A Villainess Needs To Have The Ability Of A Villainess Chapter 64

Chapter 63: In Your Hands In My Heart Text..

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Like the last episode of a reasoning TV series, Wen Yu listened to Jiang Yuhe's words, looked at the note in his hand, and finally understood the ending of the story with hindsight.

I always thought I was an outside observer, but I didn't know that I was the heroine in the story.

The gloomy sky in the distance seemed to have regained its color at this moment, Wen Yu stood in the center of the noisy crowd in a daze, the sound in his ears gradually disappeared. She was immersed in the silent world by herself, digesting everything she had suddenly learned.

It turns out that this note is not only the starting point of the story that Wen Yu thought, but also Jiang Yuhe's.

It turns out that the person he has been thinking about is himself.

It turns out that they were doomed as early as when they met.

The perfume that the twelve aunt suddenly didnt want, You Xins weirdness, Xu Chang put on the makeup he had made a year ago, the familiar arrangement on the rooftop, the celebrity gathering...

It was all deliberately arranged by Jiang Yuhe.

He wanted to completely restore the night a year ago, and wanted each other to walk the same night again.

Wen Yu endured the ups and downs in his heart and asked: "You said tonight is not a surprise, what is that."

Jiang Yuhe thought for a long time, and said lightly: "It's the beginning."

Let everything start again here.

They have no ex-boyfriends, no ex-girlfriends.

From beginning to end, from the first sight of seeing each other, there is only each other.

Ye Feng gently blew away Wen Yu's long hair, and she pinched the note in her hand, as if pinching Jiang Yuhe's deep love.

The symphony was melodiously heard again, and the fragrance of flowers instantly filled the entire roof.

The flowing wind, the beautiful music, the wine glasses, the crowd... At this moment, these have become witnesses of the going around relationship between Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe.

They met, missed, and came together in another way.

Now I finally stand here together and start the rest of life again.

After a long time that night, Wen Yu once asked Jiang Yuhe:

"What if that note was given to you by another woman."

Jiang Yuhe told her: "The story will never begin at all."

The first glimpse was amazing, and then the growing love and unconditional compromise have always been because of -

This person is you.

If it weren't for you, every link in this story would not fit perfectly.

It is because of you that I am willing to write the ending with you.

This rooftop cocktail party, which is comparable to a small awards ceremony, was also searched for that night.

Because of the arrival of many big coffees, Wen Yu's influence was re-evaluated, and he became the new capital of the strongest beauty in the entertainment industry overnight.

And "The Moment I Fall in Love with You" was once again swept by a wave of enthusiasm because of this cocktail party.

In the eyes of the public, the label of this movie has changed from "Dao Chen's three-year work" and "the most potential urban IP adaptation" to "recommendation by major entertainment circles" and "the most anticipated by netizens in XX." Unreleased movie"

During the entire filming period, Wen Yu became a hot spot person even more popular than the starring role. All the media wanted to secretly photograph the almighty top player behind her.

In the first few months, Wen Yu was busy with the promotion of the film, and it was inevitable that he would participate in some entertainment.

Sometimes when you meet with someone in a circle in private, it will be reported as a headline gossip and listed as a suspected boyfriend.

During that time, people suspected of being Wen Yu's boyfriend included artists from top men's groups, middle-aged tough guys who won Grand Slams, and even the old artists of Deyi and Shuangxin.

Netizens were crazy, and when one saw one suspected one.

Who on earth is Wen Yu's boyfriend has become the biggest unsolved mystery in the entertainment industry.

Netizens are happy about gossip on the Internet, and they don't know that every time a suspected object appears on the Internet, Wen Yu will pay the price of "bearing humiliation" at Jiang Yuhe.

Finally, ten months later, after the film was shot and produced intensively, it finally came to the screen.

Wen Yu is specially scheduled to be released on Chinese Valentine's Day, the traditional Chinese Valentine's Day.

The day before Chinese Valentines Day, the whole network was as lively as the New Year, and netizens said one after another--

[I've seen it for a long time, chasing gossip for the first time in life is the same as chasing a series, it's finally coming to an end!

[Why is it not zero, I want to see, I want the box office, I want to broadcast the romance!

[Everyone rush to me! Today we must catch the man who hooked us for almost a year!

[Shiver hahahahahahahaha, will this year's Qixi Festival be the Melon Festival!

