it is the songs that Shin tried to record while he is not busy with anything.

He decided to publish these first as publishing a manga wouldn't really be as profitable right now. There's also the fact that Shin couldn't focus that much on drawing mangas. He is too busy right now to even bother with it. That's why, he wanted to get some money by publishing some songs that he remember the lyrics and tune of.

There's also Yuki who actually managed to save the music itself from his computer. He didn't know how she did it or if it's really her who did it for her but those saved things really helped him a lot. It wasn't that hard to buy items from the market by just asking his parents and saying that he wants to create a song. So, he didn't have any trouble about explaining things to his parents and siblings about what he's trying to do.

Although mimicking some beats and trying to figure them out took quite some time, Shin finally managed to learn how to do it correctly after some time of trying. Well, he just tried to copy those songs that could be played on a guitar so it wasn't that hard to search for the chords.

While he managed to figure out the chords he needed, Shin also had the problem of choosing the songs. His voice is too childish to sing those love songs that he heard from Yuki. Thus, he just chose 'True Colors' and 'What Do I Know' since it is quite easy to make his own rendition that will suit his voice.

"I just hope that aunt Anne would accept this request of mine. Although she is kind to us, she kinda feels scary when it comes to business," Shin murmured while heading out of his room.

You don't have to worry about that. Those songs were popular in your world, right? It's been tried and tested so just try and ask her nicely, Yuki said.

Upon hearing her words, Shin involuntarily smirked as he remembered something.

Heee~. Don't you mean that you quite liked my own rendition so you wanted me to publish it? Since it got your approval and all~, Shin teased.

H-Hmph! T-There's no way I like your own version! I, a Dragon God, have high standards when it comes to everything! That also includes music! Yuki said with her voice sounding like she's panicking.

Heee~. Is that so~, Shin said and left it at that.

He really like to tease this companion of his sometimes. Her cold mask just keeps on crumbling down when he tease her. So, it was quite refreshing. She always talk in a really monotonous voice so it was fun hearing her tone change.

Youuu... You meanie! Hmpf! Just hurry and go do what you have to do! Yuki said with a snort.

Yes, yes~, Shin said in a fairly laid back tone.

After walking through the rooms of his parents and his sisters, Shin said,

"Mooom~! I'm gonna head out today! I'll go to Raphi-chan's house!"

Moments later, Shin heard a reply coming from their backyard.

"Okay my dear~! Be sure to come home early for dinner, okaaay?" Murielle said, her voice sounding so soothing and melodious like always.

"Got it!" Shin said before leaving their house.

Haniel and Gabrielle are out today as Daniel said that he will bring Haniel around First Heaven for a bit. He is free today so he wanted to spend some time with his youngest daughter. Gabrielle, on the other hand, is attending school. She's quite busy there and Daniel didn't want to bother her when she's trying to study so hard.

Thus, it was only Daniel, Haniel, and Lilian who left today on a kind of field trip. Why is Lilian with them? Well, ever since Shin brought her here, Haniel and her has been together ever since. It seems like the two are now best of friends so they often do things together.

Shin didn't have any problems with this as he didn't really need Lilian inside the realm all day. She is a sentient being who is capable of thinking for herself so Shin wasn't so keen on the idea of making her stay inside the realm. If anything, he's quite happy that her and his little sister is enjoying themselves.

While Shin was thinking about these things, a thought suddenly crossed his mind. Although he didn't really believe that all of the events in that certain story will play out similarly in his current world, Shin is quite skeptical about how he should proceed in the near future. However, when he thought about it more, Shin thought that worrying about it endlessly is kind of redundant at this point in time.

'If I actually stopped my training and focused entirely on the research, I would probably end up in High Class by the time I was 15. However, if I keep up with training my skills and my polishing my techniques, I'll most likely be able to reach Ultimate Class,' Shin thought.

Although he haven't thought of it at the time, Shin just figured out that it would've been quite disastrous if he stopped training. It's quite a good thing that training is already in his system.

While he was thinking about all this, a voice suddenly echoed inside his head.

If you keep up with your current pace, you will definitely be able to get six tails and six elements with their beads being Perfect Elemental Beads. Your current progress is already immensely fast for your age. So, all you need to do right now is to train with what you have and know right now. Eventually, you'll be more than ready to face those villains, Yuki said.

Also, you should get ready for your presentation in front of that businesswoman as you are already quite close to their home, she added.

Thanks, Yuki, Shin said gratefully.

While smiling from ear to ear, Shin marched forward and entered inside the Shiraha residence. He was quite lucky as he managed to come in time before Anne left their house. After a long talk and with Shin performing the song on the spot, Anne was finally convinced.

She agreed to help Shin on getting a good contract from a recording company that she is investing in. When they talked about how they would split the profit, Anne insisted that Shin should take all the profit as she said that she didn't need it.

