Abe The Wizard Chapter 1022

Chapter 1029 Miracle

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The more faithful worshippers usually had some personal reason to worshipthe most common reason being their own injuries. About four out of ten of the worshippers were barbarians that suffered from heavy injuries that prevented them from going into battle. Three out of ten had some chronic illness that tormented their physical wellbeing constantly. The remaining three were mostly faithful because of the way they were raised. Having learned about the importance of the god of war from an early age, they were naturally devoted to regular worship.

Four injured barbarians felt a strange power healing their injuries as the strange golden light surrounded them. Their bodies were supposed to be destroyed, but the golden essence revitalized them like rain on barren land. Three of the sick ones became healthy again. The other three felt a lot less tired and less disturbed from whatever they were eating.

One of them called out loudly, “I’m xompletely healed! I’m not useless anymore!”

Another threw away their walking stick and stared into the sky.

Elder Blair pointed his scepter towards all of them, “This is a divine blessing from the great god of war.”

The barbarians watching seemed very surprised. This was a living miracle–no, multiple miracles that were happening right in front of them.

Elder Blair spoke loudly, “You are the chosen ones! Are you willing to serve the great god of war and spread his faith?”

They all spoke in unity, “Yes!”

After that, the ten most devoted worshippers entered the temple and changed into robes. This bolstered the spirituality of all that were watching. When these ten same barbarians went back to stand beside Elder Blair, a promotion started to rise from one of them. It was very easy to spot this promotion qi. This was Battlecry City, the largest of all the gathering grounds. There were many on this meeting ground, but they could all see the light that was spiraling into the sky, as for that barbarian who was lucky enough to receive this blessing, before, most of his days were disturbed with severe injuries. He was also no higher than a rank eleven of his class, but now, not only was he back to full health, he was also promoted to another level.

Elder Blair was satisfied with what he was looking at, “Do not resist the blessing, brother. The divine spirit bestowed it upon you. Let’s have you promote yourself right here.”

Elder Blair wanted to make the most from this promotion, but he also wanted to use this chance to advocate more about how great the god of war was.

The follower responded by sitting himself on the ground, “Yes, Elder Blair!”

Speaking of which, the promotion happened by accident. Eleven years ago, he suffered heavy injuries from a fight he had in his early years. His body was now incapable of performing any fighting techniques and spells. Regardless of that, he never gave up on his fundamental training, and it actually helped him reach the bottleneck stage a few years ago. The only thing that was really stopping him was his injuries. When Abel sent the medicine into his body, it cleansed him from the inside and treated even his smallest wounds. He was a lot cleaner than before now. More importantly, the healing process made it easier for him to persist in his religious life. That was certainly what the other barbarians watching thought as well. Their eyes flashed in admiration as they all understood how difficult a promotion was. If there was a chance to promote themselves through pure worship, they were not going to say no to that.

Meanwhile, the young barbarian opened his eyes when the golden light pillar on him vanished.

Elder Blair reached out his hand and waved, “My child! Come to me. Let me see if you have received the blessing.”

The young barbarian walked humbly to Elder Blair. Elder Blair placed his hand on him, and a bit later, he withdrew his hand. The young barbarian was nervous and anticipating. He wished to hear Elder Blair deliver the good news.

The other barbarians became increasingly scared with the number of miracles they were witnessing. Since Elder Blair decided whether their divine blessings would work or not, they all waited for him to report the outcome.

“My child! Train well, for you are to become a warrior for the great god of war!”

The meeting ground was filled with chants of praise.

Elder Blair continued his announcement, “In the name of the great god of war, the temple will now, for every five days, provide an enlightenment blessing for one barbarian youth who’s physically up to par.”

He understood as much. From this time onward, the amount of worship power would only increase exponentially. By that sense, the usage time of the enlightenment blessing would only be reduced. He needed to spare time for the noblemen and their associates if he was to work on forming alliances.

