A Web Of Magic Chapter 100

A Web Of Magic Volume 1 Chapter 100 - Detention in the Forest

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Prof. McGonagall sat thoughtfully as she saw her good student leave the room disappointed. If it were up to her, she wouldn't want to do something so nonsensical as sending children to the Forbidden Forest at night. But Headmaster Dumbledore has assured her that it would be safer for Harry and his friends to stay outside the castle tonight. It took him a lot of convincing on his part to make her agree to his plans.

'What was the man thinking hiding something as precious as the Philosopher's stone in the castle? He knew there was someone after it and he still did it. The tests we placed might only slow down someone capable of breaking into the Gringotts' vault but never stop them! I don't know how well this would serve to trap the perpetrator. I still can't believe that You-know-who's believers who fell through the cracks are still bold enough to cause trouble. I don't know why Albus is so sure that the thief would strike tonight but I hope that he gets caught soon,' McGonagall mused.

Prof. McGonagall has known Albus Dumbledore for over fifty years. She knows first-hand that the man is capable of great feats and he hasn't let them down over the years. She just hoped that the man is still as dependable and that old age hasn't caught up to him. Magnus was just a form of insurance to guarantee Harry's safety. The Headmaster was worried that the thief might target Harry so he had him sent away from the castle for the night. Who would expect that the Boy-who-lived would get detention in the Forbidden forest at night? The Headmaster knew that Hagrid and Magnus were familiar with the layout of the forest well enough during their ventures inside, so he was sure they'd be capable of escaping in case of any danger. There shouldn't be any great danger as he already had the potions professor check the forest for possible dark wizards. There were none except for the usual threats which he's sure they can take care of under Hagrid and Magnus's care.

Magnus thought he was very careful while carrying out his ventures into the forest but he still couldn't escape the eyes of the Headmaster. It was purely accidental on the Headmaster's part which led him to discover the boy's forays into the forest. After observing for a while and making sure that the boy wasn't doing anything dangerous or illegal, the Headmaster let him be. When Prof. McGonagall heard about Magnus's deeds from the Headmaster yesterday, she had a great impulse to give the boy a piece of her mind. But his perfect academic performance and the Headmaster's intervention let her go of that notion. "A curious heart is the sign of a great wizard," Headmaster Dumbledore said. 'Well, as long as the boy keeps his perfect record, I'll put up with it. I hope Albus knows what he's doing,' McGonagall thought worriedly for a few moments before she went back to her work. Honestly, sometimes she felt that all these responsibilities as the Deputy Headmistress are somehow dulling her mind.

Magnus walked back to his dormitory deep in thought. 'All of this seems so illogical. Something doesn't add up. Well, if they are going to be irresponsible, then so will I,' Magnus decided. He hurried towards the Ravenclaw tower. He had a plan in his mind and had things to do. The dinner in the castle was the usual affair and the students went back to doing their own things after. One particular group of students weren't so lucky as they were led outside the castle by the caretaker Filch.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Draco were led by Argus Filch who seemed all too happy for some reason. He kept muttering about revival of good punishments once again at Hogwarts souring the mood of the children walking behind him. The Gryffindors walked together in a group while Draco walked a few feet away.

"Enjoying your time Weasley?" Draco taunted Ron. He didn't like seeing that he was the only one alone while these guys were talking to each other looking comfortable.

"Why you-" Ron felt anger at the obvious taunt. He wouldn't even be here if not for that slimy git. Harry held him back from marching over and giving the Slytherin boy a piece of his mind.

"Well, well cheery, aren't we? Don't get so comfortable now. You will be joining the oaf Hagrid soon for your detention," Filch kept smiling creepily as if he knew something they didn't. Even Draco stopped taunting after listening to the man. They all had a bad feeling. The Gryffindor trio thought the man was bluffing. How could spending time with Hagrid be bad?

They soon reached Hagrid's hut. "Here we are. You'll be spending your detention in the Forbidden forest with the oaf. All those nasties just waiting for you to step in. Hagrid, we are here," Filch tried to scare the students as he knocked on Hagrid's door. Out came a cheery looking Hagrid and a calm looking Magnus.

"Another one eh? Well, I'll leave them to you Hagrid. I'll come back in the wee hours of the morning to pick them back up. I hope you all stay in one piece. It'll be hard to search for pieces in the forest," Filch laughed as if he cracked the greatest of jokes before he went away with his lantern.

"Magnus, what are you doing here?" Hermione asked surprised.

"Looks like even Mr. Nice-boy here isn't exempted from detention," Malfoy sneered. He seemed to have found courage in taunting others today for some reason.

"Well, Prof. McGonagall felt like it would be better for someone to stitch back up your pieces in case something happened Malfoy. I'm here to see that you don't die," Magnus said as he looked at the boy pointedly. Draco took a step back while trying to look like he wasn't scared.

Magnus shifted his attention to Hermione and said," Prof. McGonagall wanted me to make sure you'd be safe so she sent me. What are you doing here Ron? I thought you didn't get any detention?"

Ron looked sheepish as Harry explained, "Malfoy provoked him during potions class today. Ron reacted out loud and so Snape gave him detention with us." 'Ah Prof. Snape never misses a chance to give detention,' Magnus smiled wryly. He looked at the nervous looking Neville standing behind them all and patted him on the shoulder to give him some encouragement.

"Well, come on then. I'm sure we'll have a good time in the forest. Don't worry I'll take good care of ye. Prof. Sprout wants some plants from the forest and we're going to pick them up for her," Hagrid said smiling as he led them towards the forest. Fang too followed the group from behind. The dog looked more nervous than the children as it neared the forest.

"I don't see why I have to pick plants in the forest like some servant. My father will not be happy when he hears about this," Malfoy said angrily.

"That's how we do things here at Hogwarts. I'm sure yer dad knows that," Hagrid retorted as he kept walking.

Just as they crossed the border of the forest, Magnus spoke up, "Hagrid, I'm sure we don't have to go in too deep to find the plants. How about we stop right here? I can help find the plants easily. We wouldn't want to find any trouble, now would we? Who knows if the trouble from last time comes again?"

Magnus made a trip back home after meeting Prof. McGonagall in the afternoon. He brought some Moon daisies from his own greenhouse. That was way better than risking an attack while searching for plants in the forest at night. Usually, he'd fine going out to the forest, but this whole venture this time gave him a bad feeling. He'd rather not test his luck. Prof. McGonagall never said how deep they have to go into the forest. She just left it out to the discretion of Hagrid. Even just entering into the forest counts as fulfilling the condition for detention. He just had to convince Hagrid now which shouldn't be too hard.

"Oh, alright then. We'll just search around here," Hagrid relented. He too had a slight discomfort about any potential dark wizard that might be here. The other members of the group heard this conversation and they all heaved a sigh. They were already getting scared right at the boundary of the forest. There's something about the dark forest and its unseen sounds that unnerved them.

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