[First, I wish the house that collapsed a happy holiday in advance!

Waking up in the morning, Wen Yu couldn't help but smile after reading such a comment.

She rolled over and lay down on Jiang Yuhe lazily, "Jiang Dingliu, if the movie wins tonight, I will expose you. Are you nervous?"

Jiang Yuhe closed his eyes and didn't bother to answer her naive questions, and didn't care.

Wen Yu deliberately provoke him again: "If you are afraid, I can find someone to replace you."

After a pause, she blinked: "Anyway, we also have two or three top-tier brands under Pisces Entertainment."

Wen Yu only signed a group of artists three months ago, and the company's development has become more and more formal and powerful.

And she has gradually become a unique investor in this circle. In ten months, she has not passed Jiang Yuhe, signed three IPs by herself, and is still working hard to develop cooperation with games and animation.

"Why don't you speak." Wen Yu squeezed Jiang Yuhe's face, "Why is your top-notch brother not excited at all."

Finally, under her persistent harassment and threats, the man responded.

It's not the fear after being threatened.

"You weren't tired enough last night, were you?"

Wen Yu didn't realize the danger approaching: "What?"

"I'm very strong now, isn't it?"


Hearing this, Wen Yu already understood what he was going to do, but before he had time to react, people had already lost the initiative.

Jiang Yuhe swiftly bullied himself, and a heavy force struck him. Wen Yu was stunned, and pushed him while laughing.

"Don't make trouble."

""I warn you, today is the day when you decide whether to introduce you to everyone. If you don't perform well, I will continue to hide you at any time! "

Jiang Yuhe kissed her earlobe softly, "Okay."


"I will behave well."


Jiang Yuhe directly performed for one hour and three minutes.

Early in the morning, Wen Yu was gone.

When Hazy was sent to the apex, she heard a man buried deep in her neck and said: "If it exceeds 100 million, I have something to tell you."

Wen Yu: "What are you talking about?"

Jiang Yuhe didn't say any more, and only kissed her on the cheek: "Get ready to introduce me."

Wen Yu: "..."

Jiang Yuhe is so sure because it is imperative for Wen Yu to open his love affair today.

"Moment" is only a pre-sale box office, which has reached 93 million on the day before Qixi Festival.

Wen Yu also understands that in addition to her own dedication and hard work, Jiang Yuhe has helped her behind the scenes.

In the past ten months, it was Jiang Yuhe who wanted to make this relationship more public than netizens.

He has been suffocated by those fake boyfriends one after another.

On the premiere day, # everybody must go to see instants today # is a hot search. Those who know the previous situation and were later popularized by science. In short, everyone is gossiping for Wen Yu's announcement.

As the largest investor in the film, Wen Yu specially booked a studio in a Beijing city alone, inviting significant filmmakers, investors, celebrities and the media to watch the premiere.

Jiang Yuhe also came, but sat in the audience very low-key and did not accept any interviews.

Others are also used to his indifference, thinking that he was invited by director Chen Yousheng, and didn't think much about it.

At zero o'clock, the major cinemas in Beijing are full of hustle and bustle, and people come and go. Tonight, everyone is a melon-eater. When you meet, you must ask:

"You also came for 100 million?"

"Yeah, hahaha, today I have to wait for a result, it's numb, I have been waiting for almost a year."

"Hahahahahahaha, go for it!"

The media have also made preparations, and almost everyone in the top-tier who has been suspected in the past year has made a manuscript for publication.

Just wait for Wen Yu's official announcement, and immediately publish it to compete for exclusives.

Under the anticipation of zero, "The Moment I Fall in Love with You" is officially released.

Gossip netizens opened their own Weibo directly, updating box office data in real time, and only waiting for the arrival of 100 million.

And all of this, Wen Yu, who was attending the premiere, didn't know.

She sat in the theater, watching the movie she had produced for more than a year, as if she had conceived a child, and finally saw its birth today.

In the process of watching the film, the audience was happy about the plot, burst into laughter, and finally moved to tears.

After an hour and a half, the movie was over, the lights in the hall were on, and almost all viewers clapped heartily.

I thought it was a commercial romance film, but I didn't expect it to be sincere, with smiles and tears, which made people feel a lot.

The host arranged for Wen Yu and the director and actors to come on stage to give thanks.

