A Villainess Needs To Have The Ability Of A Villainess Chapter 63

Chapter 62: Hello Ex Girlfriend

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This is the first time Jiang Yuhe confessed to Wen Yu.

Not gentle likes, but more ardent-"love"

This was also the first time he was called Wen Yu by his nickname, Yu Yu.

He has always been like this, both words and actions are naked, which can make Wen Yu feel direct and at ease.

Perhaps after many years of thinking about it, Wen Yu will still remember the last night in New York, the feeling that Jiang Yuhes confession kiss brought to him.

It is a throbbing that will never be forgotten in a lifetime.

The next day, the two flew back to Beijing from New York.

In the seven or eight days that Wen Yu left, the work of the crew has not fallen. The official Weibo of "The Moment I Fall in Love with You" officially announces a list of actors every day. Although it has not reached the level of such a big explosion, the popularity has been stable. Keep it up.

One of the most critical enthusiasm among them is that Wen Yu's previous debut at the box office exceeded 100 million and announced his love affair, which has been hanging the hearts of many traffic fans.

After returning from New York, Wen Yu went to Jiangcheng within two days of staying in Beijing to prepare for the film's launch conference.

Originally, as an investor, she could not participate, but her own popularity has been linked to the movie. With the idea of maximizing the use of resources, Wen Yu had to use her own traffic to promote the movie.

The reason why he was in Jiangcheng was because Wen Yu was an investor for the first time, and he still hopes to drive the development of tourism in his hometown with his meager power.

Therefore, she had contacted Jiangcheng University a long time ago for the filming location of the film crew on campus, and they negotiated a co-location.

Therefore, the launch of this conference in Jiangcheng couldn't be more appropriate.

It also has a special meaning for Wen Yu.

This is where she grew up, where she fell, and now

The place to witness her re-growth.

The night before going to Jiangcheng, when Wen Yu was packing her luggage, Jiang Yuhe handed her a glass vial.

"Auntie Twelve said that she used allergies, so I will return it to you."

Wen Yu saw that it was the bottle of perfume that he had given to the twelfth aunt.

She was stunned, "Why? She used it before and said she liked it very much."

"Physique changes at any time, maybe," Jiang Yuhe said slightly, saying: "This bottle of perfume has more suitable people waiting for it."

Wen Yu didn't think much about it, so he sprayed a little on her body after receiving it, "How good it smells, why is she suddenly allergic? It's weird."

After spraying, Wen Yu turned around, stretched out his limbs, and looked at Jiang Yuhe: "Does it smell good?"

Jiang Yuhe looked at her face, smelled the familiar smell, countless words poured into his mouth, and finally endured it.

"It smells good," he said.

"Really?" It was the first time that Wen Yu saw Jiang Yuhe confirm something so quickly, so he stuffed the perfume into the suitcase, "Then I'll take it there."

Jiang Yuhe: "Yeah."

Whether it is perfume or people, they should return to their original position and start again.

Wen Yu spent almost a week in Jiangcheng on a business trip, arranging, propagating, contacting the media, doing everything personally, and only had a video call with Jiang Yuhe every night.

The night before the development conference, she asked Jiang Yuhe: "Are you really not free to come over tomorrow?"

Jiang Yuhe: "Yeah."

Wen Yu was a little disappointed, but he could understand that, after all, Jiang Yuhes company had a lot of business, and she did not have to be hypocritical to have her boyfriend come to join her at such a small launch conference.

And even if he came, Wen Yu didn't dare to let him openly appear with him.

It's better to let him take care of his own affairs.

Wen Yu persuaded himself and asked him: "Then do you have time to video with me at night?"

Jiang Yuhe: "Probably not."

Ah this.

Why are you so busy?

Wen Yu asked curiously: "What is the important social entertainment?"

Jiang Yuhe paused for a moment, then responded lightly and said: "I want to meet a very important person."

Wen Yu understood this sentence literally, thinking that Jiang Yuhe should be going to see a very important client tomorrow, so he didn't ask any more questions, and hung up the video after a few words.

Wen Yu is living in Jiangcheng's own home today, and You Xin is with her.

Seeing her hanging up the video, You Xin asked, "Why didn't you say it?"

Wen Yu slumped his head softly, "It's getting late. He explained that he is going to see an important client tomorrow. I don't want to disturb him to rest, so I hang up."