During their conversation, she said something like,

"I am not in need of money as we already have so many of it. Besides, it seems like you'll need more money in the near future so..."

As she was saying that, she kept on looking at Shin with a grin that seems to be really familiar to him.

Year 20xx, 4th of April.

After Shin and Tapris finally decided to start their project in earnest, they didn't immediately made progress. In fact, a lot of their actions were wrong. However, even though they still lack the knowledge required to start this project, they still decided to start it after a few days of talking about their plans.

They wanted to start it early as they know that they needed a lot of time in order to even make some progress. As expected, no matter how much of a genius the two is, they still needed time to even start making a headway in their project.

This path that they wanted to take is a very long and arduous one that needed both patience and perseverance. A lot of individuals in the world are talented enough to pursue something but not all of them succeeded in pursuing it. Why? Because they lack the patience and perseverance that Shin and Tapris have.

"Hey, Shin-oniisama. Do you think this script is fine already? Can you please double check it?" Tapris asked.

She has been typing the same codes for a few days now and she is slowly making progress with it. Even though programming is not something new for her, she still encountered some problems while she was typing the codes.

There are certain occasions where she had to redo it as she had no idea where she went wrong. During those instances, she never had a gloomy or irritated look on her face. In fact, she was even smiling. She smiling because she was learning new things. Something that the little aspiring inventor was happy about.

"Okay~. Let me just finish this magic circuit board that I'm making. Set it aside for now and take a break. Mom said something about her making some snacks, right? I think you should go and ask her about it," Shin replied without raking his eyes off the magic circuit board in front of him.

"Okay. It is also about time we begin the lessons about etiquette so I will be back after an hour or so," Tapris said while smiling wryly.

Even though she wanted to stay here more and continue their project, she had to attend this etiquette lesson. This lesson is something Murielle began to teach them as she wanted them to learn a few more things about etiquette.

Gabrielle, Raphiel, Tapris, and Haniel who is at the receiving end of this lesson tried to say something against it but Murielle was adamant about teaching them this. She said something about it being important for them to learn. Hence, the four had no choice but to acquiesce.

Well, Haniel was the most enthusiastic among all of them as she had fun trying to, in her own words, "Act like a grown up". She even brought Lilian with her as she said that the both of them needs to learn things together. Murielle didn't oppose this as she is more than willing to have more 'students'. It seems that the woman is enjoying herself, roleplaying as the teacher.

Due to these lessons, the girls have become more mellow and girlish. However, there are instances where they would still act like normal kids their age and throw some temper tantrums and the like.

Well, they only started to learn about it last week so they aren't that accustomed to it yet. There's also the fact that they are still kids so they can't stand it when they move like a demure and graceful woman, similar to Murielle and their mothers.

"Hmmm, I should put this magic circuit here and then channel my mana... I hope this'll work. If we are successful with this, we can finally start on first making the servers that we will use for this new web browser and site," Shin murmured.

As he was saying that, the circuit board began to glow as the mana that Shin poured into it began to flow through the entire prototype circuit board. Upon seeing this, Shin was elated. Finally, after a month of continuously failing, he managed to create a functional prototype!

"Yes! Now that this is already good, I just have to fine tune it and work on improving its specs! After I'm done with it, I'm sure we'll have a good and secure computer. With this as the mother board, even those people who will try to use magic to brute force their way in our servers wouldn't be able to hack it," Shin said.

Hmm? What's going on? What are you so excited about? Oh, you finally managed to make a decent prototype for the... what did you call it again? Mother board? Yuki asked, sounding quite puzzled.

Yep! It's the very first prototype magic mother board that we will be using to enhance the function and specs of our server. Although it's just the prototype, it should have better specs than the computer in my memory, Shin replied, sounding quite proud of his accomplishment.

Hee, that's certainly great. However, you should still try to improve on this. It is still subpar for me, Yuki said.

Yes, yes. You have high standards, I know~ Shin replied.

This mother board that Shin is talking about is the amalgamation of everything that he knows about MagiTech. Although his knowledge is still low compared to those experts, he is slowly making progress and is slowly learning through his failures.

Unknown to him, Shin will revolutionize the current technological level of Heaven by a few levels. Along with Tapris, they will be known as the geniuses who will one day surpass the God of the Bible when it comes to their expertise in MagiTech.

Older Angels would speculate that they only needed a few hundred years before they can gain enough knowledge and experience to surpass the said to be Greatest Inventor of Heaven.

Are they, perhaps, right? Or are these only speculations that will never come true? The answer to this question is still unknown, but there is one thing everyone can be sure of. It's the fact that Shin Flammia Tenma and Tapris Sugarbell Chisaki are about to make a name for themselves.


Never thought that I'll be stuck here for almost 4 days. It was kinda hard to decide what to write in this particular chapter but thank God I managed to finish it.

Writing about techs and stuffs isn't my forte but I'm trying to make it as good as I possibly can.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

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