Abe The Wizard Chapter 946

Chapter 953 Seeing Lorraine Again

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An equal contract declared mutual recognition between two great powers. For Abel, signing an equal contract with the tree of life of this world was a great deal.

The reason the goddess did this was that she would soon lose her powers. She had already gotten involved. It would be a huge insult to her if she still managed to let the evil demons win.

It was rare that the tree of life had a special bond with someone. Through their soul chain, she could see that it accepted Abel.

The tree of life was prideful. Countless elves had tried, but they all failed to get its recognition.

Due to Abel’s relationship with the Sainte, she had accepted Abel as one of them and allowed the tree of life to fight with him.

After the goddess had spoken, she smiled, and her energy began to spread. The plants in the area 10 meters around her began to grow and bloom.

Afterward, the goddess’s energy vanished, and Lorraine dropped weakly on the ground onto the flowers.

Mad knight Mead did not attack immediately. He and the thousands of being around him were stunned by the goddess’ ability.

“Lorraine!” Abel yelled desperately, seeing the knights were still far away.

Afterward, a giant body emerged next to Lorraine. It was Dolf, and it carefully picked her up with its giant hands as Abel commanded it to teleport back to his side.

Dolf gently lowered Lorraine’s body by Abel’s side. It was evident how important Lorraine was to its owner, so every move had to be very careful. It could not afford to hurt her with its giant force.

Abel kneeled to examine Lorraine’s injuries. The possession of the goddess had damaged her muscles. Even her spirit was badly fatigued.

With these injuries, just a normal healing potion and some rest would do the trick.

However, Abel took out a full recovery option without even thinking and poured the purple liquid down her throat.

A purple glow emerged from her body, and her eyes began to twitch. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Abel in his elf form. She immediately smiled.

This smile was completely different from the one she had when the goddess possessed her. It was the smile of joy, the smile of a pure little girl. Although the smile of the goddess was beautiful as well, she no emotion for the common world.

Seeing that smile, Abel remembered once again how irreplaceable she was in his heart despite seeing countless girls in this world.

After he got so much more powerful, he could truly sense how pure Lorraine’s soul was. He was deeply drawn, which was a strange experience.

Since his soul was so much more powerful than normal people in this world, he could sense other people’s souls being affected by him.

This was why Lorraine stayed as the only one in his heart despite seeing countless girls.

However, there was one thing Abel didn’t know. Because of Lorraine’s pure crystal purity soul, she was picked by the temple at a young age. She was supposed to become a genius druid, but she didn’t. Instead, she hid her ability until the temple retrieved her to undergo Sainte training to become an official Sainte after she came of age.

If Abel were a normal human, he would have never been able to get close to Lorraine. Even if her family didn’t mind, the temple would mind.

However, with the goddess’s recognition and the equal contract with the tree of life, Abel’s status in the elves was undeniable.

At least in the Central Continent, everyone needed to address Abel as the prestigious Master Bennett. It was the difference between status and identity.

“Abel!” Lorraine had returned to her top condition after using the potion, so she said energetically as soon as she opened her eyes.

“Lorraine, I’m so glad you are ok!” Abel couldn’t help but smiled and said gently after hearing Lorraine’s voice and seeing the lively look on her face.

“I’m not dreaming. I can finally see you, Abel!” Lorraine opened her eyes wide and looked around, trying to see if she was dreaming.

Just like Abel, she was dreaming drown to his soul. It was very hard for her to fall in love with her pure, powerful soul. If she had never met Abel, she would have ended up like other Saintes and grow old alone with the temple.

Ever since she met Abel, his face had stayed in her heart. Even after so many years, their feelings had not faded.

However, she soon realized what situation they were in. 5 big druids weirdly looked at them. Chatting so casually while surrounded by thousands of Holy knights could directly go down in history.

“The goddess left. There are only 4 of us loyal mad knights. Do you really think you can stop us?” Mad knight Mead yelled outside the valley.

With the grace of the goddess faded, the situation had changed again. Although the elves were at a slight advantage with 5 big druids and Dolf, only one grey bear from the druids was still standing. Even all their mad wolves had returned to their monster bags. Without some time to rest, they wouldn’t be able to fight again.

Dolf was strong, but its movements were also limited in this tight valley.

