Abe The Wizard Chapter 945

Chapter 952 Goddess

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The ‘believe’ aura had the ability to drastically reduce your opponent’s defense, while the ‘Flame’ aura could increase one’s attack, speed, and accuracy. The 2 of them used together could maximize the damage those mad knights could make.

A slaughter had begun with 5 big druids against 6 Loyal Mad knights.

Big Druid Lendo yelled. He cast a Bearman transformation and turned into a giant bear. The other 4 druids also gathered their grey bears together to block as they crazily cast top-level spells from behind.

The 4 grey bears divided themselves into 2 groups. One group was responsible for blocking Mad knight Mead and his 2 fellows, and the other was responsible for that injured mad knight and the 2 new ones that just arrived.

However, those 4 grey bears were already badly injured after being attacked for so long. They probably wouldn’t last long.

Suddenly, big druid Lendo’s 3 meters tall bear body arrived in front of the 2 grey bears closest to the entrance and slammed down with its giant claw. A huge shockwave rushed out.

He was one of the rare few big druids who studied transformation. The shockwave he just made was a spell he could only do after transforming into a bear.

His attack caught the knights’ attention, and the 3 of them that were struck by the shockwave were knocked out for a moment. Their swords stopped.

“Purify!” Mad knight Mead yelled, and a knight beside him ignited the purify aura. The 3 knocked-out knights regained their consciousness once again.

The reason Mad knight Mead didn’t use a purified aura himself was that he was the strongest. He needed to maintain his ‘flame’ aura to maintain his men’s strength at a top-level. If not, it would give the grey bear the time to recover.

After a roar of agony, a grey bear turned into a flash of white light and returned to the monster bag of a big druid. The balance began to tip. Soon, the second grey bear’s life force was also drained and returned to its owner.

The big druids helplessly summoned a mad wolf, but they were helpless against the knights. In the end, they were all returned as well,

The big druids kept stepping back as they fought. They would soon reach the inner valley.

Abel contemplated if he should summon Johnson and Jason, or maybe even Flying Flame and White Snow to drag out some time, but winning against those knights was almost impossible.

As he was thinking, Big Druid Lendo, Mad knight Mead unleashed a strike on Big Druid Lendo, and his giant bear body was sent flying. When he landed, his body returned to his elf form, and it was filled with wounds.

It was a critical time, and Abel had to summon his summons. Suddenly a dimensional force appeared.

“Careful, get into formation!” Mad knight Mead was about to make his final move on Big Druid Lendo, but he quickly yelled.

The 6 knights quickly gathered together and formed a small formation.

Mad knight Mead looked very serious. Since this place was bound by the law of the gods, dimensional forces were locked up.

Other than a personal dimensional force such as a wizard’s move in a flash and Dolf’s teleportation, or maybe even some short distance teleportation spells, any other strong dimensional force appearing in this place was almost impossible.

Of course, this was only the case for those below the rank of gods.

As the 6 knights gathered, the dimensional force gathered into a slit in mid-air. Afterward, a graceful body stepped out.

“Lorraine!” Abel gasped.

It had been years since he saw her, but she looked just the same. Although 5-6 years might be a long time for a human, the passing of time almost done nothing to her. Which made sense considering that she was an elf, especially a premature elf.

Abel’s words did not catch Lorraine’s attention, and she acted like she almost didn’t know him.

It was at that moment he realized something different about Lorraine. There was cold, untouchable energy on her, almost like she was a

“Goddess!” That’s the only word Abel could think of. Lorraine was just like a goddess. No, that wasn’t right. She wasn’t like a goddess. She was a Goddess.

“You’ve intruded the tree of life. Die!” She lifted her pure white hands, and a green light flew out gracefully. When it was meters from the knights, the light turned into a giant green hand.

“Full defense!” Mad knight Mead yelled.

Pure white holy energy rose up. At that moment, all aura was useless. Only the most original energy could counteract the strike from a god.

“Bang!” Mad knight Mead and his 5 fellows were blasted away.

The knight who was badly injured by a grey bear did an imperfect block with his shield, but it was because of this, a strand of green energy reached his body.

When they landed, 5 of them were only lightly injured, but his body was surrounded by green energy, and his life force was quickly emptying.

Soon, the plants near him began to grow at a rapid rate and quickly bloomed.

“Clay!” Mad knight Mead yelled. One of his men was down, so he quickly turned back to face Lorraine.

For a powerful figure, the lights poured out from their soul was their last bit of glory and their recognition from the world.

However, that dead knight did not have any soul beam. He was killed by a goddess, so his soul would be taken back by the goddess.

“Go back, go back to the troops!” Mad Knight Mead yelled and charged back. It was their last hope.