"Hurt." You Xin muttered to herself, "What's the matter with Mr. Jiang? He didn't come for your first movie. What important client, shouldn't it be an ex-girlfriend, hehe."

Wen Yu was taken aback for a moment, "How do you know he has an ex-girlfriend?"

You Xin knew that he had missed his mouth, and said in a hurry, "I don't know, I just said casually, does Mr. Jiang really have an ex-girlfriend?"

It's okay not to mention it, Wen Yu is a little depressed when he mentions it, "There is one, but he doesn't like her, he only likes me."

You Xin held his chin and blinked, "Are you sure?"

Wen Yu snorted and hit her with a pillow, "Of course I am sure of my own boyfriend."

You Xin smiled while holding his head and begged for mercy, "Okay, you're sure."

Wen Yu didn't know what You Xin's weird tone meant, but she didn't think much, took You Xin to the cloakroom, "Help me choose what clothes to wear tomorrow to attend the press conference."

Wen Yu brought a few sets of clothes back from Beijing. She pointed to the new ones for You Xin to choose. You Xin glanced at it but shook her head.

"These are so ordinary, they don't reflect your most extraordinary look."

Wen Yu frowned: "My most amazing look?"

You Xin searched around on her hanger for several minutes before finding the velvet black dress in a corner.

Her eyes lit up and she breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

Turning around, You Xin picked up the skirt and said to Wen Yu: "Wear this one, you must wear this one."

Wen Yu felt that the skirt in You Xin's hand was a bit familiar, and it took a long time to remember that the last time he wore this skirt was the last night before he went bankrupt.

At that time, she wore this black velvet skirt to the concert arbitrarily and brightly. Who knew that her life would be turned upside down the next day.

It really is a meaningful skirt.

Wen Yu smiled, took it from You Xin, stood in front of the mirror and compared, "Does it look good?"

You Xin: "Trust me, you're so suffocating when you wear black and gorgeous. You must believe me."

You Xin almost knelt down to beg Wen Yu.

After all, she vowed to Jiang Yuhe at the Presidents Office that she would complete the task.

Wen Yu looked in the mirror for a moment, and finally nodded, "Okay, then wear this one."

The last beauty of Luopaqianjin, now in the same place, she wants to use the same clothes to pick up all the light of her past.

The next day, Xu Chang came to Wen Yu early in the morning to put makeup on. Today is her big day, the boot is auspicious, and she must appear beautifully in front of the public anyway.

Wen Yu closed his eyes, letting Xu Chang dress himself up. And You Xin took a screenshot of the video and gave Xu Chang a sneak peek from time to time.

After Xu Chang finished the styling according to the instructions, Wen Yu opened his eyes.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she was stunned for two seconds, then looked at Xu Chang and blinked, "Why would you dress me like this?"

Xu Chang: "...what, what's wrong?"

Wen Yu laughed, "When I wore this skirt before, I also had this makeup and hairstyle."

Xu Chang won't lie, and wiped his sweat nervously, "That shows that our aesthetics are the same, and it also shows that this shape is the most suitable for you."

Wen Yu nodded and stood up satisfied, "Okay, that's it. It's time, is the driver coming."

You Xin immediately picked up the rosewood incense on her table and chased up, "What is the fragrance of a woman! What! Can! Forget!"

Wen Yu: "..."

The perfume was sprayed on, and it was finally arranged. You Xin did the final check before he was OK, "Okay, let's go!"

Xu Chang whispered to her side, "Have I achieved a 1:1 reduction."

You Xin: "Almost."

"Mr. Jiang should be satisfied."

"Who knows..."

Wen Yu suddenly turned around: "What are you two talking about?"

You Xin & Xu Chang immediately stood up straight and shook his head: "Nothing, nothing..."

Although Wen Yu noticed that You Xin was weird today, he was probably all devoted to the press conference, so he didn't take the time to think about the reasons.

The group drove to the Langjia Center Building.

This is a landmark building in Jiangcheng, but any large-scale high-level event will be held here.

The last rooftop movie OST concert was held on the top floor here, but Wen Yu just held a simple press conference today, and there is no need to go to the rooftop to be so extravagant.

At 5 pm, the press conference was held on time in the multifunctional hall on the 12th floor of Langjia Center.

Before starting, Wen Yu received a WeChat message from Jiang Yuhe.

[Good luck.

Three concise and concise words are his consistent style.