Big Druid Lendo had regained himself with 5 light healing potions, and he knew how tense the situation was,

He quickly turned and whispered to Abel, “Master Bennett, the great goddess, said you have a way to deal with those evil knights. We’ll try our best to hold them down while you think!”

“Lorraine, just rest. I’ll let Dolf protect you!: Abel gently padded Lorraine’s head and smiled just like in the past.

He was very confident, just like he knew exactly what to do, but in reality, he didn’t want Lorraine to worry.

Although the goddess said she would let the tree of life fight with him, he had no idea what to do. There were 5000 knights outside, and every single mad knight could strangle him to death.

Dolf blocked Lorraine holding its giant ancient rod. The mission Abel gave him through the soul chain was to teleport Lorraine away if danger came.

Its teleportation was invincible, so even if they lost the fight, Lorraine would be safe.

At that moment, Abel no longer needed to ignite his soul speaker ability. He could directly connect with the tree of life. The tree of life knew the danger it was in, so it sent a picture and some spells to Abel through the soul chain.

Abel stood up, and a branch from the tree of life lowered to help him up. He was in one with the tree of life, and its waterfall amount of energy charged into his body.

He reached out his right hand and sensed a wave of green energy rushing within. He waved in mid-said and left a glowing green spell pattern.

“Careful, defense!” Mad knight Mead yelled. He was about to attack again, but he saw what Abel was doing. He immediately sensed the same energy the goddess was giving out. Although its power was unmatched, it still made his heart drop.

Abel ignited the world stone’s ability. Despite how complicated the pattern the tree of life had given him, he could still draw it out easily.

His movements were not fast in his eyes, but to the others, it was a miracle, just like he had been practicing for his whole life.

When the last stroke finished, the glowing green energy began to dance in the pattern.

“In honor of the tree of life,

I will summon the sleeping tree,

With the destroyer of nature,

Please wake from your slumber,

The children of the tree of life!”

Abel’s voice was just as holy as the goddess. It came with a special energy wave, merging with the energy of the glowing green pattern.

The green energy spread out like a wave through the mountains and trees.

If you look from above, it was like a flood gate of green energy was rushing out from the center of the tree of life to every patch of land 20 miles around.

Every tree that green energy touched began to shake. They retracted their leaves and lifted their roots from the ground. With the support of the green energy, their roots turned into legs.

Cracks began to emerge from their branches. Finally, 2 eyes and a mouth sifted through. Their thick branches also began to twirl together and formed 2 arms.

Those trees were all 500-1000 years old. Suddenly, they all stood up and walked towards the tree of life in a thunderous roar.

“Tree men!” Big druid Lendo gasped as he saw Abel mumbled.

He was just as stunned as the knights because he knew exactly what this meant.

Summoning tree men was a legendary ability of ancient druids. It could turn trees into humans, but as the elves grew weaker, this ability was lost.

This ability was the scariest mass attack ability.

An awakened tree man’s ability corresponded with their age, but even the youngest tree men would have the power of an elite due to their mass.

No one could tell how many trees with the age of 500 and above were around them. They were in the Ervo Forest, an exclusive place of the elves, and the elves were the protector of nature. They would not destroy the trees to build a civilization.

“Tighten the formation!” Mad knight Mead began to regret not attacking immediately as he saw more and more tree men with a height of at least 5 meters stood up.

The ground began to shake as they walked. He couldn’t even count how many of them there were.

Abel stood on the tree of life’s branch. Although he could only see one direction as he was surrounded by the valley, he could still get a sense of their vastness by looking at the valley entrance.

He had used the tree of life’s energy to summon the tree men, and he realized a new symbol appeared on the skill tree of his Horadric Cube. It was called ‘summon tree men,’ but he could only use it around the tree of life.

This spell needed large amounts of life force. If he was on his own, he might not even be able to summon a single tree man with all his life force drained. After all, his age was nothing compared to a 500 years old tree.

Maybe only the tree of life could do something like this in the Central Continent.

But he soon thought of the Dark World. He had another tree of life there. Maybe he could also summon tree men in the Dark World.

Suddenly, a message from the tree of life emerged. In the message, there was a giant green dot in the center with countless little dots making their way towards it.

He quickly understood what it meant. The giant green dot was the tree of life, and the little dots were the tree men he summoned.

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