There were filmmakers on the scene expressing their opinions, and Wen Yu also participated in the discussion. Just as everyone was listening carefully to the viewing opinions, a reporter from a media suddenly reminded

"excuse me."

"Mr Wen, the box office exceeded 100 million a minute ago!"

As if the climax of a grand ceremony was approaching, the people around who were still seriously discussing the development prospects of domestic films suddenly raised their cameras gossipingly and aimed all the lenses at Wen Yu.

The moment everyone was looking forward to finally arrived, and everyones eagerness was written on their faces, as if they didnt want to wait for a second:

"Mr. Wen, it's over 100 million. It's time to announce your relationship."

Wen Yu: "..."

Wen Yu thought about the scene when it was public many times, but he didn't expect it would come so quickly and so suddenly.

Even the premiere has not even ended.

However, she has also waited for this moment for a long, long time.

There was a dim yellow light in the theater, and the one she loved was in the audience.

At this moment, he is also looking at her.

Wen Yu retracted his gaze and cleared his throat gently, "Okay."

She's here She's here!

At an exciting moment, several high-definition cameras pointed at Wen Yu, waiting for her to speak.

The biggest unsolved mystery in the entertainment industry is finally about to be solved.

Facing a group of dark machines, Wen Yu smiled helplessly.

Taking a deep breath, she raised her head and said solemnly and tenderly:

"Actually, I thought about many ways to introduce him, but in the end I found that it seemed cumbersome to introduce him in multiple languages. He is a straightforward person."

"He likes to be direct and express everything with action."

"So today, I also want to use action to tell everyone who he is."

"Before this, I want to thank him for his support and encouragement all the way. Without his silent contribution, there would be no "Moment" today, nor would there be the Pisces entertainment today."

"thank you."

"I love you."

Wen Yu spoke slowly to the camera, Jiang Yuhe in the audience seemed expressionless, but only Wen Yu understood the waves in his eyes.

The netizens in the live broadcast room went crazy.

[You mean, who is it!

[Sounds, Brother Dingliu has been willing to pay for Sister Wen for a long time.

[It was a little touched, so who on earth is it, let's talk, I am going to cry.

[...I recognize it even if it's my elder brother, so hurry up and have a baby.

The reporters at the scene can't wait to grab the exclusives-

"How does Miss Wen plan to introduce him to everyone by action."

Hearing this, Wen Yu slowly stood up.

Her gaze flicked past Jiang Yuhe, and quickly retracted, "He is here."

Everyone: "???"

Live room: [Fuck? Damn it! ! ! ! !

Today, there are two or three male artists who can be called top-notch artists.

The reporters subconsciously began to assign the shots to the male artists, but when they all set up their seats and waited for Wen Yu to announce his name, Wen Yu suddenly walked to the stage.

The first row, right in the middle.

She stood in front of Jiang Yuhe.

At this moment, she is no longer the decisive investor Wen Zong.

At this moment, she just wanted to be the baby in the palm of Jiang Yuhe.

Stretched out his hand and asked him coquettishly:

"Would you like to hug me?"

"it's here."

Reporters: "...?????"

Everyone: "??????"

Before everyone could react, everyone saw that the highest position in the entertainment industry, the man who had always been a senior and ruthless face smiled on his lips, then got up and deeply hugged the woman in front of him in his arms.

Everyone seemed to be dumbfounded. There were still pictures of at least ten seconds at the scene. It took a long time for the reporters to switch positions one by one, focusing the camera on the two people in the embrace.

too! Crazy! mad! Up!

The top-tier male artist who originally thought was the biggest top-tier capital in the entertainment industry.

It's no wonder to say that he is fully involved, no wonder that he is invincible in terms of flow!

The media have prepared countless top-notch manuscripts, but they have never thought that this boyfriend will be the biggest capitalist behind the scenes.

Netizens who eat melons in the live broadcast room are also dumbfounded.

[I am stupid? What kind of plot is this...]

[This is the eldest brother, really elder brother, my elder brother also wants to call him elder brother.

[I was rude, it turned out to be my sister-in-law, please take care of my brother in the future.

[Disrespect +1, all supporters of **** will greet my sister-in-law.

[Fuck, my house collapsed! ! Do you really think your eldest brother has no fans! ! ! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why would he eat melons on his head! I love Mr. Jiang!