Wen Yu returned to him: [Have you seen the person you want to meet?

Jiang Yuhe: [Not yet.

At this time, Tang Huai came to inform Wen Yu that he was ready to play, and Wen Yu returned Jiang Yuhe with an emoji package, then put away the phone, exhaled, and smiled at Tang Huai: "Let's go."

Entertainment reporters from multiple media across the country crowded the multifunctional hall. The press conference was also broadcast live on an APP, and tens of thousands of netizens watched online.

Wen Yu played with the two leading actors, director Chen Yousheng, and producer.

There was enthusiastic applause from the audience. In addition to the attention to the movie itself and the starring actors, the hot spot that reporters most wanted to ask questions was naturally Wen Yu, a beautiful investor.

And the "top-ranked boyfriend" in her mouth

After several rounds of questions about actors and films, the reporters finally targeted Wen Yu and tried their best to make idioms from her, such as

"Ms. Wen's boyfriend is the main actor or singer development?"

Wen Yu thought about it for two seconds, and replied very seriously: "He has all dabbled in."

That's right, for a company as big as Jiang Yuhe, let alone actors and singers, even musicians and even athletes have signed contracts, so comprehensive that it can't be more comprehensive.

Good guys, the netizens who were onlookers immediately boiled over the words.

The top stream is still the kind of all-round development.

To! bottom! Yes! Who!

The hearts of netizens have been hung to the sky.

[I hope Director Chen will finish filming the film in three days, and finish the production in three days later, and I will see the movie on the seventh day! My house can't collapse!

[Ive never been so gossip, who is it?

[It's so awesome, are you sure it's for internal entertainment?

[I also doubt that it is hype, right?

In response to questions from netizens, the reporter also asked Wen Yu jokingly: "Does the boyfriend in Miss Wen's mouth really exist?"

Wen Yu was stunned for a while, then laughed out, and said very plainly: "We only said goodnight on the video last night."

The reporters present also understood that no investor would be stupid enough to deceive netizens for a virtual character at the premiere box office of 100 million.

Therefore, no one doubts whether the problem really exists.

At this time someone asked

"This movie is called "The Moment I Fall in Love with You". Could Miss Wen also share with netizens, the moment you fell in love with your boyfriend?"

This question is a very little question, and it happens to be connected with Wen Yu's gossip.

The reporters in the audience calmed down, waiting for Wen Yu's answer.

Wen Yu also thought for a few seconds, not knowing what she thought of, she smiled slightly and said thoughtfully:

"It should have been a night of the first snow, when he walked towards me facing the wind and snow."

That was the day when Wen Yu just arrived at Jiang Yuhe's house as a third-class citizen.

That day was also the day when she had the idea of running away for the first time.

She secretly ran out while Jiang Yuhe and the twelfth aunt were not at home, but met Shen Mingjia and Xiaosan halfway. After being ridiculed by the two, she decided to come back painfully, but without the key to the door, she had to go from the door Waiting day to night.

It was the first snow of last year.

At that time, Wen Yu was still in a wheelchair, and the snow fell on her, even her eyelashes were not spared.

She was cold and hungry and had nowhere to go.

I think of the bankrupt home, of the ex-boyfriend who has fallen into trouble, and of myself who was crippled on one leg.

For a long time, Wen Yu closed his eyes, feeling that his world was the kind of darkness with no end in sight.

This was the worst night in her life.

Afterwards, the wind and snow were silent, just when she was endlessly trapped in this confusion and darkness.

There was light in front of my eyes.

Later, the man who walked towards her against the wind and snow brought her back to her warm home and rekindled her world.

After being with Jiang Yuhe, Wen Yu often wondered when he fell in love with him.

After thinking about countless beginnings, she finally found outthat night she saw the fine snow falling on his shoulders, the way she walked toward him Shen Shen.

At that moment, perhaps it was the beginning of the heartbeat.

Chuxue should be with the one he loves.

God was hinting at her originally.

Although Wen Yu's answer was only a few short sentences, it caused huge waves in the eyes of netizens.

[It's so romantic, a snowy night.

[What's the matter, I substituted it on my wall, and suddenly I felt that it was not that important anymore!

[Similarly, I am reminded of the way my brother walked towards her in Xueye, ah, ah, ah, I have already started knocking them!

? ? ? ? ? Those in front of you, be sober!

[Sister Wen only needs one sentence to start, and we rely on our own brains to make up the rest hahahahahaha.

