A Web Of Magic Chapter 99

A Web Of Magic Volume 1 Chapter 99 - Preliminary results

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A few days passed since Magnus's talk with Hermione in the library. Magnus didn't pay attention to the matter anymore and continued on with his life. His experiments with dragon blood made some progress. While the blood did have some suppressive effect against curses, it was limited in its type. It seemed like it would work well against curses that freeze or have some cold related effects. It wasn't surprising as dragons were giant fire-breathing magical creatures. It can also suppress some type of poisons originating from other creatures. Magnus thought it enabled them to eat other creatures even if they were venomous.

He kept a copy of the paper, ''The twelve uses of Dragon Blood" by Headmaster Dumbledore on the side as a reference. Most of the Headmaster's findings were only some mundane uses of dragon blood like spot remover or oven cleaner. Magnus thought there were more magical uses for it that the Headmaster did not deign to write down in the paper. Why else would dragon blood be so rare and costly to acquire? This was normal wizard practice that he had noticed as no wizard wanted to make public all of their findings. They always kept the most beneficial knowledge to themselves and only made it public when they were about to die or need money.

Magnus added some dragon blood to his flesh-suit to add further magical and physical resistance to it. The suit's golden scales have now darkened with a hint of grey which were the source of the resistance. He thought he could make it breathe fire just like a dragon, but alas that wasn't possible. The suit seemed to lack the necessary biology for that function. Despite the benefits he found with dragon blood, he was disappointed as it couldn't help with his original purpose which was to cure his blood-curse.

He wrote down his findings in his research note book that he maintained. 'Hmm, it seems like the blood has to be more powerful than the dragon blood I have. Is it because the blood is from an infant dragon? No even if its an a.d.u.l.t dragon, the amount of magical power in its blood should still be lower than what I require. A dragon would have to live for 500 years for it to have that kind of magic. But the longest-lived dragon according to history is only 300 years. Nicholas Flamel lived longer than that! Hmm, maybe there are magically powerful long-lived species that I don't know of? But Newt's book didn't make any mention of that,' he mused to himself.

He decided to write to Newt to see if he had any solutions. He needed a magical creature that was magically as powerful or even more so than a dragon and should have lived at least 500 years. He thought it was impossible for something like that to exist, but he still thought of trying. He quickly penned down a letter briefly mentioning blood-curses and if Newt knew anything about curing them. His own reading didn't give much results beyond some basics.

While he did have some progress with potions in the matter, they weren't a complete cure. He would have liked to write to someone like Flamel to ask about it as the man definitely knew of many things due to his long life. Alas, the old alchemist isn't so easy to get hold of. It was understandable as the man had great secrets that many wizards would want to get hold of. So, he gave up for now. 'I'll see what Newt has to say before seeking help from anyone else,' he decided.

'Wait a minute. A creature that is as magically potent as a dragon and long-lived. The creature in the Slytherin's lab fits the bill. But it's too dangerous to get close to it according to my divination. I'll see what Newt has to say before deciding. I'll keep that as a last resort. Maybe I should find out what type of a creature it is in the meantime,' Magnus concluded. He spent the rest of the day finishing his quota for potion making that he needed to deliver soon to Diagon Alley.

Magnus went to relax by the lake in the afternoon after lunch. He had some free time now and he didn't want to spend it doing experiments in the Room of Requirement. The weather was good today and it uplifted his spirit. Roger and Noah too joined him in the beginning but they soon went to talk to some of their quidditch friends. Magnus felt a giant shadow cover him from the back all of a sudden. He looked back already having a guess who it was.

"Hagrid?" he asked doubtfully.

The half-giant looked guilty as he tried to say something," Eh, Magnus a moment?" he asked.

"What is it Hagrid?" Magnus asked curiously. Hagrid pointed his eyes towards the other students sitting nearby. Magnus understood what the man wanted to say and waved his wand casting a silencing charm around the both of them. "There. They won't be hearing anything now," Magnus assured him.

Hagrid nodded in satisfaction and said, "It's about Harry and his friends. Prof. McGonagall decided on their detention. It's going to be in the forest, tonight."

"In the forest? Didn't you tell her about the possibly lurking dark wizard?" Magnus asked in shock.

"I did. But she said that everything is alright now and it would be safe. Besides, they'd be with me so it should be fine. They are to collect some Moon daisies. They help other plants grow well by keeping away the weeds. At least that's what Prof. Sprout says. They grow just in the outskirts so it should be fine. Don't worry, I'll take good care of them," Hagrid assured him.

'Of course, you will. They got detention in the first while taking care of your dragon,' Magnus mentally rolled his eyes. He didn't say it out loud as the giant of a man was already looking guilty. It's not that Hagrid doesn't understand, he just didn't know how to handle it.

"It's alright Hagrid. I'm sure you'll take good care of them," Magnus told the man who seemed to cheer up. Hagrid went away saying he has things to take care of and to make sure Harry and the others have a good time in the forest. 'Only Hagrid will think of having fun in the Forbidden forest at night. To him it's probably nothing as he regularly goes there. The outskirts are like going to the neighbor's garden for him. Hmm, maybe I should try and talk to Prof. McGonagall and see if she'd change the detention?' Magnus wondered. He could care less about Malfoy, but he didn't want Hermione and the others to get hurt in the forest from encountering a dark wizard.

Magnus found the transfiguration professor in her office. He knocked on the door and heard," Come in."

"Good day professor. I hope I'm not disturbing you?" Magnus greeted her with a smile.

"Good day to you too Mr. Webb. Now, what can I do for you?" Prof. McGonagall asked him with a smile. He was one of her best students so she always made time for him.

"It's about the detention of Hermione and the others. I was wondering if you could change it to something else. Hagrid and I found traces of a dark wizard in the forest," Magnus stated his reason for being there.

McGonagall's smile faltered. It looked like Magnus's words made her remember something unpleasant. She composed herself within moments and said," I appreciate your concern towards your friends Mr. Webb, but it's a punishment for a reason. I wish I could change it to something else, but I can't. Besides, Headmaster Dumbledore already had Prof. Snape make sure that the forest is safe from any dark wizards. I'm sure they'll be safe with Hagrid near them. it's only a few hours Mr. Webb, I'm sure they'll be fine. If you are so concerned about their wellbeing, how about you tag along to make sure they are fine? They'd be delighted to have a healer close to them."

'What the hell? Why did it shift to me? This doesn't make any sense,' Magnus was shocked on the inside. "But professor, I'm just a student. What can I do? We'll all be in danger then," he tried to convince her. He's sure he'll be fine, but he didn't want to go to the forest. It's not like it's some vacation! Who in their right mind would tag along on a detention?

"Oh hush Mr. Webb. I'm sure someone who could take down a troll so cleanly can manage well in the forest. Now off you go, I've things to do," the professor sent him off. He left the room still confused. 'I should stop poking my nose around in others' matters,' was his thought as he left.

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