[Friends, I found out the picture that President Jiang was on the hot search. I zoomed in and zoomed in again. Guess what I saw?

[I see, it's her, it's her, it's her!

[Substitute the first snow that Sister Wen said before, and these words today, they are so in love with each other, oooooo, fairy love.

[Fuck, it's sour.

Sour +10086


Tonight is another boiling night.

Whether it is ridicule, blessing, or melon, Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe have no time to listen to those voices.

After the world became quiet, they held hands and went to the top floor of the cinema.

Jiang Yuhe searched for a long time before he found such a place with the same style as the rooftop of Langjia Center.

Although it is the same, it is empty tonight.

It's just a rooftop.

There is nothing but a bench and a few huge advertising boards.

Wen Yu looked around, slightly disappointed in his heart.

In the morning he said something to himself, Wen Yu thought...

It seems that I think too much.

Wen Yu unnaturally clasped the pockets of his outer pockets and stuffed the things hidden inside.

"Wen Yu." Jiang Yuhe suddenly called her.

"Huh?" Wen Yu put away those little fantasies in his heart and raised his head, "What?"


Wen Yu sat down on the bench along the way.

Jiang Yuhe sat next to her and looked at her, "Do you know what I brought you up for?"

"I don't know." Wen Yu looked at the empty surroundings again, "Don't you have something to tell me, what are you talking about?"

Jiang Yuhe lowered his head, for a moment, slowly said

"In fact, I wanted to tell you this last time on the rooftop of Langjia, but I couldn't disclose my identity that night, so I have been waiting."

"Wait for today."

"Wait for the moment you just confessed me in front of so many people."

Wen Yu vaguely felt what Jiang Yuhe was going to do, but he was not so sure.

Her heart beat slowly, "What is it?"

Looking at each other, Jiang Yuhe's dark eyes looked at her. There was no indifference in his eyes, only endless gentleness.

After a long while, he said quietly--

"marry me."


Unexpectedly, Wen Yu had expected countless times in his heart, but Jiang Yuhe would say it directly.

Her heartbeat became faster, but she used laughter to cover up the acid in the corner of her eyes, "Are you proposing to me."


Wen Yu glanced around: "Is it here?"

"it's here."

Wen Yu had actually thought about it a long time ago that Jiang Yuhe naturally dislikes liveliness and his emotions are introverted and cold, so he will definitely not plan any romantic marriage proposal rituals like other boyfriends.

I made such a psychological preparation early in the morning, so for Wen Yu to propose such a straightforward marriage now, there is no disappointment.

It's just that he went straight, Wen Yu didn't want to agree with one bite.

Always grind him slowly for a while.

She pretended not to care: "Then you are too picky, are you reluctant to buy a bunch of flowers when you propose."

Jiang Yuhe paused, "Marry if you have flowers?"

Wen Yu looked at him: "It doesn't count to buy now."

Jiang Yuhe chuckles, picking up the phone and don't know what he pressed. Within a minute, Tang Huai and a few people walked over from the entrance.

Tang Huai held the red rose wrapped in black gold paper and sent it to Wen Yu: "Mr Wen, Mr. Jiang is sending you flowers."

Wen Yu: "..."

Looking behind him, the people who walked in with Tang Huai, holding bouquets of different flowers in their hands, within five minutes, the entire roof was dotted with flowers.


...Wen Yu didn't expect this man to propose to marry him and play a tricky trick.

She wants to see how capable he is.

Holding the flowers, Wen Yu said disapprovingly: "Don't you think that the atmosphere of the marriage proposal is a bit worse."

"What atmosphere do you want?"

Wen Yu: "Should I have some music?"

Jiang Yuhe said, "Should."

Wen Yu was about to say the kind of live broadcast is not necessary, suddenly melodious and deep cello and piano sound came from his ears.

She was stunned, and followed the sound of her gaze, only to find that on the side of the rooftop, the place that had just been blocked by some billboards was now slowly moved away.

On the slightly elevated rotating stage, the cellist is on the left and the piano player is on the right.

Wen Yu recognized that it was Liu Tuan and his wife.

The song that their husband and wife are playing is timeless and gentle, called "A Praise of Love", written by a British composer to his wife to express his love.

Around the roof, the delicate and gentle light bands also lit up with the sound of the song, one by one, like stars falling beside them.

Jiang Yuhe's voice also fell at this moment: "Marry you?"