[So who is it, who is it! Ah ah ah ah ah!

At that time, Jiang Yuhe was watching this live broadcast.

Whether it was Wen Yu's answer or the barrage of netizens, he saw it.

The people around him reminded him at this moment: "Mr. Jiang, the press conference is almost over."

Jiang Yuhe nodded slightly, "Okay."

In the multifunctional hall, Tang Huai, as the host of the press conference, began to say the closing words.

While thanking the media present, he hoped that everyone would support the film a lot, and finally said:

"President Wen has prepared a self-service cocktail party on the rooftop of the top floor. Thank you everyone for coming. You can go straight to the top floor from here."

As soon as the voice fell, the reporters in the audience were stunned and surprised.

"President Wen is too polite."

"It just happens to be hungry, haha, so terribly, I met such a generous crew for the first time."

"I heard that Langjia's rooftop restaurant is very expensive. It does not include catering for one night, and the number of venues alone is 800,000."

"...Then go back and praise vigorously after eating! Haha!"

This is how the media is. It always has to pay a little bit of hard work and have contacts in order to get involved in the entertainment industry.

Wen Yu had thought of this a long time ago and prepared a small gift box of macarons for each media, but he did not expect

After Tang Huai said those words, Wen Yu looked back at him as if stunned, as if asking: Are you crazy?

When did I book the rooftop buffet reception?

Did you hang out?

But after a few seconds, Wen Yu calmed down and seemed to understand something.

Tang Huai is Jiang Yuhe's person.

It is impossible for him to talk about it, there must be such a cocktail party on the rooftop, he dare to say so.

and so

Did Jiang Woo Hyuk arrange it for himself?

This kind of thing is indeed his style.

Wen Yu didn't have time to think about it, and immediately followed to the roof top.

It is strange to come here again after almost a year, but Wen Yu doesn't have the feeling of being right and wrong.

It seems that everything here tonight has been deliberately created, and there is a sense of warmth and romantic familiarity everywhere, the fragrant flowers, the melodious high-level symphony...

Wen Yu felt that there were many familiar scenes in her mind constantly playing back, but she didn't have time to watch it and think about it.

The crowd kept passing by her, either thanking or greeting, Wen Yu smiled mechanically and socialized, and saw countless faces before realizing that this was not just an ordinary media reception.

Because in addition to the media I invited, there were already many guests on the scene.

All of them are the big names in the entertainment industry, and almost all the top players are in the eye.

From the elders to the child stars, the souls of almost all fields are on the scene.

The surrounding media are whispering:

"President Wen's array is too big, right? So many fronts come to support her?"

"I didn't know her background, but now it looks like I can't figure it out."

"It seems that the top-ranked boyfriend is definitely not a hype. From this posture, at least it must be in the position of XXX."

While the media were discussing, there were still celebrities entering the stage.

The flashing lights kept ringing at the scene, and Wen Yu hurriedly accepted all the decent scenery, feeling a little at a loss for a while.

Finding an opportunity, she brought up the headset and called Jiang Yuhe.

After three beeps, the other side picked up, "Hey."

"...The rooftop, did you arrange it?"

Jiang Yuhe didn't deny it, he said, "Is it satisfied?"

Wen Yu didn't know how to describe the feeling at this moment. At first, he was a little dazed, but later he was emotional.

When she was standing here a year ago, she was the daughter of a daughter. She accompanied You Xin to ask Director Chen to recommend herself to comfort You Xin who failed.

Even in the end, she had the courage to ruin Li Man's good deeds and stuffed Jiang Yuhe with that little note.

That night was the beginning of the story, but Jiang Yuhe unexpectedly let her stand here again today.

What kind of fate is this going around.

Wen Yu wanted to laugh inexplicably, but also wanted to cry.

She wanted to say a lot to Jiang Yuhe, and wanted to tell him what this rooftop meant to them.

But she is working now.

I also remember that Jiang Yuhe has important things to do tonight.

I can only press all waves first and answer him: "Satisfied, thank you brother."

Asked again: "What about you, have you seen the person you want to meet?"

Jiang Yuhe said calmly: "I will go see her now."

"Okay." Wen Yu said softly, ""Then you go and work, when the work is over, I have something to think about"

Just halfway through the conversation, Wen Yu suddenly heard the sound of flashing lights at the entrance.