“Do you want to run?” A dimensional slit appeared in front of Lorraine. In a step, she appeared in front of the charging knights again.

Her delicate hand tapped on the back of a knight. It was not fast, but that knight couldn’t avoid it. He quickly fell to the ground.

Afterward, flowers began to bloom beside the body of that knight.

However, this move was all Lorraine could do. The other 4 knights had returned to their troops.

“The great goddess, it is my honor to witness your grace. I feel very honored!” Mad Knight Mead moved in front of his troops after seeing only 4 of them had survived.

He had to show his respect in front of the gods, no matter which one. The gods were untouchable. Even if one of them couldn’t kill you at the moment, they would leave a scent on you, and every other god would be able to kill you.

Although Mad knight Mead was against the goddess, she wouldn’t say anything insulting in front of her. Respect for power was a universal rule.

Lorraine did not reply, but her hands began to shiver when she saw Abel.

“The great goddess, your body is still not mature. You can not fully unleash your godly ability. I believe most of your energy was drained with that dimensional slit just then. If not, you wouldn’t have just killed 2 of us!” Mad knight Mead still spoke in a respectful tone.

He did not attack again. Although he believed Loraine could not fully unleash her godly ability, she could still easily kill 2 of his comrades. he didn’t want to be the third one.

The soul of the ones killed by a goddess could not return to the god they were loyal to. Instead, it would be taken by the goddess who killed him.

For a loyal warrior, this was almost unimaginable.

“Pitiful knights. Get out of here!” Lorraine said in a gracefully soft voice.

Abel had never seen Lorraine like this, but hearing Mad knight Mead’s words, he knew a goddess possessed Lorraine.

“The great goddess, I am a fighter for my lord. The command of my lord is above everything else. Mad knight Mead did not step back. Instead, he lowered his voice.

Afterward, he held his shield up front, and a holy beam of light shot up from the 5000 knights behind him.

Lorraine also did not attack. She no longer has enough energy within her to kill all of those intruders.

As a young goddess, Lorraine set off with 10 big druids when she heard Bay Law City was in trouble. She was quick with the speed of her Pegasus.

But along the way, she got another message from the forest that the tree of life was being attacked, and one master potion maker named Bennett was being trapped. She immediately knew it was her Abel.

Therefore, she disregarded what the big druids warned her and directly used a godly ability. She was only a ceremony away from being an official Saint, but that ceremony could only begin after reaching her mature age. After all, only a mature elf could fully open up her body to accept the goddess’s possession and ignite the full potential within her.

“You!” Lorraine turned to look at Abel. The one talking was the goddess. She sensed this human had a special bond with her body, and he was using her holy object to obtain an elf form.

Mad knight Mead was pleased that Lorraine did not make a move. In the face of a goddess, he would be okay as long as he stayed in the protection of his knight formation.

He knew a goddess could not possess one’s body for too long. When the time came, he could still complete his mission.

Maybe he could also kill a young elf Sainte with the ability to accept a goddess’s possession. It would be a big accomplishment. His lord would definitely be very happy.

Abel felt like he was dreaming. Even though he knew he was talking to the goddess, her body was still the girl he missed for all these years.

“I said he is an elf!” Lorraine suddenly pointed at Abel as her voice emerged from mid-air.

Big Druid Conrad and the other big druids had no idea what the goddess was talking about, but big druid Lendo knew a little. The goddess had confirmed Abel’s identity when they signed a contract, but now she was confirming it in real life.

Abel could see that the goddess found out his true identity, which made sense considering that the goddess made the transformation necklace if the legends had any truths in them.

However, Abel suddenly sensed a message from his soul. It was a spell to merge the transformation necklace with his body. Currently, some powerful druids might still be able to sense something odd with Abel’s energy, but after he said the spell, the power of the transformation necklace power would be increased to the maximum. From that point on, no one other than the gods would be able to tell.

Abel said the spell and the transformation necklace slowly sank into his body, but he suddenly remembered there were still a few rings he put on the necklace. When the necklace vanished, the rings dropped into his chest.

However, he didn’t care because Lorraine still had her eyes fixed on him.

“Little fellow, you have faith with the tree of life. So I’ll let you and the tree of life fight those intruders with me!” Lorraine said with a smile.

He then pointed at Abel again and a strange energy wave raised from his soul. Abel sensed that it was a contract.

It was an equal contract between Abel and the tree of life.

Abel sensed the energy of the tree of life within as he signed it.

Abel couldn’t help but admire how powerful the goddess was. She could make an equal contract for both Abel and the tree of life. But if the tree of life didn’t like Abel so much in the first place, it wouldn’t have signed a contract with him in the first place.

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