When songs of praises rose again, Elder Blair decided not to take the lead this time. He no longer needed it since the barbarians were already singing the songs from the bottom of their own hearts. From here onward, the Battlecry Plateau regained its worship. The more enlightenment blessings appeared, the deeper their overall faith became. This was about the time Abel gave up on asking about the god of war. The temple could sustain itself on its own. He had confidence in that because even when the god of war was silent for the past few thousand years, these barbarians never stopped passing their knowledge. That was when they barely had any resources, and now, things were different. The number of staff had been at an all-time high, and some of the heritage sites that were sealed had already opened.

Day by day, Abel was stuck inside the dark world after spending his time clearing the great plain outside the fort. During day time, he would spend all his time inside the battle fort and seldom make contact with the outside world.

“Wizard Hal wants to see you, Master.”

The research spirit interrupted Abel when he was trying to brew a light recovery potion. It was fortunate that Abel had a lot of experience with the light recovery potion. Instead of ruining the brew, he just carried on after listening to the message.

Abel continued his work, “Have Joseph see Wizard Hal in. I need a little more time to be done with this.”

Now, three followers stationed themselves here. Druid Poly was undergoing shutdown training to take care of all the skills required for a big druid. For Druid Gunter’s case, since his level was too low, only Druid Joseph sufficed to be the one seeing Wizard Hal in.

Back to Abel. After done with the day’s work, he passed the light recovery potions and mana potions back to the research spirit. Only then did he head over to the meeting room. The research spirit was taking care of the distribution while he went to meet the visitors.

“Master Bennett!”

Both Druid Joseph and Wizard Hal bowed when they saw him.

Abel smiled and bowed, “Sorry, Wizard Hal. I was crafting the potions.”

Wizard Hal laughed and replied, “Don’t worry about it, Master Bennett. I’m not going to say that I’m more important than the potion business, and it’s been fun chatting with Druid Joseph here.”

Druid Joseph spoke, “Perhaps I’ll leave first, Master Bennett.”

Abel shook his head, “No, it’s fine. Just stay here.”

Druid Joseph smiled when he heard this. It felt good to him that Abel accepted him to be a part of his circle.

“Yes!” he rushed and bowed.

Abel smiled and asked, “So that brings you today, Wizard Hal?”

Wizard Hal spoke with a lower voice, “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you in person.”

Out of instinct, Wizard Hal threw a concerned look over to Druid Joseph, but he realized how safe it was since Druid Joseph was bound by a contract.

Wizard Hal spoke, “Bay Law City and Battlecry City were under attack by the Nation of Evil. it’s been going on for the last few days. Their intelligence force is behind it. After some analysis work done by the Wizard Union, it is predicted that the sky demons will be revived within a hundred years.”

Abel was bewildered, “What?”

The first thing he thought about was the 2000 followers he left at the Nation of God.

He went on to ask, “What makes that Wizard Union think that it’s within a hundred years?”

He was starting to understand why Wizard Hal would go to him in person. Once the news was out, the whole central continent would be under serious attack. It’d be a total catastrophe.

Wizard Hal spoke, “That was the conclusion that was reached by the digital legendary wizard who participated in the analysis.”

Abel was silenced. He had no ways of accessing legendary wizards, so he had no ways of confirming the analysis. Still, he decided that it wasn’t a wrong thing to believe it.

He tried to be constructive in his questions, “Are there anyone who’s confident to hold back the sky demons?”

Wizard Hal shook his head, “I don’t know, to be honest. My understanding of the Wizard Union does not go beyond the legendary rank.”

Abel was a bit troubled with that reply. He was much more afraid than the Wizard Union. He understood that the sky demon wouldn’t wish him well if it realized that he’s been stealing followers this whole time.

Abel tried to hide his nervousness, “So what can the Wizard Union do to prevent the awakening?”

“Nothing, essentially,” Wizard Hal shook his head, “The Wizard Union has no ability to slow down the awakening. However, from our recent observations, it seems as though they are desperate to obtain sacred items that are relevant to the divine. They are probably after some sort of talisman that will quicken the process.”

Abel sought confirmation, “Has the Wizard Union been able to gain intel on the Nation of Evil, Wizard Hal? It’s hard to think that it has none.”

Wizard Hal replied, “The Nation of Evil has eyes and ears in the most unheard places, Master Bennett. No one can know how many members there are, since they are no different from you or me. They are only called when they are needed.”

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