The flashing lights came one after another, extremely intense, and it sounded like a very important guest came.

But at the same time, the same sound rang in Wen Yu's headphones.

She paused, as if she had understood something, and turned her head in disbelief.

The reporters and guests surrounded the incoming people layer by layer, and the two reporters who ran past said as they ran:

"Fuck, Jiang Yuhe is here, crazy, what day tonight!"

"Run faster, I can't keep up with the front row."

Wen Yu: "..."

Wen Yu stared at the direction of the entrance blankly.

Countless flashing lights were pointed at, and Wen Yu saw a side face that was swept across by the light at a glance.

For an instant, she seemed to dream back to a certain moment on the scene last year.

The same place, the same scene, the same them.

She looked at the expensive man in black and entered the arena with great attention.

The phone is not hung up and the call is still going on.

Wen Yu could hear the reporters frantically surrounding Jiang Yuhe to ask questions.

"Is President Jiang also here to cheer for the crew of "Moment"?"

"What does President Jiang think of the future prospects of this play?"

"Mr. Jiang, please say a few words."

"Is Mr. Jiang his girlfriend on the hot search before?"

Jiang Yuhe didn't answer a word, Chen Yousheng took him over and said to the media: "Don't bother Mr. Jiang, I hope everyone will focus on the movie itself tonight, thank you."

The reporters seemed to understand, and they all said that Jiang Yuhe should have brought face to Chen Yousheng.

When the people dispersed, Wen Yu stood in the crowd, looking at each other from a distance.

At this point, she finally realized what the mans previous [No time, I want to see a very important person] mean.

Wen Yu gently pressed his lips, smiled on the phone and said, "Is this the surprise you prepared for me."

"Not a surprise." The man's low voice came through the earphones.

"No?" Wen Yu asked, "what's that?"

But before Wen Yu waited for the answer, Jiang Yuhe hung up the call.

She raised her eyes and saw that the man took a glass of wine and slowly walked towards her.

Last year, I walked towards him.

And now, he is walking towards himself.

Suddenly, Wen Yu felt that time had changed something, but it seemed that it had never changed.

Between them, no matter who they are, they are destined to move towards each other.

She waited quietly, and finally, the man walked up to her.

In the eyes of outsiders, the two touched a glass very politely, and then they didn't know what they were talking about.

But in the center of the crowd, where no one heard, what Jiang Yuhe said to Wen Yu was:

"I watched the live broadcast of the conference."

"Oh," Wen Yu knew that this person was talking about his confession in the air, and deliberately replied, "Does Mr. Jiang have any advice?"

He is witty, yet full of styles.

Jiang Yuhe lightly pursed his lips, "When can I advise you?"

Wen Yu took a sip of wine again, and greeted a female celebrity next door while speaking, pretending to be in a casual conversation with Jiang Yuhe.

"Then are you particularly proud now."


"I fell in love with you so early, you must be so proud of you."

At night, under the light, Wen Yu held a glass of wine, her gentle long curly hair hanging to one side, her black velvet charming and lazy.

The familiar smell of perfume passed through her breath, and her lips were smiling brightly and confidently.

Everything seems to be back that night.

It was the woman who was shining in the crowd.

Time cannot go back.

But Jiang Yuhe can let it revise the first encounter in each other's memory from this moment on.

Let the miss not miss again.

This time, he will hold her hand tightly.

Jiang Yuhe pulled his lips lightly and looked at Wen Yu: "That's not as good, you also ask me the same question."

Wen Yu retracted his gaze from the side and blinked, "Same problem?"

Suddenly, she reacted, "The moment you fell in love with me?"


Wen Yu laughed. He didn't believe that Jiang Yuhe would be earlier than himself, but he still joked in a reporter's tone.

"Well, please, Mr. Jiang, the moment you fell in love with your baby?"

"Where were you and what were you doing."

Quiet for a while.

The surrounding stream seemed to be slowly still.

Wen Yu heard Jiang Yuhe say a few words to himself:

"right here."

-right here.

Wen Yu paused with a smile. He didn't realize what he meant, and he gently stuffed something in his hand.

Looking down, she opened her palms and opened her eyes wide in disbelief when she saw what Jiang Yuhe had handed over.

A note with old creases.

Above, is his delicate handwriting.

The man's voice is also in this night of thousands of lights, like a star falling in his ears.

Remote and familiar

"Love you for a long time, ex-girlfriend."

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