Abe The Wizard Chapter 944

Chapter 951 Protect The Tree Of Life

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The 4 loyal mad knights sped out of the valley, out of the Destruction from heaven and earth’s attack range.

He quickly changed the aura below him into a revived aura, and his face looked better in almost an instant. The other 3 knights next to him also took a turn for the better.

Being attacked multiple times was not a situation those mad knights had found themselves in a lot. They were experts in defense and close body attacks. Even masters of spell casting could rarely dominate them.

However, the unlikely combination of Dolf and Druid Lendo’s hit the knights.

“Glory to my lord!” Mad knight Mead mumbled. He decided to go full attack mode, no more tactics. However, when he was about to charge with his recovered mates again, Dolf, who had vanished, was there again.

However, it wasn’t in front of the 4 mad knights but the 5000 holy knights. The teleportation ability gave it the ability o a wizard.

The 5000 knights kept their powerful battle formation even without battle, but Dolf’s appearance was a surprise.

Hundreds of knights gathered their Holy energy into a giant sword, and the few holy knights closest to Dolf and threw it forward to counteract the rod on Dolf’s hand.

This was only because the knights were unprepared if they were prepared. It wouldn’t be the holy energy of a few hundred knights but all 5000.

After being struck by the Holy energy sword, Dolf was pushed away once again.

But unlike last time, Dolf was affected by the knights’ attack, not by the rebound force of those mad knights’ scary defense.

With that hit, at least 30 holy knights were killed by the vibrations with blood spilling out of their mouths, and more holy knights were badly injured.

The rod on Dolf’s hand was obtained from the Lightning Clan’s Law Defying Wizard, Mutton. It was a pedestal from an ancient sight with damage increase. It enhanced the already powerful force of Dolf.

If the knights were not in a formation to distribute the hit, every knight that the rod touched would be dead. Not only intermediate ones but even top-level ones.

When the team of holy knights reacted and were ready to strike again, Dolf vanished. It was a tactic Abel ordered. With 6 loyal mad knights against 3 big druids. Those grey bears would not last long if the knights decided to go full attack mode, even with the terrain advantage.

Dolf’s mission was to cause chaos with its teleportation, so the mad knights could not focus on attacking the valley.

“Change aura!” The mad knights in front of the team of 5000 yelled as his face sank.

Afterward, a Holy Freeze appeared below the knights. With 500 top-level knights igniting the aura at once, the entire place was covered in frost.

Mad knight Mead also stopped his attack. He was furious. It was the first time his team had taken a loss. His heart was filled with hatred towards that Beamon beast.

“Full pressure. I want everything in this place to die!” He yelled in command.

The knights began to move and quickly arrived in front of the valley entrance as the Holy Freeze Aura covered the area. As soon as Dolf appeared, he would be slowed down.

“There’s no need to struggle. The Lord told us to destroy the tree of life. You can’t stop us!” Mad knight Mead said coldly, staring into the eyes of the 2 big druids standing near the valley entrance.

They were a little shaken up by Dolf’s attack, but those experienced knights quickly found a solution.

“The Goddess is on our side, and we will die by the tree of life!” Big Druid Lendo did not yell back. Instead, he lowered his voice and said calmly.

“Oh, what a surprise. You must be Master Bennett!” Mad knight Mead turned his gaze to an elf standing far away behind those 3 big druids.

“You know me?” Abel was caught off guard for a moment.,

“Of course I know you, Master Bennett. I have your picture on me. Our second mission today is to bring you back with us. It seems like we can kill 2 birds with one stone!” Mad knight mead laughed loudly.

“Do you really think you can do that?” Abel replied with a cold smirk.

Chatting was the best way to drag out time after all.

“Master Bennett, dragging out time is useless. You won’t have anyone coming for support. Our other team is already about to invade Bay Law City!” Mad knight Mead saw what Abel was trying to do, so he shook his head with a laugh.

However, he would not continue to risk it. He still had 3 big druids to take down.

“Glory to my lord!” Mad knight Mead mumbled again as the other 3 loyal mad knights lined up in a row. They did not slowly make their way forward. Instead, they fully ignited a charge towards the 3 grey bears.

A big fight was about to start, and Dolf’s body could not move swiftly in the tight entrance. Abel’s heart began to drop.

Suddenly, the sound of Pegasus emerged, and 2 Pegasus landed beside the 3 big druids.

“Lendo, are you holding up fine?” Big Druid Conrad jumped down and yelled.

“Conrad, finally, we can fight together again!” Big Druid Lendo laughed.