Wen Yu regained his senses from the gentle music, and opened his mouth blankly, "...you, are you serious?"

"I never make a joke." Jiang Yuhe looked at her, his eyes full of scorching heat, "How can I make a joke about this."

Wen Yu suddenly couldn't speak, and his heart jumped suddenly, nervous and excited.

The flower in my hand, the music behind me...

Wen Yu quickly realized that Jiang Yuhe's marriage proposal was not without preparation.

in contrast.

He may have done all the preparations within his abilities.

As long as Wen Yu speaks, he will put the picture she wants in front of her, and finally give her a perfect scene of the marriage proposal in her imagination.

Wen Yu wasn't sure if it was true. She looked at the dark sky in the distance and said tentatively: "When Mr. Qi proposed to her sister Mingyu, they set off a lot of beautiful fireworks."

The implication is that I have to be talented.

Jiang Yuhe didn't speak, and gave Tang Huai a look.

Tang Huai did it immediately, not knowing when the extra walkie-talkie was in his hand, "Preparation on the 2nd, we can start."

Wen Yu: ...?

Before I could react, the sky not far away suddenly became gorgeous, and countless fireworks rose into the air, rotating and changing, and finally frozen into a MARRYME shape.

The whole city was illuminated, shining with gleaming light.

Wen Yu looked silly directly.

It's true, it turned out to be true...

She looked at Jiang Yuhe in disbelief, opened her mouth, trying to say something, but found that she could not say anything.

It seems that all languages seem so mediocre and pale under the sky of fireworks at this moment.

The colorful light and shadow passed over Wen Yu's face. She admitted that she was moved, and asked Jiang Yuhe softly: "Do you really know what I think in my heart."

Jiang Yuhe turned to look at her and replied with certainty: "Of course."

Looking at each other for a moment, Wen Yu pointed directly at the opposite shopping mall building, "I want it to light up, I want you to say love me on it, I want to watch the tacky, I want everyone in Beijing to know that you are treating me tonight. propose."

As soon as the voice fell, without waiting for Jiang Yuhe's instructions, Tang Huai immediately spoke to the walkie-talkie: "Preparation on the 6th, all buildings will be played simultaneously, entry 1 and entry 3 will continue to scroll for ten minutes."

Wen Yu: "..."

After half a minute, Wen Yu saw an incredible picture.

Centered on the high-rise building where I was located, all office buildings and shopping malls nearby, as long as they have LCD LED screens, began to roll out the words "Wen Yu, I love you" and "Marry me" almost at the same time.

This feeling is probably ashamed and excited.

There were still people on the rooftop, and Wen Yu said to Tang Huai hurriedly: "It's okay, it's okay, turn it off, I see it."

Jiang Yuhe said: "Ten minutes, one minute can't be less."

After a pause, "You want it."


Wen Yu originally wanted to test whether Jiang Yuhe was so knowledgeable, knowing what he was thinking and what he would like.

She really didn't expect that he could even prepare such "cheesy" content.

Jiang Yuhe leaned over again at this time, his voice low, with a little bewilderment: "Are you willing to marry?"

Wen Yu was blushing and heartbeat by the words that were flashing, but the man still arrogantly let them continue to broadcast, and he was so ashamed that he didn't want to let go. Sorry?"

Hearing this, Jiang Yuhe smiled softly, "I feel."

After speaking, holding Wen Yu's face, she slowly turned behind her, "So I invited them."

Only then did Wen Yu discover that, I don't know when, Wen Yi'an, Song Zhixin, Wen Qingyou... Jiang Yuhe's parents, even the twelfth aunt and Grandma Jiang are here.

Wen Yu was stunned, stood up in astonishment, and murmured twice: "Dad, mom, brother, you guys..."

The two mothers spoke one after another--

Song Zhixin: "Yuyu, promise Yuhe quickly."

Lin Shu: "Yuhe, you kneel down for Yuyu, one knee, hurry up."

Fu Wenqing also said: "Yuyu, Yu He has been waiting for this day for a long time, you guys will be together soon, and give grandma a great-grandson."

Twelfth aunt: "Yuyu, please promise Master, I should go to bed at twelve o'clock. This is considered an overtime work."

My own family, Jiang Yuhe's family all stood here to witness their important moments.

Wen Yu finally couldn't help crying, and looked at Jiang Yuhe like surrendering, "How much have you prepared?"