With 2 more big druids as support, their top-level power would be equal to the knights. With the advantage of the terrains, the 5000 holy knights were almost useless.

A knight without formation could not form a threat to a big druid.

At that moment, Dolf also returned. It held its rod parallel in front of Abel as a shield.

Another Destruction from heaven and earth was cast by a big druid along with a volcano spell. Suddenly, that tiny valley entrance was filled with lava and fireballs, turning it into a fiery hell.

However, the knights disregarded the spells and directly charged towards the grey bears while turning their helping aura into a minimum.

The first strike was initiated by a sword. With the power of the knights’ charge, the grey bears were knocked back a few steps.

Grey bears were the powerful shield of big druids with an immense amount of strength.

But in the face of mad knights, they were clearly being dominated. 4 cuts were opened up on 2 grey bears. Although the cuts were not big, their defense was broken.

The injured grey bears were furious. They frantically scratched with their claws, but the knights blocked and quickly knocked them out with a shield strike.

In the face of experienced knights with countless techniques, those top-level summon of big druids could only go so far.

However, the knights also did not have a good time. They were struck by countless top-level spells in a short period of time, and injuries began to emerge.

A cold gaze flashed in the eyes of Mad knight Mead. He took out a magic scroll with his sword holding his hand. It was a move in a flash scroll he got from a dead wizard.

He ignited it with his power of will, and his body immediately vanished from the spot. He then appeared in front of big druid Conrad with a murderous ‘Flame’ aura below him.

The ‘Flame’ aura on top of the ‘sacrifice’ was made to counteract Big Druid Conrad’s wind armor. A wind armor could block element attacks, but it was hopeless against physical attacks.

Fear filled the Big druid Conrad’s eyes. Every big druid had their special skills, but most of them were only experts in summons and elements. The experts in transformation were scarce.

Big Druid Conrad was an expert of summons and elements, so his close body fighting skills were feeble, let alone facing a mad knight.

On the other hand, Abel had his eyes fixed on Mad Knight Mead when he took out a move in a flash scroll. He forcefully reached his power of will into the battlefield. His rank 20 power of the would not immediately get disrupted by the knights’ energy, but it would only last for a few breaths.

Still, that was enough time for him to ignite the World Stone’s ability. He immediately analyzed the expression on Mad knight Mead’s face and understood his target was Big Druid Conrad, so he called Dolf in the fastest way possible.

Dolf immediately understood its owner’s intention through the soul chain. It vanished beside Abel and appeared above Mad knight Mead before he unleashed his ‘sacrifice’ attack.

Bang! This time Dolf did not get blasted away. Instead, it landed safely without stepping on big druid Conrad.

The one who took a big hit was Mad knight Mead. With the ‘flame’ aura on top of the ‘sacrifice’ aura, his physical strength had reached a maximum. Colliding with an ancient pedestal held the number one strength of the Central Continent under this circumstance had set him flying horizontally.

He landed in front of a grey bear. That grey bear was irritated, and its mate blocked it so it could not attack, but knight Mead had landed just in time.

It heavily struck down with its claw. Since Mad knight Mead had lost all his defense, and his internals was a little damaged from the blast, that strike from the grey bear caused a cracking sound. The bones on his left were shattered, and he dropped his shield on the ground.

“Mr. Mead!” The other 3 mad knights who were fighting the grey bears yelled. They disregarded their danger and quickly jumped above the grey bears in their way.

However, one of the mad knights was struck down by a grey bear and was slammed on the ground. Blood began to spill out from his mouth. Since the grey bear was busy with that one knight, it gave the other 2 the time to jump in front of mad knight Mead to protect him.

The knights held up their shield, and one of them changed to a preaching aura to soothe Mad knight Mead’s injuries.

The 2 mad knights outside the valley charged in to keep the Grey bears occupied again.

Chaos broke out in the valley. The big druids could not kill the knights in one strike, and they would not get too close to them either. Therefore, although they might look like they were at an advantage, the threat was still well and alive.

If not for Abel and his beast, the big druid’s defense would be broken long ago.

As the 2 knights guarded Mad knight Mead, he took out a potion and poured it down. Soon, he stood up again and pushed away the 2 knights guarding him.

His eyes were blood red. This was the most embarrassing battle he had been in. He was almost smacked to death by a grey bear in front of his 5000 men. Although he didn’t say anything, his heart was disgusted.

“Kill them all!” He yelled. The druids were the least skilled at battle, after all.

The 6 mad knights unleashed their thirst for battle. The ‘flame,’ ‘believe,’ and ‘Holy Freeze’ auras emerged below them.

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