"a lot of."

"I have prepared all the pictures you might like."

"As long as you want, it will become our memory of this moment."


Wen Yu endured the tears that wanted to break through his eyes, "So you know if I want anything."

Jiang Yuhe looked at her calmly: "Yes."

"Even if I don't know, I will try my best to keep up with you to understand and to know."

"Because I hope that every time you speak, I have prepared everything for you."

The tears in Wen Yu's eyes finally fell uncontrollably, and his vision became blurred, "Then I can test you again."

I couldn't help but laugh after I said, "I'm sorry, am I a little bit overwhelmed."

"You are the examiner tonight," Jiang Yuhe gently rubbed her head, "however you want to test me, you can do whatever you want."

Wen Yu pounced, crying and laughing.

For a moment, she wiped away the tears with the back of her hand, and then stretched out her hand.

With the palm facing up, it is a gesture of request.

This is her exam question.

She was asking Jiang Yuhe for something, but she didn't say what she wanted.

The night breeze slowly blew between the two. For a long time, just when Wen Yu thought that Jiang Yuhe could no longer guess what he was thinking this time, Jiang Yuhe slowly took out something from the inner pocket of his suit.

Hand it to the palm of her hand, "Do you want this?"

The little blue clay figurine, with the words "Golden Boy" written on the soles of his feet.

That was the gift Wen Yu bought to Jiang Yuhe at Wangjiang Bridge when he returned to Jiangcheng for the first time.

At that time, I obviously wanted to buy a brother and sister, but in the end I accidentally bought it as a golden girl.

The elder brother and younger sister are made in heaven, and they have been in good harmony for a hundred years.

Seeing that Jiang Yuhe could even guess such a tricky mind, Wen Yu's emotions could no longer be controlled, and tears flowed down.

"How do you know everything..."

Jiang Yuhe helped her wipe the tears, and said while wiping-"Because I love you."

"Because I open my eyes every day I want to see you, because every night I want to have you by my side, because I want to put you in my life"

Hearing this, Wen Yu succumbed to Jiang Yuhe's mouth with his hands, "Stop talking."

She desperately restrained her emotions, afraid that she would cry until she put on makeup before putting on the ring, and asked actively: "Where's the ring, is there no ring for marriage proposal."

Quiet for a few seconds, Jiang Yuhe suddenly said: "In your hands, in my heart."

At first, Wen Yu didn't understand the meaning of these eight words. After a few seconds of reaction, he seemed to understand something. He looked down at the little clay figure in his hand.

In her hands, in his heart.

Wen Yu's heart beat fiercely, slowly rubbing the position of the little clay figurine's heart, using his fingertips to poke away, and sure enough-found a crystal clear diamond ring inside.

The moment Wen Yu saw the ring, Wen Yu's tears suddenly flowed down as if uncontrollably.

Jiang Yuhe only thought she was too excited, patted her back, and straightened her face.

"Don't cry."

"Wen Yu, look at me."

Wen Yu raised his head sobbing.

Jiang Yuhe took the ring from her hand, slowly knelt on one knee, and solemnly said the words

"Yuyu, marry me."

Wen Yu didn't know what was being stabbed, and cried for a long time, covering his face, crying until he could no longer speak, and his eyes were red.

It was not until the end that he took out a pink clay figure from his outer pocket and handed it to Jiang Yuhe.

He choked and said the same thing:

"...In your hands, in my heart."

Jiang Yuhe was slightly stunned.

After a while, he seemed to understand what Wen Yu meant, looking for the same heart position as the little girl, and slowly poke away the slime

A note.

There is a note hidden inside.

Jiang Yuhe pulled it out and spread it in his palm.

Three characters are written in the beautiful font.

That is her answer-

[I do]


Having been together for so long, it is more than Jiang Yuhe who knows everything about Wen Yu.

They chase each other in love, and have long been the most familiar companions in each other's lives.

Long, long ago, Wen Yu had prepared all this.

I want to tell Jiang Yuhe in this way that the biggest secret she hides in her heart is to one day become his bride.

Tonight, they finally got their wish and fulfilled each other.

The evening breeze is warm, and people in love hug each other warmly, and the strong love lasts forever floating on the rooftop, melting, and drifting to every corner of the city.

This is our moment.

Also forever.

===End of text===

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